Tear Jerker: Coraline

Tear Jerkers for the book:

  • The story about the bees. When she was younger, Coraline's father would take her on walks around junk-laden fields. During one of these trips, he stopped dead and told her to run. She did as she was told, and he followed her later. Turned out he'd trodden on a bees nest and stayed still so that the bees would all go for him while Coraline got away.
  • The boy of the three children relating how he forgot almost everything about his life before the beldam, from his governess's name to his own. He even mostly forgets his gender!

Tear Jerkers for the movie:

  • The "pillow-parents" scene, is made even more depressing in the film than in the book, as book-Coraline sometimes comes across as more clinical and unemotional than her movie counterpart. It's still depressing in either version though.
    • Good night Dad (smack) Good night, Mom.
    • The music playing during that scene is even sadder. Halfway through the song, you can hear the singer sounding like he or she's about to cry.
  • When Coraline discovers the remains of the other Wybie.
  • The death of the Other Father. A being created by the Other Mother solely to love Coraline... and he did.
    • The Other Father miserably trying to express how sorry he is and how he doesn't want to hurt her as he's forced to hack away at his "daughter".
  • The look on the real mother's face after Coraline says 'That's what you say all the time.' They're not bad people, they're just busy, and they do try to make it up to Coraline.
    • Made even sadder considering the Pillow Parents scene. Seeing as though that was the last thing she said to her own mother, before she and her father get kidnapped.
  • The fates of the ghost children.
  • "Don't remember our names, but I remember my true mommy."