Heartwarming: Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

  • The characters Sword and Blade are pretty nice guys in this adaption, and the reason they chose to follow Meta Knight is very heartwarming.
  • The episode "Like Mother, Like Snail", or "Escargoon Rules", to put simply, is like this: Escargoon may be something of a Jerkass, but he will do anything for his mother. In the end, when she finds out he's not really king, she tells him that to her, he will always be king.
  • Episode 51(Japan) the Cappys throw a party for Kirby celebrating his anniversary when he first came to Pupupu Land.
  • During Episodes 35-36 (Japan), Dedede starts a national race, and among the contestants is the Mayor and his wife. Throughout the preparations for the race, the mayor's wife Hana is startled to find that her husband has become so intent on winning the race that he seemed to have forgotten their anniversary. When the Mayor wins the race, he immediately gives the trophy to his wife, stating that he wanted to win the race and present her the trophy to celebrate their anniversary.
  • When Mable predicts the planet's destruction via collision with a red star, everyone resigns to their fates, and decide to all come together at Dedede's castle. There, they begin confessing and apologizing amongst one another for past grievances and for anything they did wrong to each other.
    • Dedede also joins in deciding, that before he dies, he should make at least one person happy. As such, he destroys his own statue to build a park, and immediately tugs Kirby from his home to show him the park. As Kirby plays, Dedede finally accepts his fate, and cries tears of joy having at least made someone happy.
  • When Kawasaki's teacher visits the village, and strips Kawasaki of right to cook. Later, Kawasaki finds a hallucinatory additive that also doubles as an amazing spice, and he effectively ruins his teacher's reputation thinking that his teacher uses the additive in regular food. At the end of the episode, Kawasaki's told that the additive was simply a gift for him to teach him that "Taste is something that can change drastically because of little changes". When Kawasaki asks what's going to happen to his teacher now that his reputation's ruined, the teacher simply laughs it off, and tells Kawasaki that it doesn't really matter since Kawasaki learned something.
  • When Kirby and friends take Phan Phan to Kirby's house to keep the elephant-thing from destroying the village, Kirby begins to present Phan Phan with apples. As Phan Phan soon eats all but one of the apples, and before he can eat the last one, notices Kirby very disappointed that he couldn't eat a single one, and decides to just give Kirby the last apple.
  • Bonkers' life is quite sad in the sense that he was captured by a circus troupe, and trained to be an attraction, and was subjected to various abusive treatments. One time, he watched Kirby from his captor's television from a cage, and eventually decides to leave to find his idol. When he does, he does everything he can to impress Kirby, but Bonkers ends up being captured by Dedede and is turned into a demon beast bent on killing Kirby. Even in his monster, Bonkers still retained enough sanity to stop attacking, and began to cry, giving Kirby a much needed opening. At the end of the episode Bonkers leaves to continue his own training, waving goodbye to his idol.