Funny / Huntik: Secrets & Seekers

  • "The Spiral War": Sophie has just achieved leadership of the Casterwills by finding and bonding to Mithras, but is still getting flack about wanting to actually do something.
    Lok: No way! After all that, finding Mithras has gotta be worth something!
    Cherit: You know, for leaders in many cultures, election by ancient magic lion would be quite acceptable.
  • In the battle at the Fortress of the Iron Will, Harrison claims there's no need for him to continue guarding the Buzzila's Hive Mother Titan, as nobody can defeat the twenty Bloodspiral soldiers guarding it. After the Gilligan Cut we have this:
    Dante: "-sixteen, seventeen-"
    Dante takes down two Bloodspiral soldiers WITH ONE MOVE, then takes down two others with ANOTHER SINGLE MOVE
    Dante: "-eighteen, and nineteen. Raypulse!"
    Dante takes down the final Bloodspiral soldier as he tried to summon a Titan.
    Dante: "Twenty!"
    Dante and Zhalia takes down the Mother Titan, with all the twenty Bloodspiral soldiers lying in the background.
  • When Lok's sister comes home and sees Cherit and the team using their seeker powers Dante takes her into the next room, saying he'd explain everything. He then uses Simple Mind on her so she'd forget what she saw before walking back out.
    Lok: Did you just Simple Mind my sister?
    Dante just sits down at the table and picks up the paper.