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Headscratchers: The Amazing World of Gumball
  • Are the Wattersons the only interspecies couple? All the other married couples seem to be the same (or very similar) species, from what I've seen.
    • They're the only married ones we've seen so far, but there's also Principal Brown and Miss Simian, Carmen and Alan, and Gumball and Penny.
    • Also, Leslie and Penny are cousins which would suggest a flower-peanut couple.
    • Hector's mom is a witch. But he's most likely adopted.
      • "The Hero" confirms his dad is a giant like him.
    • There's also Larry and his girlfriend, though Larry is the only one with an identified species, a talking, walking rock with legs and arms.
    • Actually, have we seen any same-species couples? Besides the Robinsons, who have no identifiable species anyway?
    • Masami has fallen in love with both Darwin and Alan.
    • And there's Jamie's parents, who are a sentient cube and a green unclassifiable humanoid.
  • If Gumball doesn't attend any clubs, why did his family bring him along to the school for Club Day? He was just going to have to sit around for hours, and would be on his out there just the same as at home.
    • I suppose they just wanted to encourage Gumball to try and join a club.
      • May I remind you that he's GUMBALL?! Nicole probably thought that if they left him at home, he'd somehow destroy the house (he has flooded the house once.)
      • Actually that was Anais and I'm very sure they have left him home alone before since it's not the first club day for the Wattersons just the first Gumball came along.
  • Just how old are most of the adults in the show? Nicole and Richard's age can be estimated to be around their late-30's or early-40's, along with the other characters visible in Nicole's flashback to her junior high days like Penny's Dad and Mr. Small, but then Mr. Robinson makes a sudden appearance in Richard's flashback in a later episode, and it's been said that he's at least fifty! What the what?!
  • If Gumball is so dumb, how did he get to middle school? I do not want the "because he's Gumball" excuse. I would be happy if someone could answer.
    • The Elmore educational system is seriously messed up.
    • In a world mostly filled with idiots the education system's standards would be more lax.
    • Simple: No child left behind.
      • This was touched upon in "The Finale" where Principal Brown realizes this and quotes,
        Principal Brown:' I'm afraid I have some not-very shocking news. It appears that Gumball and Darwin have to restart school from kindergarten. Because all you do at school is argue about your little problems and aggravate students and staff members until they go nuts and chase you through the halls. None of which makes for a decent education!"
      • Ironically, this line is from the end of the second season, where Gumball is much smarter and we actually see from his grades in "The Apology" that's he's a mediocre to slightly-above average student: a bunch of Cs and Bs, a few Ds, and only one class (Music) he's failed this year.
    • Main characters never get held back in TV Land.
  • Darwin is a fish. Why, as we see in "The Responsible", does he and Gumball serve Anais (along with a boot and something else) a literal fish sandwich?
    • Well, he's a specific type of fish. The question would likely be similar to asking why you served someone hamburger, when you're a mammal too ^EDIT^ actually, I'll go with ham instead, since from what I've heard the taste is the closest to that of humans.
      • Actually, "fish" includes 3 separate classes of animal, so it's more like asking why you served someone chicken when you're an amniote.
    • Eating the non-humanlike versions of your own kind is normal in Elmore—just look at the donut sheriff.
  • Darwin is a fish. He sleeps in a fish bowl, and this shows he can breathe underwater. So why is it that in "The Pressure" when he's hiding in the pool, he comes up coughing up water and gasping for air?
    • Maybe it's the chlorine?
      • I like this theory. Anyone who has ever been in an indoor pool knows that the chlorine smell can get really strong. Being in that water for him is probably like being in a room full of smoke.
    • He gets water up his invisible nostrils.
    • Most writers are human.
    • That's the joke.
  • In "The Mustache", Miss Simian is shown teaching her class about puberty of the human body... But why?, when none of the characters in the show are human? For that matter, the only confirmed primate we've seen period is Simian...
    • Many of the characters tend to have the general characteristics of one head, two arms, two legs, basic brain/lungs/heart/digestive system; the human shape might just be considered an "overlap" of all the others, or an agreed-on composite of all the different body types.
    • Justified, because latter in the episode, Gumball, Darwin, and Anais experience puberty due to their cereal being mixed up with testosterone supplements. The fact that cats, rabbits, and fish don't go through such changes in real life mean anthropomorphic biology. Also, isn't Carrie still human or whatever despite being a ghost?
    • Nope, apparently she was born a ghost... somehow. But since humans haven't ever been shown to exist within the show (Santa is an elf), are there any humans? And if they don't even exist, how can there be pictures that model their pubescent nature?.. D'you think that, in the show's universe, humans are fictional?
    • Humans appear briefly in a television program in "the Watch."
      • Exactly.
      • Humans are confirmed to exist in the episode "The Sweaters"... they look like cartoon characters straight from a Filmation series but still they are honest to goodness humans.
