Heartwarming / Cool Runnings

  • This piece of dialogue:
    Sanka: Derice, you dead?
    Derice: No, mon. I'm not dead. We have to finish the race.
  • Junior's father standing at the finish line with a Jamaica shirt on, beaming from ear to ear.
  • The slow clap started by the East German who had been one of the rudest to the Jamaicans and capped off by the very official who had tried to get them disqualified:
    Josef Grool: "Very good, Jamaica. We'll see you in four years, ja?"
  • Junior encouraging Yul to keep pursuing his dreams. This is despite the fact that Yul has treated him like crap from the day they met. It's telling that he starts to warm to him after this.
    • And then later Yul teaches Junior how to find his own strength.
    Yul: Look in the mirror, and tell me what you see!
    Junior: I see Junior.
    Yul: You see Junior? Well, let me tell you what I see. I see pride! I see power! I see a bad-ass mother who don't take no crap off of nobody!
  • It's easy to miss, but the girl that Sanka dances with at the bar is the nicest person to him upon their first meeting during the whole movie.
  • The crowd back home cheering on their hometown boys, particularly this:
    Announcer: Where did these guys come from?
    Bar Crowd: JAMAICAAAAA!!!