Tear Jerker: Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

  • Kirby: Right Back at Ya! had a few that come to mind, the first being "Krby's Pet Peeve" when the (robotic) dog exploded. Even worse than that is when Kirby is sitting on the beach that night, looking almost as though he's unable to comprehend its death. Then he sees it as a constellation, running away from him.
    • The death of Chilly the snowman in 'Goodbye, Snowman Chilly!' and the near death of the baby Galbo in 'Kirby's Mysterious Egg. It was implied Chilly would eventually return, but you still couldn't help but shed a tear at his apparent demise.
    • (Japanese) Episode #51, anybody? Sure, the ending's upbeat, but Kirby still runs away from Pupupu Village after he's led to believe nobody likes him, and then cries—yes, CRIES, tears and all—after remembering the good ol' days with his friends he thinks have abandoned him.
  • Meta Knights' tales of how Knuckle Joes' father and Sirica's mother both died.
  • The funeral scene in Episode #93. The original Japanese version was even sadder because of the music.
  • The backstory that's gradually revealed to us in the series is quite sad from Meta Knight's perspective. Nearly all of his friends are dead as a result of the previous war with Nightmare's monsters, had to kill one of those friends himself and watch another sacrifice her life for him, and the only remnants of his old life as a warrior are an old man who's been stranded on an island for years, two children that want to kill him as they blame him for their parents deaths, Sword and Blade, and a baby warrior that can barely speak, let alone fight without an Ability handy (Kirby). Wow.