Heartwarming / Kinnikuman

" It doesn't matter if we're devils! I can't abandon the person who's fighting this battle beside me to the very end! "
Fan favorite villain Sunshine, showing that even bad guys have friendship.

Yes, this may be a manga about wrestling, but that doesn't mean that there can be heartwarming moments.

  • Kinnikuman stopping everyone from attacking and making fun of Nachiguron, a monster classified as a loser and worse, was just beaten down by Kinnikuman himself.
    "What's wrong with being weak?! Not everyone can be Ultraman or Godzilla!"
  • The loyalty between Kinnikuman Zebra and pet zebra, Zebra Kid.
  • Quoted at the top of the page is Sunshine's reason for saving his partner and his friend. As soon as Ashuraman heard this, he started to cry tears of joy, because it's been the first time in a very long while that anyone did something so nice for him and it's the first time ever that anyone acknowledged him as a friend, considering that he was raised by his parents to be evil.
  • Mayumi finally manages to do something good as a father by telling Ataru that he and Sayuri aren't angry for him running away from home.
  • Before the final match of the American Tag Tournament, Kinnikuman and Terryman aren't confident about their chances of beating Skull Bozu and Devil Magician, especially since Terry's fake leg was exposed. Before they can call it quits, a boy in a wheelchair shows up. His chaperone explains that Robby could walk if he used a protostetic leg, but was too scared to do so- until he saw Terryman. Robby gets up and limps over to Terryman, and his faith inspires the Choujin to keep fighting.
    Robby: You can do it, even if you only have one leg!
  • In Chapter 7, after Kinnikuman sees Terryman refuse to help a kid due to the kid not having enough money, he punches Terryman in the face, and turns to the kid, saying "Lets go save your dad, kid,"
  • A small one in Episode 4 with Suguru and Meat standing on a hilltop in the sunset.
  • The story as a whole is one for Kinnikuman when you look at his backstory. Mistaken for a pig and thrown away by his family, living as a scorned Choujin who was the Butt-Monkey of all superheroes, starts earning everyone's respect as the story progresses, heroes, villains and civilians alike, to the point that some of the villains and heroes that looked down on Kinnikuman joined him in the Scramble for the Throne not only because of their friendship, but also due to them having full faith in Kinnikuman being a good king.