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Though trodden beneath the shepherd's heel,
the wild hyacinth blooms on the ground.

The sequel series to to Gene Wolfe's epic Book of the Long Sun and concluding segment of the "Solar Cycle". After having left the Long Sun Whorl, the former inhabitants of the city-state Viron have colonized an archipelago of the water planet, Blue. After having lived away from Whorl for twenty years, Horn, who runs a paper mill with his wife, Nettle, is tasked by his town's leaders to find the now-legendary Patera Silk.

Once the narrator embarks on this quest, his identity gradually becomes more and more ambiguous. He recounts his travels on the seas of the planet Blue, to the forested ruins of the Vanished People on Green, to the Whorl, the generation starship that he used to call home, and the voyage back to his wife and family in New Viron.

Books in the series include (in order) On Blue's Waters, In Green's Jungles, and Return to the Whorl.

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Being the sequel series to the Book of the Long Sun and Book of the New Sun, unmarked spoilers abound. Beware!

This series provides examples of:

Alternative Title(s): The Book Of The Short Sun