Heartwarming / Huntik: Secrets & Seekers

  • "Unseen Guide" is heavy on Dante/Zhalia shipping.
    • The first place she runs to after faking her death to hide from the Organization is his house.
    • He gives her a spare coat and coffee.
    • Hug and words of comfort.
    • Almost Kiss before Lok interrupts.
    • More striking than all of this is during the following mission briefing. Dante makes a joke, winks at Zhalia, and she giggles. She's as surprised as everyone else. It would seem the wings of this Broken Bird have completely mended!
  • "To Be Together" is dedicated to Lok/Sophie shipping.
    • The rescue moment from the falling rocks and following blush and awkwardness.
    • Lok's attempted confession to Sophie (following hers in Atlantis).
    • When trying to unlock the door to the Legendary Titan of Soul, Lok sheepishly says he knows what to do. Sophie has this big smile on her face like she knows what he's planning. Cue Love Confession, reciprocation, and the door opening.
    • When Lok suffers Heroic R.R.O.D. from invoking the Titan, Sophie is the first to run to him.