Awesome: Animator vs. Animation

Animator Vs. Animation 2

  • The Chosen one escaping from Flash.
  • avast! finally capturing the Chosen One.
  • The entire fight between AIM and the Chosen One.

Animator Vs. Animation 3

  • Clippy, of all people, holding his own against the Chosen One, with only the Animator backing him up (and only during part of the fight at that), probably putting up a better fight than all the desktop icons combined. He even survives a direct blast from the Chosen One's fire breath.
  • The fight between the Dark Lord and the Chosen One.
  • The massive computer-breaking destruction wrought after the Chosen One and the Dark Lord team up.
  • The Animator forming bullets out of nothing but text.

Animator Vs. Animation 4

  • The stick figure resisting having it's task ended..
  • The stick figure successfully "killing" the Animator (destroying the cursor), something none of its predecessors managed without destroying the computer wholesale.
  • The Animator's mad keyboard skills when he opens Control Panel and changes his cursor theme.
  • At last, the Animator makes peace with one of his creations.