Funny / Super Mario World

Video Game

  • There's one cutscene where Mario sets off the detonator after beating Roy Koopa in the fifth castle, only to see the castle not blow up. He goes to take a look at it... and then the castle blows up right in his face.
    • His expression is priceless.
      • In the All-Stars version, Luigi gets an even better one- He just looks at the player with a deadpan expression.
  • In a similar vein, after beating Ludwig von Koopa in the fourth castle, Mario sets off the detonator to blow up the castle... only for the castle to launch into the air like a rocket and impact against a nearby hill... which then wears a bandage where the castle hit for the rest of the game.


  • "Mama Luigi" provides several:
    Luigi: Well, like they say in Brooklyn, early to bed, early to catch the worm...Or is it the bagel?
    Yoshi: Mmmmm. Worm's good.
    • Yoshi becomes attached to Luigi:
    Baby Yoshi: [jumps into Luigi's arms and licks his cheek] Mama Luigi!
    Luigi: Cool it, caterpillar breath! I'm not youró
    Mario: Mama? Mama Luigi?! AHAHAHAHAHA!
    • After Yoshi eats Mario:
    Mario: Now I know how a meatball feels!
    Baby Yoshi: [spits Mario out] Ueagh, Yoshi no like meatballs!
    Mario: You didn't tell me you was bringing a secret weapon, Luigi!
    Luigi: That's Mama Luigi to you, Mario! [wheeze]
  • "Fire Sale": Kootie Pie asks Mama Fireplant if she's been putting on weight.
    • At the end, Kootie Pie becomes so cold, she cries ice cubes.
  • "The Wheel Thing":
    Kooky: Fasten your seat belt, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!
    Koopa: What seat belt?

    Koopa: Any more bright ideas?
    Kooky: Uh... fasten your seat belt?
  • "Send in the Clown":
    Koopa: A circus isn't a circus without a dinosaur-taming act!
    Mario: Uh, how about a chipmunk-taming act instead?
    • Also, Big Mouth being terrorized by the clowns during the performance.
  • "Ghosts 'R' Us:" The Running Gag of everyone forgetting Wizardheimer's name.
  • "The Night Before Cave Christmas:" Oogtar and Yoshi arguing over the barbecue mammoth rib.
  • "A Little Learning": The way Hip says, "This is a volcano."
    • Toadstool punishes Hip and Hop:
    Toadstool: No school tomorrow, boys!
    Hop: You mean it's a holiday?
    • Mario and Luigi redirect the lava from Hip's volcano into Koopa's bedroom:
    Mario: A little bed warming for Papa Koopa!

    Koopa: Hip! Hop! Get me out of here! Iíll send you to school! Gladly!
  • The infamous scene from "Rock TV" where Luigi reminds Mario of "the trouble we got into with that 'Speak to Santa' hotline", complete with flashback:
  • "Born to Ride": While being taught graffiti by the Dino Riders, Yoshi paints a smiley face on a cave person's house. This exchange says it all.
    Rockman: Yoshi wimp!
    Lulu: Yoshi no wimp, Yoshi mega wimp!
  • "Gopher Bash":
    Luigi: Well, since you ate the whole thing, now you can do the hoe thing!
    • When one of the Monty Moles is being pulled up by Yoshi, Cheatsy states sarcastically, "Don't just help him! Stand there!"; the Monty Moles, not understanding sarcasm, do just that, leading to Cheatsy berating them to help said Monty Mole.
    • Earlier in the episode, when Cheatsy is singing his Villain Song, the Mario brothers and Yoshi get rid of all the Monty Moles when he's not looking, and they end up being the ones singing the final chorus. It's only after the song's over that Cheatsy sees what happened, leading to a Wild Take. Mario's nonchalant smile and wave when Cheatsy sees them is what really sells it.
  • "The Yoshi Shuffle" contained a very humorous moment involving Big Mouth introducing the sporting event. He goes on for way too long until...
    Bully: AAAAHHH SHUT UP! We'll never get started!
    • Then after Luigi is turned back to normal:
    Luigi: Did I catch the ball?
    Mario: What do you mean catch the ball? You were the ball!
    Luigi: (makes a derp face)