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Common Fan Fallacies
By now, we all know that the people who write television shows aren't omniscient. Their knowledge of science, technology, history, and pretty much any other subject you care to name is often limited to that of a casual dabbler. The writers' mastery of logic, common sense and causality often yields to what makes for an interesting story.

Let us not judge too harshly. As often as the writers may be inaccurate, the viewers are just as guilty of making similar mistakes.

All too often, a well-intentioned fan will see the need to invent some Fanon, or an ill-intentioned critic will see the need to launch into a bitter diatribe based on some inconsistency or mistake he sees in his show of choice. About as often, the complaint will be based on a total fallacy.

Sometimes, writers really are to blame, just not the way the fan thinks: An extremely common trope may condition viewers to accept its premise as absolute fact, and to cry foul when another series (more accurately) avoids the trope.

Here are some examples:

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The Coconut EffectReality Is UnrealisticThe CSI Effect

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