Literature / Skyway Mechanix

A fallen hero with a secret past takes a job retrieving an item for its owner. When she and her sociopathic partner arrive the hero finds much more than she expected and her adventures begin.Skyway Mechanix is a web serial shoot 'em up, action adventure fun ride that has been favorably compared with a Looney Tunes cartoon.

The story follows the trials of Laurel and Violet, two heroes for hire making a living in the western suburbs of the Twin Cities. Fighting ninjas, battling biker drug gangs, defeating ancient curses and taking on evil uber-corporations are all just part of the job.


  • Cecelia Ann “Cece” “Violet” “Free Fire” “Bang-Bang” Capagio: Once a hero, always a hero, right? Not so much, really.
  • Laurel “Mechanix” “Maytag” Swanson: Heroes are all that. Well....
  • Ned Maxilla: Heard the call and went for the money.
  • Lynda Allenham: Works for T&T. Heroes are just these people, you know?
  • Henry Rickenbacher: Head of Blue G — food division. Mini-marshmallows R us.
  • The Witch: Ancient evil number 1.
  • The Lady: See above.
  • Walleye: Sanctioned Alliance hero for the Twin Cities, not that there was a great need.
  • Burt: Walleye's sidekick. Because plot, y'all.

Episodes of this series provide examples of: