YMMV / Huntik: Secrets & Seekers

  • Awesome Music: The show's theme song qualifies, doubling as an Earworm at that. The same can be said of the English language version, and especially the German one.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The two Blood Spiral-only spells, Darkvoid and Abyssalfall, which essentially create localized-yet-temporary black holes, and all that implies - the former is inescapable, while the latter can be escaped from with help, yet is still dangerous. Most of the targets are inanimate objects and/or Titans note , but in Season Two a Silent Soldier used the latter spell on Sophie from behind... without the last-second save that followed, the result couldn't have been pleasant.
  • The Scrappy: One or two people may not like Cherit. Heck, it almost seems like Cherit was designed to be this, but despite his nails-on-blackboard voice and shrimpy appearance, he's actually pretty funny and likeable. Plus, y'know, lasers.
    • Replacement Scrappy: Den is seen as this by some, especially Zhalia fans, who felt that Zhalia's infiltration subplot was unnecessary and a mere excuse to get rid of her and put him in her place as the fourth member. In the epilogue of Season 2, he takes Dante's spot, when he's promoted to the Huntil Council, and Lok becomes the new team leader.
  • They Wasted A Perfectly Good Character's Outfit: This outfit in the center that Lok wears is only seen once at the end of episode two when Lok, Sophie, and Dante leave Venice for Prague. Even in season two where slight variations on clothes are given, we don't see hide nor hair of it. The only possible guess as to why it was only allowed to cameo in that one spot was because it makes Lok look too old in comparison to his usual fare of loose-fit bluejeans and lighter clothing colors.
  • What an Idiot: Subverted. Zhalia reveals herself the mole of the Organization and beats the crap out of Lok and Sophie. She's about to finish them off, but instead ties them down, saying she'll be back for them later (which looks like this trope). The initial plan was to kill them, but she ultimately couldn't bring herself to hurt them, and so she tied them down while her mind's in turmoil, enough that they could escape- having to hurt Dante was the last straw that turned her to their side, while Lok and Sophie do indeed escape.
  • The Woobie: Zhalia, after her backstory is revealed. In season two Den, Harrison, Dante, and Sophie all have these moments.