Headscratchers / Kotoura-san

  • So a big deal is made of what Moritani did to Manabe, and with good reason. Kotoura forgives her because she reads her mind and sees she is genuinely sorry. Fair enough. But later in the series she's seen hitting Manabe for varying reasons, and very little is made of that. I know he isn't being exactly nice to her, but after what she did (especially in the manga version, where she accused him of raping her instead of stalking, and he was stabbed rather than just beaten up) he has good reason to dislike her. It seems weird that she's never called out for assaulting the boy that she more or less put in the hospital.
    • I can think of two reasons, although I believe more in (1) as the others (especially Manabe) were extremely reluctant to let Hiyori in:
      1. Yuriko has to maintain the Club Stub. Given their history of getting members (see episode 2), they'd need a large safety margin than just Haruka and Manabe.
      2. Even they don't believe in Hiyori, they believe in Haruka, right?
    • I have two more reasons why they aren't pressing charges against Hiyori, one practical and one personal:
      1. The Practical reason: How are they going to prove that Hiyori was the Manipulative Bastard in the first place? These are her dojo mates who were led to believe that they'd be defending their mistress. Even if Haruka admits that her Telepathy had let her know, that isn't exactly substantial proof in a society that isn't scientifically inclined to believe in Psychic Powers (see episode 10).
      2. The (very) Personal reason: If Haruka did decide to take justice into her own hands, that would mean becoming the monster everyone already says she is since she would have used her Telepathy as a means to intentionally make someone suffer, subverting Innocently Insensitive altogether. Also, note the wording Hiyori used to convince the thugs: Stalker. Yeah, you can definitely expect that to go horribly right, but her jealousy didn't allow her to see that at the time which is a basic human folly. Haruka did think this part through, which is borderline Fridge Brilliance.
  • Why does the outside of the club look like that, and how did they get permission for that? The funny thing is, in the manga their club room looks completely normal. So why change it in the anime?
    • Considering there's a bunch of anime where people start clubs (K-On! being the poster child for this), they probably wanted to spice this one up a bit to grab their audience's attention.