!!Season One
* "A Seeker Is Born": Minor; when Cherit suggests to Lok he check the inside cover, he does so, finding his dad's signature there - as well as two pictures of his family [[EarlyBirdCameo (Sandra and Cathy)]].
* "The Legacy of Thor": Sophie mentions that her mom was presumed to have been a great art collector, and admits that when around such works, she's feels closest to her. Lok goes on to admit it's the same with his dad via puzzles, wishing he'd been in on things sooner- Sophie feels for him in that moment, and thus their bond starts.
* "The Treasure of the Argonauts": It's a relatively small moment, but in context it's the biggest one between Dante and Zhalia, considering his trust in her [[spoiler: is what ultimately drives Zhalia to change as a person, leaving the Organization to become part of the Huntik Team]]. And for added weight, it's later implied throughout the rest of the series that Dante knew/suspected things from the very start, yet he still did so.
-->'''Zhalia:''' Hey, are you sure you want ''me'' to [take [=DeFoe's=] amulets to the nearest Foundation safe house]? I ''am'' the least trustworthy member of your team.\\
'''Dante:''' (after a moment, sincerely) Despite what Sophie says, I know that at the end of the day, I can trust you. (walks away)\\
'''Zhalia:''' (letting out a breath, truly affected) No one's ever said that to me before...
* "Home Turf": When seeing Scarlet's friendly flirting with Lok and Dante, Sophie and Zhalia, respectively, [[ShipTease are subtly jealous of what's happening.]] In Lok's defense, he says to Sophie that she doesn't have to be jealous of Scarlet before words fail him - before the Organization interrupted them, Sophie was looking forward to what else he had to say. And during that interruption, Lok trusts Sophie to come up with a plan, pushing her to safety while denying himself that chance.
** On Zhalia's end, she's having 'trouble', but she ultimately can't bring herself to what she's supposed to do, because she remembers Dante's trust in her.
* "The Spectre Deception": Zhalia finds that she and Lok are NotSoDifferent, and it later compels her to save his burning backpack (containing a puzzle from his father), when otherwise she mightn't have bothered.
-->'''Lok:''' I know you're a really good person, no matter how you act. I couldn't have made it this far without you. Finding my dad isn't just a fantasy; it's the reason I became a Seeker at all. You must've had a reason too, right?\\
'''Zhalia:''' The ''reason'' is that I wanted the power to take care of myself. You see I was born on the streets; I had nothing, not even that. But someone helped me, not making it easy, but he gave me a chance... and I took it.\\
'''Lok:''' Just like Dante and Sophie, for me. After all they helped me through, I'd do anything for them.\\
'''Zhalia:''' That's right. For the one who finally gave you a chance, you'd do anything. Yes, ''anything...''
* "Ladies Choice": The treasure Metz's key unlocks? Keepsakes of his wife, the mother of the Amazon's current queen, who he still loves to this day.
** Having come back, and proven herself by throwing [[OlympusMons Behemoth]] to Dante, Zhalia offers herself to be turned in, citing what she's done as examples. Metz agrees with that, saying they can't have a known spy on the loose, so instead they'll make her an official Foundation operative - this realization is almost too much for Zhalia, [[ShipTease though Dante's support is appreciated.]]
* "Unseen Guide": The first place Zhalia runs to after faking her death is Dante's house - he immediately [[YouMustBeCold gives her a spare coat]] and coffee, as well as a hug and words of comfort. There's even an AlmostKiss before Lok interrupts.
** During the following mission briefing, Dante makes a joke, winks at Zhalia, and she ''[[NotSoStoic giggles]]'' in response - she's as surprised as everyone else by this.
** Latter, when it seems Lok's in trouble, Sophie is a little frantic about trying to get to him - and once he's back unharmed, she's already rushed forward to lean against him before realizing this, quickly backing away out of embarrassment. Despite this, it's clear that neither really minded her moment.
* "To Be Together": The rescue moment from the falling rocks, and the ensuing blush on both Lok and Sophie, plus awkwardness. Not to mention, Lok's attempted confession to Sophie, following her's in Atlantis.
** When trying to unlock the door to the Legendary Titan of Soul, Lok sheepishly says he knows what to do. Sophie has this big smile on her face like she knows what he's planning. Cue LoveConfession, reciprocation, and the door opening.
