Heartwarming / Super Mario 64

Original & Remake

  • Baby Tuxie loves to imitate Mario. When he belly flops and slides, she copies him.
  • Reuniting Baby Tuxie with her mommy. Awwww!
    • Not to mention after that, she waddles in a circle around her Mommy, chirping happily.
  • At the end, after Peach is saved, she thanks Mario (plus Yoshi, Luigi, and Wario in the remake) for restoring the power of the stars to the castle... and kisses the red-wearing plumber on the nose. This causes Mario to spin around before doing a V sign and happily shouting "Here we go!" The princess then asks the Toads present with them to help her bake a cake for the heroic plumber (in the remake, she asks all four heroes to help her make the cake for them).

Remake Only

  • Wario working along with Mario, Luigi, & Yoshi to save the princess. Of his own volition.
  • Talking to most of the Toads as Luigi usually solidifies his No Respect Guy role with them barely acknowledging or recognising him. One Toad however, idolises Luigi deeply, and will only entrust a star with the player if they are playing as him.