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Heartwarming: Coraline


  • After for so long putting Coraline through accidental Parental Neglect, Coraline's real mom and dad gladly join her for a gardening excursion.
  • After beating the Other Mother's hand, Coraline punches Wybie lightly on the shoulder. It may not seem heartwarming, until you take into account the earlier scene where Coraline's mother does the same to her husband...
  • Wybie coming to save Coraline in general. Think back to their previous interactions: Coraline has insulted, physically attacked, and kind of a jerk to him. Despite all of that this awesome guy immediately comes to her aid. That's true friendship before it ever started.


  • Coraline telling the cat about the time her father performed a mild Heroic Sacrifice for her when they ran into a wasp's nest. He stayed behind to attract the wasps while Coraline ran and only when she was out of danger did he run as well.
  • When Coraline phones the police to report her missing parents, telling the whole unbelievable story, the policeman who answers the phone gently tells her to wake her mother and get some hot chocolate to recover from her nightmare. It might have been entirely useless under the circumstances, but the policeman's response to a scared little girl telling such a strange story was very kind!
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