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"You know, it's not so much an afterlife, more a sort of après-vie."

In the afterlife
You could be headed for the serious strife
Now you make the scene all day
But tomorrow there'll be Hell to pay

Tropes relating to the afterlife.

Humans have often speculated what fate, if any, awaits them after death. This has been depicted in countless different ways in fiction (not to mention religion and philosophy), ranging from eternal paradise to fiery hellscapes to complete nothingness.

Almost all religions have a belief that you go somewhere after you die, but almost none of them are the same. Some say you go to Heaven, some say you burn in Hell, some say you're reincarnated as a small angry six inch tall blue man. The important part is, that this is a place that you go, after you die.

By its very nature, many of these tropes will have major spoilers about character fates.


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