** When Lok suffers HeroicRROD from invoking the Titan, Sophie is the first to run to him, and unflinching catches him despite his weight pulling her down to the floor.
* "The Mission": Zhalia refuses to leave Dante alone, as he's the most important thing in the world to her.
** On a smaller note, Cherit's hurry to catch Lok despite the latter being far above his normal weight capacity, and Lok-via-Kipperin catching Sophie in the nick of time.
** By the end, the team walks out of the Professor's castle, weary but supporting each other, particularly the two couples - Lok and Sophie are holding hands + leaning on each other, while Zhalia has Dante's trenchcoat wrapped around her shoulders.

!!Season Two
* "Doorway To Huntik": Even if through an image, Lok finally gets to see his father again! [[spoiler:In hindsight though, you realize all other appearances - save this one and another, where the Holotome was dead - were really Demigorgan, partially overturning this]].
* "Cave of the Casterwills": Two episodes ago, Sophie was told she ''is'' a true descendant of the original Casterwill, but here she receives true proof of that - going by her reaction, she's ''absolutely ecstatic'', at a level of emotion only matched by Lok's previous love confession.
** Then during her test, Sophie finds that Sabriel never really left; her bond brought her back, amulet part of her body now, and fully Powerbonded as a result.
* "Chasing Void": Minor, but Sophie's memory of her brother Lucas - unfortunately, despite his concern for her being genuine, it's difficult for her to keep the feeling. Not that she's alone in dealing with this; all of the team support her in what she's going through.
* "Zhalia's Mission": At the end, during her stated intention to [[spoiler:infiltrate the Blood Spirals]], Dante is the only one who doesn't ask her to stay... simply because he knows her that well; her mind's made up, and stating so would only make it more difficult for her. Even still, he sincerely says he'll miss her, even to the point of offering her a hug- and she accepts it.
* "The Casterwill Connection": A small, understated moment during/after a tense event. Just as Sophie starts falling into an Abyssalfall, Cherit grabs her arm, struggling to lift her up out of the small black hole, despite he not being ''that'' strong. Meanwhile, Lok is a little frantic, diving to reach her in time (he only fails due to interference) - still, despite cutting it close, some covering fire from Den allows him to pull her out to safety. Just for a few moments, Lok and Sophie share a smile, and the latter looks like she knew Lok would be there for her; they don't need to say anything.
* "Gremlow Infestation": In a way, the Gremlow Titans love the sound of a flute's song, being the only thing they'll actually listen to - and when doing so, transform Sophie's flute into the Pied Piper's flute, just because they still remember that song so well. Plus for her part, Sophie looks like she's enjoying the chance to play for an audience, even if it is mostly compromised of rats.
* "Lok's Leadership": They're both minor, but Sophie was quite supportive of Lok - first that his taking charge made her feel safe, and later that without his decisions, things could've gone a lot worse than they did.
* "The Phoenix's Ashes": During the big fight, Dante notes that Wind is even faster than last time. However, after he glances in Shauna's direction, Dante then deduces that this silent big guy wants to protect her- to Wind, she isn't just a partner.
* "Back Home": Thanks in part to being an orphan, Den really takes to having a parental figure, ie Sandra, even temporarily. Part of it is going for delicious home cooking, and even doing mundane chores like the dishes, much to Lok's disbelief.
* "The Spiral Mark": Den immediately knows Harrison is nearby, thanks to his mark, and wants to go and find him - the others immediately agree, trusting him to handle himself alone.
* "Lok and the Betrayer": When Zhalia outs herself as the Blood Spiral's spy, Harrison breaks down in shock, remembering her as the woman who 'split him and Den up'. But even despite that, all his mixed feelings, he knows deep down she was always there for him, just like Den... and when she's in trouble, he begs Den for his help, who immediately takes his brother up on that, without hesitation.
* "Dante's Return": Twofold here, between the semi-official ships. One, where Sophie tearfully admits that if the world ends here, she won't get to go on another adventure with Lok... Lok gently wipes her tears, saying he's not gonna let that happen - managing to say everything without actually saying it.
** And two, when the episode's title event comes to pass. Zhalia reads Dante's last Logosbook message, and is heartened when he said she couldn't get rid of him that easily... yet when she sees him for real, she's utterly speechless, unable even to ask if he's real or say a word, but the look they share is all that's needed.