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Improvised Weapon: Web Original
  • In a borderline ridiculous example, the first episode of Cause of Death featured the killer using a granola bar during the fight.
  • Happens from time to time in Survival of the Fittest, especially when students who are assigned useless weapons simply make new ones out of available materials, such as Niniko Kishinawa (v1) and Dan Brent (v3) making spears out of nearby items and, in Niniko's case, a shaft of bamboo. Walter Smith of v2 also used his assigned rock to smash a window and make a knife out of the biggest, sharpest, fragment he could find. To top it off, Dominica Shapiro killed Nigel Gillespie with a frigging ocarina, while Blake Ross killed Gregory Moyer by hitting him in the face with a bible and knocking his head onto a rusty nail. And lets not forget the most recent case where Shameeca Mitchell killed Boxer Carvahlo with a customised double-ended dildo!!.
    • Less immediately fatal, no less impressive, V4 example, combined with Product Placement: Jimmy Brennan and the can of Moxie.
  • LG15: the resistance Chapter 3, "Trust Fall" includes a scene in which Jonas and Sarah fight off security guards using the camera and the Samsaran Doctrine.
  • KateModern often features Improvised Weapons, such as Terrence's garden gnome in "Seven Dials: 5pm - 23rd November 2007" or Lauren's cricket bat in "Batwoman". At one point in The Last Work, Charlie uses an ornamental sword that just happens to be on hand.
  • Chaka, in the Whateley Universe, has control of Ki, so her aim is unnatural. She disarms a sword-wielding super-powered ninja using a handful of playing cards. And then there's her aim with a sewing needle...
    • She's been known to shelve books by throwing them just right without getting up. This tells us everything about her ki-powered Improbable Aiming Skills that we'll likely ever need to know.
  • The Internet based RP Insane Café 3: The Curse of the Haunted Hotel features the characters using a lot of improvised weaponry.
    • Strut using a crowbar then a shovel to subdue a super powered Human who had tried to pick a fight with the entire hotel.
    • Rime using a machete to protect Spyro
    • Zachary using a fire ax to take down a magically summoned knight.
    • Haresh using a frying pan to knock out an enemy mage.
      • Also him throwing lawn darts, rubble and furniture at the mages from the 2nd floor during a massive battle.
    • Ms. Swimmer throwing furniture and rubble (also from the 2nd floor) at the mages during the same massive battle.
      • Also her killing two mages with a toilet and a radiator, also thrown from the 2nd floor.
      • And her Crowning Moment Of Awesome, fighting off and killing six assassins sent after her. In the bathroom with a baby changing station, a stall door, a metal paper towel dispenser and an end table.
    • Franz, Werner and Hans fighting off some summoned creatures using a piece of rebar, a pickax and a fire ax.
  • This.
  • This is extremely common among the protagonists of Darwin's Soldiers.
    • Nietzsche's Soldiers — Eddie kills someone with a mop handle.
    • The first RP:
      • James' team shorts out Cale with saline solution.
      • Zachary kills a terrorist by ambushing him and beating him to death with a pipe.
      • Sharon kills a terrorist by ambushing him and beating him to death with a steel rod.
      • Arguably, Shelton's use of Lockdown's hand to disintegrate a rogue soldier counts.
      • Joey (an unspecified experiment) uses a piece of rebar to attack terrorists in the final battle.
    • The second RP:
      • Shelton and Dr. Kerzach use a waterlogged mattress to temporarily disable two guards to escape from prison.
      • Dr. Rawlson/Dr. Jeston tries to kill Dr. Zanasiu with a crowbar.
      • Kerzach kills Dr. Gallo with a letter opener.
      • Only the aftermath is seen but two construction workers beat a Dragonstorm scientist to death with a chunk of concrete and a piece of rebar.
    • The third RP:
      • Alfred uses a table then a chair to knock out some punks who decided to pick a fight with the group.
      • Aimee kills two soldiers with a sharp stick during an ambush on a lonely Oregon road.
      • Zachary kills another soldier with a chunk of concrete during that same ambush.
      • Hans uses a MRI machine to trap Subject 19.
      • Subject 19 kills someone with an operating table. She also has the habit of using nearby large items like tables as projectiles.
      • Alfred throws a metal trolley then an oxygen tank at Trinity whe he runs into her at the hospital.
      • Alfred throws a small trailer pulled cement mixer at some Dragonstorm agents.
      • Shakila takes out two reptilian guards with her own laptop at Trinity Facility.
      • Shakila makes use of Trinity Facility's power room, followed by the sprinkler system to destroy Project Zeta
      • During the battle at Lab 101 Alfred throws a boulder at a Dragonstorm experiment.
      • During said battle, Alfred also uses a sledgehammer to behead another Dragonstorm experiment.
      • Again during said battle, he throws an oil drum at a Chimera. It is not very effective. Then follows it up with a pickax. It too is not very effective.
      • Aimee uses a broken pickax handle to kill one of the Lab 101 guards shooting at Alfred.
      • Alfred kills the remaining Lab 101 guard with a log.
      • Gustave subdues Slash with a tool box then a mechanic's cart.
      • Shelton subdues and then kills someone with a pot of boiling coffee and the coffee maker.
      • Gustave's use of a handicapped parking sign as a club probably counts.
      • Sharon uses a hammer intended for breaking the glass on a box containing a fire ax to kill a guard.
      • Dr. Zanasiu uses a fire extinguisher as an impromptu smokescreen to get past a group of guards. He also uses it to bludgeon a guard.
      • When Famine turns everyone on each other, Zachary and Gustave proceed to try and kill each other with a variety of improvised weapons. Zachary with a welding torch and then a fire ax. Guistave uses a filing cabinet and then Zachary's dropped ax.
    • Fools Gold:
      • Dr. Kerzach sprays lubricant into an assailant's face.
      • A rogue worker attacks Dr. Kerzach with a fire axe.
    • New Divide:
      • Rhino throws a motorcycle at Subject 18.
  • Ruby Quest has a few of these: Ace's harpoon, Ruby's heavy gloves wrapped in barbed wire, and the BLUDGEONY CANESHOVEL.
  • Unlikely Eden manages to make an axe one of these - as wielded by a ten year old girl.
  • Ask a Ninja has many examples; Gift cards, playing cards(sorry, working cards), folded flags, a boiling hot burrito, two cowboy hats and a walnut... Ninjas have a saying, "if you can't kill it with paper you cannot kill it with steel".
  • Alexis in A Grey World always has an eye out for potential weapons.

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