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Heartwarming: Kotoura-san
The Central Theme of the anime was about the recovery of a Broken Bird and her Character Development, so expect a few of these moments.
  • The moment where the darkness in Kotoura's life shatters. You know that one. It's telling when an anime has its CMOH right at the first episode, and even before the opening starts rolling. Though equally telling is that it occurs after ten minutes of soul-crushing trauma.
  • The opening in the first episode. After that living hell Kotoura went through, we suddenly get this upbeat scene where she is surrounded by people who love her. It's like the animator couldn't take it any more and started yelling, "It's alright! She's gonna be alright!"
  • The end of Episode 1, where Manabe promises that he'll never leave Kotoura, and that he doesn't care if she can read his mind or not.
  • Manabe defending Kotoura and admitting he likes her in front of the whole class in episode 2. Made even better by Kotoura listening from the hallway while in tears.
  • Throughout the first few episodes, we get a few glimpses of Haruka and her grandfather's relationship. It's really sweet that he stepped up to take care of her when his daughter ran out on them, and unlike everyone else in her life up until the beginning of the show, he truly cares for and understands her.
  • Likewise, the priest that we see for a few seconds who Haruka's mom consulted in the first episode saw how much her powers were causing her great pain, and felt immense guilt for not being able to help her. After that he dedicated the rest of his life researching psychic related phenomena to try to help her. Though fortunately he ended up being really in to it and became an ESP enthusiast.
  • At the beginning of episode 3, Manabe and Koutora's classmates write their names under an umbrella on the chalkboard in order to tease them. Rather than getting angry, Manabe criticizes them for not adding enough hearts.
  • When Hiyori goes to Haruka's house in episode 4 to apologize for all the things she had done in earlier episodes. Also, Haruka realizing she has True Companions when the ESP club goes to find her.
  • Yuriko's backstory with Dai'chi in episode 7, when he was the only kid who actually believed in her mother's powers, at a time she was openly ostracized due to her mother's issues. Haruka agrees.
  • Manabe going through so much trouble to arrange a surprise birthday party for Haruka. Then there's the look on Haruka's face and the fact that this is probably the first genuine birthday party she's had in years.
  • The end of episode 9, right when Haruka's mother goes Mama Bear on Manabe briefly to ward off Manabe's usual advances. Although she decides to leave the hotel and still seems cold towrads her daughter, Haruka was able to briefly recognize a feeling from her mother that she used to give off before she became broken at trying to fix her telepathy problem. The Ear Worm ending song playing in as this scene reaches the end amplifies the emotions of the scene.
  • A few moments before the scene above, Haruka found herself too dumbfounded to tell her mom how is she now, and whatever in Tsuyama's mind made it worse and she started to back away from them. Manabe and Yuriko gives her support at the back so that she can tell Kumiko that she has friends now.
  • Episode 11 does this in a beautifully climatic way. After catching the criminal who is actually Detective Tsukino's Enemy Within, the former shows everybody her most Hidden Depths and true self which culminates in this conversation which doubles as a "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight for her sake:
    Haruka " Tsukino-san, stop this! Maybe I am a monster, but I met people who reached out to me."
    Tsukino "So what?! No one ever did that for her, and no one ever will!"
    Haruka: "That's what I thought too, but I was wrong." *Cue Tender Tears* "I'm sure there are people who'll stay with you. So, don't give up." *Walks towards Tsukino with open arms*
    Tsukino: "Hey! What are you waiting for? She's Just a Kid playing around!"
    Haruka "I can hear your voice, Tsukino-san. It's okay. Even I was able to change."
    Tsukino: " If you leave it at this, you'll just be a criminal! I'll keep helping you! So stop! Stop! STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!"
  • All of episode 12 is likely to make your heart melt, in particular the final shot of the series, Kotoura walking along with everyone not shunned with true friends coming to greet her in a bright, happy world where she can smile.
  • Last but not least, the (main) Ending Theme Flower of Hope (Lyrics here), which, in other words, the entire story in Haruka'snote  words.
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