Funny / Kaizo Mario World

  • The intro to the second game falls into this.
  • In the Let's Play videos:
    • Oyster's improvised version of "I Will Survive" (starts at about 2:50), along with a brief segue into the Arthur theme song in the middle.
    • After completing the Ghost House, Wugga jumps in celebration, causing Mario to die. After loading state, he defeats the Big Boo again... and accidentally loads the state in the middle of celebrating, causing him to fight the boss a third time.
    • Wugga. Special Stage 1. Finnish cursing. That is all.
    • ProtonJon's Let's Play.
  • The infamous Kaizo Trap. Mario does his victory march, and then unless you hit a P-switch immediately before hitting the goal tape, he suddenly falls into Grimy Water, negating the very victory he just achieved.