Headscratchers / Huntik: Secrets & Seekers


  • Why does no one, seeker or not, knowing about the seeker world or not, not use freaking fire arms! Common, they are in the middle of a civil war with machetes. I'm quite sure you can afford half a dozen AK-47s. Yeah, I know... All the standard blah blah blah about showing guns to kids... A MP-5 would have been SO good dealing with the enemies seekers. And don't tell me the organization can't get them because of the government. They can get freaking helicopters with rocket launchers (and forever unused machine-guns/auto-cannons), they can get fire arms...
    • Either it is due to adaptation policies or the guys in Italy decide not to include them at all.
    • Keep in mind that the show is set in Europe, not the US, and that there's a lot of emphasis on travel, which means dealing with such things as customs and airport security...and missions for either side can be quite urgent if they don't want the competition to nab the prize first. Even if you have all the paperwork for your firearm of choice filled out in your country of origin, is your license going to be valid wherever you suddenly need to go? A few fancy-but-innocuous amulets and the spells you carry around that nobody can see until you use them may ultimately be just that little bit more practical, especially when you can be fairly sure that the other side is working under much the same constraints.
      • For the Huntik foundation, sure, but for the goddamn organization? They basically rule the world already. I'm sure they can get a few grunts with guns in any country they want. It's specially barring in the episode that they go into that island that is having a civil war. Common, they are muggles, they don't even have the amulet excuse. You are fighting a war. Get some fire weaponry.
    • One: These stories are not about guns. Two, their magical shielding spells mean any Seeker can be immune to bullets whenever they want until magic batters down their shield. (And by the time you batter down someone's magical shield with magic so you can shoot them, they are in hand to hand with you martial artisfying.) And to extrapolate number Three, they could all have spells that make guns explode, or misfire, or whatever; and so to bring guns into play would just mean they cast their anti-gun spell. See One.
    • Have you actually watched the complete series? It's revealed at the end that the Organization isn't nearly as old — and quite likely not nearly as powerful — as it would have everybody believe. In fact, the Professor, who turns out to be a contemporary of Lok's father, only started it after defecting from the Huntik Foundation himself. Everything that claims it's older than that? Complete fiction, backed up by the Professor's brainwashing powers as needed. They most certainly do not, in fact, 'rule the world'; they just clash with the Foundation a lot due to their common interests. They're a danger to the Foundation, yes — that organization in turn is from what we've seen likely not all that big. But the Organization as depicted? That's the Professor, some named and recurring lieutenants, and an unknown but not all that large-seeming number of thugs (with titans), considering that there's some repetition among the latter as well...and that's apparently all. No big shadowy worldwide conspiracy here, just antagonists for the specific group that our protagonists happen to belong to.
    • As far as I know, European countries have pretty restrictive gun laws when compared to the US, and violating them means TROUBLE. To make an example, Italian laws are relatively laxed for European standards, and, assuming you can get a permit (meaning you haven't been convicted and can pass all the physical and psycological examinations), you can own a maximum of 3 common guns (handguns and rifles allowed for civilian possession by law, classified by caliber, rate of fire, and even lenght), 6 sport weapons, 8 rare or artistic weapons and an unlimited number of hunting weapons (the weakness of the Italian laws) at any given time, and a maximum of 1500 rounds for the hunting weapons and 200 rounds for the rest. All of them must be kept in an armored locket, and the police can inspect your home to check for violation any time they wish. Now, if you're caught violating ANY of it, you're pratically sentenced to years of prison. That's why both the Foundation and the Organization use no guns: they may be useful, but they aren't worth the trouble every time you're caught with one. Dante, being a private detective that lives in Italy, probably owns an handgun, but never used it because the police would never believe the truth and the Suits never carry one, so he can't explain it as self-defense.
    • There is the fact that Seekers on both sides repeatedly refer to keeping the public ignorant and not wanting to make the news, eg. Griers men in series two deliberately rugby tackling the Blood Spiral soldiers to stop them summoning titans. A gun fight in the middle of a city would not meet this goal of secrecy.
  • Dante's Metagolem was recovered in Prague. The Organization's headquarter is in Prague. Why was Metagolem still there?!
    • Because nobody knew it was there and a city is a pretty big place to just accidentally stumble over something carefully hidden there centuries ago in. It's honestly not that hard to believe — how well do most people really know every last nook and cranny and scrap of history of their hometown, after all?
      • Except that the legend of Prague's Golem is well known, and that Metagolem was recovered in the attic of Prague's Old New Synagogue, exactly where legends say the Golem is stored and a Nazi agent allegedly died in World War II (incidentally, the Old New Synagogue was the one synagogue in Prague that the Nazi didn't dare to approach, in Real Life). It's quite strange the Organization never sent anyone to check...
      • Maybe they did check, but no one managed to interpret things the way it needed to be. After all, the entrance only opened when they inscribed a certain word, in a certain way, on a specific tombstone; not many people would think to do that off the top of their heads.
  • Bit of a meta thing, but does it seem to anyone else like there was supposed to have been a Collectible Card Game based on this series? The way the missions are printed out as cards, how the Holotomes list the stats of various Titans, the way the Titans and powers work; it all seems to hint at Huntik being intended to sell a card game that apparently doesn't exist.
    • There actually is a Collectible Card Game involved with the series. The Huntik wiki has a whole article on it and everything.