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Heartwarming: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Phantom Blood

  • This marvelous Establishing Character Moment for the adult Jonathan Joestar.
    Speedwagon: That kick of yours could have easily made mincemeat of my face, guv'ner. So why didn't you?
    Jonathan: I came here to protect my family; and just as my blow was about to connect I realized that you too have a family; a father, mother, brothers and sisters. I did not wish to bring your parents sadness by taking their son away from them.
  • When the life-force of Jonathan's Sunlight Yellow Overdrive restored Bruford's humanity, the once-more Proud Warrior acknowledged Jonathan as "a friend from another time", passing his sword "Luck" onto him, and crumbled peacefully into ash without hate for the world.
  • In a rather sad and twisted way, the ending to Phantom Blood showed that even Dio is capable of love; however distorted by his childhood abuse his views on it may be.
    Wang-Chen!! I will NOT tolerate you humiliating Jojo!! For being able to reduce me to this state, I respect him more than anyone in this world. Now show him the respect he deserves, and give him a quick, painless and dignified death. Have I made myself clear!!

Battle Tendency

  • When Jojo and Wamuu part in friendship after the former kills the latter in Part 2. They may have been enemies, but such was their admiration for each other's cunning and bravery that there was no hatred, only a warm understanding and respect as Jojo gave the ancient warrior his blood to ease the pain of his passing; and Wamuu only dispersed as dust in the wind when he was certain that Jojo took his antidote, dying without regret having met such a great warrior.

Stardust Crusaders (including the OVA)

  • In the last episode of the OVA, following a long and sublime series of apathetic-to-sullen ass kickery culminating in beating the blood-spurting hell out of his immortal, nigh-onto-godlike nemesis who had just done away with all his companions, Jotaro's tearful smile at the parting scene is a real sunshine moment. Whoever knew he had it in him?

Diamond Is Unbreakable

  • Josuke has just met his father Joseph for the first time, and he's not happy. It doesn't help that Joseph is almost senile and Josuke has a short fuse. But when the two find and need to save an invisible baby from drowning, Josuke has had enough and tells off Joseph who cuts his own wrist to find where the girl fell in the water. He does this because he states in his own words "I just wanted to look cool in front of my little boy." Josuke, who had been calling Joseph "Mr. Joestar" from then on calls him dad.
  • At on both sides of the fourth-wall, Josuke's anger at his outdated-and-ugly-hairstyle being insulted may seem ridiculous at first, but it is revealed that he modelled it out of respect and gratitude for the mysterious young-man who helped his mother getting him to the hopspital when he was struck by the same fever that almost killed Jotaro's mother in the middle of a torrential snowstorm. To him, insulting this hairstyle is no less than insulting the boy who saved his life.
  • Yukako Yamagishi is introduced as a girl who's madly in love with Koichi. Her introductory chapters shows her bad side, kidnapping Koichi with her Stand so she can turn him "into a man". The following battle ends with her almost killing herself because of cracks in the risc. Koichi saves her from a certain death by using Echoes Act 2 in order to paste a "boing" sound so she can bounce back to ground, safe and sound. Several chapters later, Yukako is still lovestruck with Koichi, but an advice from Joseph Joestar guides her to the Cinderella beauty room. She gets a face treatment in order to attract Koichi... and it works! But after 30 minutes, the effects of the beautician's Stand wores off, so she comes back and asks for a more... "permanent" treatment, discovering the beautician's Stand in the process. The following scenes have her trying to conquer Koichi's heart, this time in a more reasonable way. Cue Joseph hitting Koichi and sending him flying into Yukako's breasts. The following scene shows them kissing! A chapter later, her face begins to show some... nasty changes, so she hides from Koichi and goes to take revenge against the beautician. Then, Koichi appears in the beauty room, and Yukako is given a test. Should she choose the right pair of eyes, her face will be restored. Should she fail, well... the results wouldn't have been pretty. She decides to let Koichi choose the eyepair for her. After witnessing Koichi's love for Yukako being mutual, the beautician restores Yukako's face, and compliments Yukako on her "good eye for men". In the end, Yukako managed to achieve what she wanted and became Koichi's girlfriend!

Vento Aureo

  • A major scene where after finding out the Boss plans to kill Trish, Buccellati decides to betray Passione and the group is forced to make a major decision; follow Buccellati and be branded traitors or stay with the organization. Of the group, only Fugo states he has no intentions to follow. Abbachio, Mista and Giorno all step into the boat, choosing Buccellati over Passione. However, the true moment comes from Narancia, who agonizes over what to do, and begs Buccellati to decide for him. Buccellati orders him to stay, since if he can't come willingly then he shouldn't bother. In the end, the boat drives off without Narancia, leaving him with Fugo. As he watches them leave, Narancia realizes that he and Trish are the same, having been betrayed by someone they trust, and chooses to defy Buccellati's orders and leap into the water, swimming after the boat while screaming for them to wait as Fugo looks on, stunned.

Steel Ball Run

  • Johnny willingly hands over three corpse parts, the very items that have motivated him to come as far as he did, for Gyro's safety. It truly serves as a testament to how close the two have become, over the course of the race.
  • Toward the end, after years of animosity between them over the death of Johnny's brother, Johnny's father shows up at the start of the final leg of the race to cheer him on. And with one tearful glance from Johnny, we knew they have finally made peace with each other.
    George Joestar: Ladies and Gentlemen! Please, please hear me out for a moment. I am that boy.... Johnny Joestar's father... Only now, after all these years do I realize that I have been unforgivably cruel towards him.... (Barely holding his composure) I know... that no matter how much.... I apologize... there may be no way to undo the harm... I wrought on his heart.... But... (trembling in tears) Johnny.... all alone.... My Little Boy.... came all this way from the West Coast to here.... I'm so proud of him! Thank you for hearing me out!"
  • The story ends with Johnny being able to walk and taking the corpse of Gyro back to his home in Italy. As he leaves, Johnny embraces the breeze of the Atlantic ocean and recollects all the experiences he and his friend shared during the race.
    Why don't we pray that we have a safe voyage, crossing the Atlantic and getting you [Gyro] back home... "home... let's go home..."


  • Qne of the early chapters has, as a fun starter image, a picture of Josuke with cutouts pointing to various parts of his outfit and body, each cutout magnifying and showing that part in detail. One of those panels points to the middle of Josuke's chest and and depicts an image of Yasuho with a little heart next to it. Awwwwww. A few chapters later, Yasuho herself gets the same treatment, and the panel pointing to her heart has an image of Josuke in it. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!
  • Related to the immediately above, when Yasuho is afflicted by some sort of mental illness (extremely frightening for her) and her own mother refuses to help, leading her to break down crying, her first and most immediate goal is to find Josuke because she knows that he will help her.

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