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Heartwarming: Everybody Loves Raymond
  • Frank taking the fall for Debra when she tries to hide a family heirloom of Marie's because he considers her to be like a daughter to him. The fact it pissed off Marie was a bonus.
  • The series finale ends with Debra and Ray reconciling their differences with a simple, touching scene towards the end where they reiterate that they really do love each other.
    • In addition, Ray's near-death experience seemed to have the same effect on Robert, as Amy reveals that on the ride home from the hospital Robbie had to pull over for a while because he had tears in his eyes. Despite their sibling rivalry, he did genuinely love Ray.
    • Another good moment in the finale: When Ray discovers that he briefly had trouble waking up from the anesthesia, he wants to know how everyone reacted. When Debra protests that it was only thirty seconds, Ray retaliates with:
    Ray: Thirty seconds is a long time! What went through your head? Thirty seconds, okay, go. I have to plan a funeral. I have to raise three kids myself. On the other hand I can start dating again. You know what? I'm gonna need new shoes. You know who's cute? Gianni.
    Marie: (appalled) Debra!
    Ray: So what? I mean, what? You didn't think of anything?
    Frank: HEY. I was there, and I saw your wife fall apart. I never saw her look like that, and I'll tell ya, I never want to see her look like that again! (Ray looks humbled)
  • Ray helping a bed-ridden Robert (who was hit by a charging bull) put on a new upper thigh bandage in "Robert's Rodeo".
  • When Robert, Ray, and Frank are going to the horse racing track instead of going to therapy, there's this:
    Ray: So granddad hit your dad, and your dad hit you, and... you never really hit us.
    Frank: I couldn't, you know. I was always weaker than him.
    Robert: Maybe you didn't want to be like him.
    Frank: I didn't.
  • In "Frank's Tribute", after a massive fight in bed during which Marie accuses Frank of not loving her and not having a single nice thing to say about her, Frank silently gets up and leaves the bedroom. Things look bleak for a moment, but then Frank returns and starts tenderly wiping Marie's beauty facial mask off.
    Marie: Hey! Frank I need that! What're you—?
    Frank: Shh. I love you better without that crap on your face.
  • One episode involves Ray dancing with Ally at a some school event and reminiscing about her birth. The whole episode can technically qualify as this trope, but particularly the bookend scenes in the present day that show Ray smiling wistfully at Ally and then agreeing to dance with her despite his insecurity about his dancing skills.
  • When the family stops arguing temporarily because they hear through the baby monitor Robert singing a song to the twins to calm them down.
    Robert: Inchworm, inchworm,
    Measuring the marigolds,
    You and your arithmetic,
    You'll probably go far.
    Inchworm, inchworm,
    Measuring the marigolds,
    Seems to me you'd stop and see,
    How beautiful they are.
  • In "The Ball," Ray is upset when he learn that the signed Mickey Mantle baseball Frank got him is actually a fake, that Frank himself signed. When he confronts his father, Frank tells Ray that he tried everything, and he truly meant everything, he could to try and meet Mantle so he could sign the baseball, but things never worked out, and ultimately decided to sign it himself and give it to Ray because he didn't want to disappoint his son. At the very end Frank says he'll understand if he throws it away, but Ray, touched, simply replies, "You know... I think I'll keep it."
  • In "The Cult" Robert And Ray come up with a plan to get Marie and Debra talking again by faking an intervention, Robert says he's going back to "Inner Path" because he knows he can't find happiness with his family, Marie and Debra run after him, Robert asks why he should listen to them when they can't even talk to each other, Marie and Debra say they can and hug each other, finally ending their feud.
  • In "Pet Cemetery", Ally's hamster dies and Ray reluctantly agrees to hold a proper funeral. After hearing her heartfelt eulogy for the hamster, Ray gives his own speech, telling Ally how grown up and responsible she has become and how proud of her he is. Even Frank is affected by it:
    Frank: [fighting back tears] Damn hamster!
  • A minor one, but after Ray blows up at his parents for never appreciating anything he gives them for Christmas, Marie and Frank do their best to hunt the present, an toaster with the Barone family's names engraved on it, down at the local store. Ray is incredibly happy once he finds out that they even got in trouble with the store's security while trying to get it back.
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