Literature: Partials

"The only hope for humanity isn't human."

Partials is a 2012 young-adult science fiction novel by Dan Wells.

After the war with the Partials, the RM virus kills almost all of humanity except about 40 thousand who have taken refuge in a suburb of New York City. It has been 11 years since The Break and none of the babies born since then have survived.

Kira Walker, a 16-year old medic-in-training, is tired of watching RM kill off every baby within three days of birth and has come up with a plan to find a cure: go to the ones who started the outbreak in the first place.

This book provides examples of:

Marcus: Look on the bright side.
Kira:This is the point at which you would traditionally suggest a bright side.
Marcus:I've never been a real traditional guy. Besides, I'm not saying I know a bright side, I just think this would be a great time to look at one.
  • Throwing the Distraction: Kira does this with a bullet in the second book. The Partials after her don't fall for it, and immediately move away from the noise... so she drops the next one at her feet as a double-bluff. That one works, and after that it's a game of I Know You Know I Know.
  • Time for Plan B: Discussed
Jayden: Press the attack and hope for the best.
Kira: Hope is not a strategy.
Jayden: It's not plan A and it shouldn't be plan B, but it is every plan C that has ever been made.