Heartwarming / Animator vs. Animation

Animator Vs. Animation 4

  • The ending: After four shorts, the Animator and the Stick figure finally make peace, and begin working on animations together. The figure even teaches him new techniques and helps him improve.
  • The fighting stick figures waving at the Second Coming when the Animator refreshes them.
  • Seeing the Second Coming play and have fun with his new friends and not blowing up the computer is just adorable.

Animation Vs. Minecraft

  • After every episode prior has had the main stick figure start off on sour terms from the word go, seeing this episode start with the Second Coming happily skipping across the monitor is refreshingly adorable.
  • After being freed from his Demonic Possession, the red stick figure becomes horrified and guilt-ridden over attacking his friends. What do his friends do? They are happy to see that he is okay and give him a Group Hug.
  • A bit of Fridge Heartwarming in the fact that the Animator doesn't show up at all, but has left his computer up and running for the stick figures to romp around in. Compare this level of trust with him ending thier tasks on sight in 4.

Animation Vs. YouTube

  • During the battle YouTube selects the original Animator Vs. Animation video, and everything calms down as the Second Coming and Green look at the video in wonder. It's a really touching moment of remembering the origins of this series, especially when the Second Coming layers himself over the first drawing of Victim, to Green's amazement.