Heartwarming / Super Mario World

All is well in Dinosaur Land again.

Video Game

  • After defeating Bowser, Mario (or Luigi) gets a Smooch of Victory from Princess Peach.
  • The ending where the Yoshis are free and Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach can enjoy their vacation in Dinosaur Land in peace.
    • And after you beat the remake, this becomes the default cutscene everytime you boot up the game.
  • The game thanks you for playing.
    • Not only that, but every enemy in the game gets name-checked and a brief moment to shine, as if to say "Thank you for being a part of this game, bad guys!"


  • The cave people welcoming back the Mario Bros. at the end of "The Wheel Thing".
  • Mario hugging Yoshi during Dome City's circus in "Send in the Clown".
  • Mario and Yoshi reassuring Luigi with a pep talk in "Gopher Bash".
  • Oogtar helping Yoshi fend off Hip and Hop in "A Little Learning". Shows he really does care for his friend and is willing to get in trouble for doing so.
  • The ending to "Mama Luigi", a fitting finale for the cartoons as a whole.
    • Luigi going from being embarrassed by Mario mockingly calling him "Mama Luigi" to proudly declaring "That's Mama Luigi to you, Mario!"