    • Humansm (in live action as opposed to the animated people from "The Sweaters") are also shown in several internet videos, like the brick-breaking in "The Gi". It's highly possible that the vast majority of the planet outside of the town of Elmore is human (hence the photographic backgrounds), and Elmore just recycles educational material it ships in from outside (although this raises obvious questions about the sentient objects, especially the moon and sun).
  • Did it ever occur to Anais and Darwin that they could've just taken down the embarrassing video of Gumball from "The Secret"? The damage to Gumball's reputation has probably already been done by now, but they could've done it immediately, and doing it at any time would've helped, or at least prevented Gumball from seeing it.
    • What's the fun in that?
    • No one said the original video was still up. It's the internet: if people like something they see, they'll make copies and post them again.
  • Carrie was born a ghost. How does that work?
    • All I can think of is fridge horror.
    • Miscarriage/abortion?
    • Ghost sex.
    • Considering that Darwin asks the same question immediately after he finds out and Gumball admits he has no idea I think it might just be Rule of Funny.
  • The Cartoon Network character webpage states Miss Simian has been teaching second grade for 300,000 years. Dismissing the latter part, does this mean Gumball is a 12 year old in second grade?
    • Maybe they meant to write secondary school, which in the UK (where the show is produced) would be for children 11-17 and in the US would refer to either middle school or high school, the former making more sense given Gumball's age.
      • Given the frequent use of Britishisms on the show (they're subtle, such as "what shall we do" instead of "what are we going to do"), this seems to be the most likely explanation.
  • How can Nicole say there's no such things as ghosts WHEN THERE'S ONE GOING TO THE FREAKING SCHOOL?
    • Maybe she's never met Carrie.
      • She actually met Carrie in the Halloween episode.
      • She could've forgotten about it, or maybe this was before that.
      • The Poltergeist was before Halloween.
    • Most viewers don't believe in ghosts, so the characters don't believe in ghosts, unless they're stupid or children, even if it doesn't make any sense for them not to.
  • How is it possible for Alan the Balloon to do homework at his school when obviously... he has no arms?
    • He probably has someone to write for him, like some physically disabled kids do in real life.
    • Maybe he can use his "tail" as a hand like some monkeys do when hanging from trees.
  • Why does Richard drive so competently in "The Party"?
    • The main reason he was driving so insanely in "The Bumpkin" was because he was following a terrible GPS. He probably hadn't gotten it by then.
  • To what extent can the "people" of Elmore communicate with the "objects"? I'm specifically talking about in "The World". Darwin can talk to the soda can, and Nicole can talk to the wires, so how come Gumball doesn't notice the fries and milkshake begging for help as he's eating them?
    • They probably can whenever they want to, they just don't most of the time because the "people" think it's weird or a waste of time. Notice that all of those cases have the object initiating conversation. And Gumball probably could hear them, but he and everyone else ignore the food because otherwise they'd starve to death.
  • Similar to the ghost question above, if Gumball is scared of spiders as seen in "The Date" why doesn't he have a problem with going to school with one?
    • He may or may not be allergic to their venom. Also, he's a bit afraid of Ocho (though that's because he's intense and has a bit of a temper.)
    • Ocho is a very abstract video game spider: no hair, no fangs, and only two eyes. Not exactly tripping a lot of arachnophobia triggers.
  • In "The Dream", why does Darwin have a problem with a catfish in salt water when he himself is a goldfish who lives on land?
    • Darwin growing legs is a kind of thing that happens pretty often in Elmore. Besides, he didn't say it was impossible, he just asked why.
  • How exactly was Turtle revived? The water didn't go in it's mouth and turtles don't have gills.
    • It absorbed it through it's skin. Most animals can do that, even though actually drinking is far more effective at staving off dehydration.
  • How exactly is the show managing to retain it's TV-Y7 rating? With some of the stuff they get away with on the show (such as the entire episode "The Recipe"), you'd think that it would have been raised to TV-PG along with the majority of the other current CN shows. Not that I'm a stickler for content, but it's still strange
    • The simplest answer seems to be laziness: they don't want to bother deciding ratings on a by-episode basis or considering if the rating for the whole show should be raised after it started already. One show being rated TV-Y7 when it should be TV-PG doesn't elected that much controversy when other shows in the same block are already TV-PG.
    • Another possible reason is that, since Gumball is produced by a different studio than most CN shows, it has a different Standards and Practices department that approves content and assigns ratings. For instance, in "The Hero", Richard says "you're digging your claws into my nipples", even though Adventure Time wasn't allowed to use the word "nipple". This would also explain how that scene from "The Skull" was completed before being cut from the US broadcast.
  • WHY ARE ALL THE MEMBERS OF THE ELMORE POLICE FOOD CHARACTERS? I mean if a criminal just wants to escape the donut cop, all he/she can do is just eat the donut cop and run away!
    • Because the only people in Elmore who could conceivably eat a human-sized donut in a time shorter than it would take Doughnut Sheriff to catch them are Hector and Tina's dad.
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