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Literature: Wolves of Mercy Falls Series
Wolves of Mercy Falls is a book trilogy written by Maggie Stiefvater which takes place in Mercy Falls, Minnesota.

At the start of Shiver, Grace is bitten by the wolves that live behind her house, but she is saved by a different wolf with mysterious yellow eyes. After that incident, Grace becomes obsessed with the wolves; more specifically, her yellow-eyed wolf.

The yellow-eyed wolf, however, lives a double life. During the winter, he is an animal wandering through the forest, but when summer arrives, Sam and all the other wolves behind Grace's house turn human.

The second book, Linger, was published in July 2010. The conclusion, Forever, was released in July 2011. A fourth entry in the series Sinner, a continuation focusing on Cole and Isabel will be released later on in 2014.

Tropes used in this series:

Wicked LovelyParanormal RomancePushing Daisies
WolfsangelWerewolf WorksBeing Human
WolfsangelFantasy LiteratureWorlds of Shadow
Wolf HallLiterature of the 2000sWolves of the Calla

alternative title(s): Wolves Of Mercy Falls Series
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