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Headscratchers: American Dad!
  • Sort of meta, but how does Seth MacFarlane have two shows set in Virginia and not have bothered researching how the liquor stores work (see For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls; VA has state-run stores that sell only liquor and occasionally wine, not things like cigarettes, beer, or snacks), what the license plates look like (they look like CA plates, VA doesn't have a single plate with the state name in cursive), or even basic geography (Langley Falls is said to be near Langley which is in Fairfax County, but when the location is shown on a map in 100 A.D. it's south of Richmond over a hundred miles away). These are things that don't change the plot so faking them isn't necessary, and they are kind of jarring if you know the state.
  • In the episode when Stan mistakes a nuclear apocalypse drill for the real thing and evacuates his family up to the mountains, why didn't he just tell them he was running a practice drill? I know the episode runs on Rule of Funny, but it always struck me as a pretty obvious solution to his problem.
    • He came into work late. Even the episode itself says it.
      • I think the OP is asking why didn't Stan just tell the truth after Bullock phoned him, but make out he was running the same practice drill with his family?
      • It probably did not occur to him. Or maybe he told them off-screen but they didn't believe him.
      • Probably he wanted to milk the "Stan was right" thing as long as possible. Another thing I don't get about the episode is...
    • After they found out that the "end of the world" wasn't true, Steve mentions that he's addicted to wild berries that make him hallucinate. Um, why didn't the other family members stop him if that stuff could kill him?!
      • One: this is Steve we're talking about. He's not exactly the most loved member of the family. And two: this is a Macfarlane show we're talking about here. Family relations and people's reactions to things aren't exactly as they would be in our world.
  • Doesn't necessarily bug me, as it does puzzle me. What was up with the effeminate dwarf who rides a greyhound in Irregarding Steve? I know most of the episode was a reference to Midnight Cowboy, but I don't really remember anything like that.
    • That's Beauregard, Langley Falls top hairstylist. He appeared in a earlier episode called Star Trek.
    • He's a caricature of Leslie Jordan, his voice actor, who is only 4' 11".
  • Is it Haley or Hayley? I've seen it spelled either way on here, The Other Wiki, and even the TV Guide.
    • Pretty sure it's Hayley. An episode shows her name written out that way on her crib.

  • So, now that Jeff has moved in with the Smiths... Does he know about Roger? We haven't even seen Roger undisguised in the same room as Jeff, but there was recently one brief scene where Jeff comes in and Roger is undisguised, at the table, and Jeff doesn't so much as bat an eye. Has he been told about Roger, or has he done so many drugs that seeing weird aliens and creatures is completely normal to him?
    • Jeff's a stoner with a particularly gullible personality and a brain the size of a pinky ring. I'm pretty sure no one in the house cares whether or not a pot smoking idiot talks about an alien living in his attic.
    • A plot for a future episode could have Jeff discover Roger as an alien.
    • It's implied in "I Am the Walrus" that whenever Jeff meets a new persona of Roger he thinks a new person moved into the attic, and the old persona/person moved out. For example, when he gets a bottle of pills from Roger, he says, "I got them from Ace Chapman, that basketball player who sometimes lives in the attic."
    • On the same subject, is Reginald cool with aliens? In "Family Affair" Roger has no wig on and he does not question it. Is seeing aliens normal to him?
      • Is a homeless man in a koala's body OK with aliens?
      • Well, he does work for the CIA.
      • Then how come Reginald did not report it to Bullock?
    • Resolved. Jeff's discovery of Roger resulted in him being Put on a Bus.

  • In the Rapture episode, when Jesus/Stan ask Roger to fly them to the Anti-Christ, he says the ship needs precious metals/gems for power. So Jesus whips out what looks suspiciously like Roger's solid gold/jewel-encrusted poo-pile. Did Roger want off the planet so badly he forgot he craps gold and jewels?
    • I'm pretty sure he never knew to begin with, considering he didn't seem aware of his crapping gold ability.

  • In the chapter The Best Christmas Story Never Told, what the hell happened to Martin Scorsese, seeing that he never made Taxi Driver. I suppose that he never made his other classics like Raging Bull or Goodfellas, it's something that almost all ways bug me about this chapter.
    • It doesn't matter as it's irrelevant to the main consequence the lack of Taxi Driver caused.

  • In Star Trek, Stan wants to get Steve's book onto Captain Monty's TV show in order to sell more copies. But only #1 books are featured on Capt. Monty's show, so Stan comes up with a plan to sell more books. Copies fly off the shelves, and the book becomes the #1 seller. So, why did they need Capt. Monty, again?
    • Yeah, books are flying off the shelves, but Stan wants to milk all of the fame and money he can from Steve's book. Just because the book is the #1 seller doesn't mean they can't sell even more books.

  • Why doesn't Toshi ever learn English? His parents and sister all know the language, and he and the rest of Steve's friends all go way back. He should have more than mastered the English language by now! So how has he never learned it?
    • In one episode (the one with the sleepovers, I forget the name) he does speak English, and can understand when it is being spoken. It's probably more that he chooses not to speak it for some reason.
    • Well, if he's been in the country that long, he should NOT have a thick Japanese accent. He should sound, well, American!
      • This troper's Japanese ex has been in the country 35 years and still speaks with a strong accent.
    • It's funnier that way (by the way, in a recent episode, Snot lampshaded Toshi's language skills: "LEARN ENGLISH!").
      • He doesn't generally agree with the group. He can probably speak English well enough, but when you find out secrets easily and are generally insulting towards your friend, would you speak the language your friends can understand.
    • Toshi does know English, he knows what others are saying. He is a Dead Pan Snarker, why should he bother to speak English to them when he can just confuse them with Japanese?
    • Japanese pride and refusal to assimilate is outright stated as being reason by his sister.

  • In "American Dream Factory" why didn't Stan simply produce his holiday bears for every holiday year round so when the right holiday came up he had bears ready. Instead he produced bears for the next holiday coming up. I understand that it's part of the plot but it always bugged me.
    • Stan believes that the bears would be a huge success and in high demand when released, he didn't want to leave it to chance that he could run out if that scenario ever played out, so, he does a complete overhaul with the intent of making a constant cash cow - Yes, it'd be better working on a smaller portion but it's not Stan's thing.

  • In "42-Year-Old Virgin" Roger apparently loses a poker game, but aren't you supposed to win if everyone else folds?
    • It's not that he lost the game, it's that he won it too soon. Yes, if everyone folds, you win, but it doesn't really matter if nobody bets.
  • In "Every which way but lose", Steve mentions that he never saw Stan crying. Looks like he's forgotten what happened to them during their time in Africa in "Camp Refoogee" or the writers made a little goof.
  • In "Rough Trade" when Stan get his manual, did he read it? Because he didn't know what to do with the exo suit.
    • The manual was damaged when Stan got it back, so the part he needed must not have been legible.
  • In the episode "Stannie get your gun," Hayley inadvertently shoots Stan in the neck. first of all, he STARTS TALKING EVEN THOUGH A BULLET JUST WENT THROUGH HIS WINDPIPE. then at the hospital, he is told that the bullet got lodged in his spine, turning him into a quadriplegic (still no mention of the serious other injuries that occur thanks to a bullet through the throat). later in the episode, a sniper shoots Stan IN THE EXACT SAME SPOT ON HIS NECK. refer to my earlier complaint about injuries. he goes to the hospital and is told that the second bulet knocked the first bullet out and he is completely healed. WHHHAAAAATTT?!?!!?!!?
    • Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think it went through his windpipe. IIRC it just hit a major spinal nerve or something like that. As for how he healed, yeah, it makes no sense, but that's what makes it funny. It's such an absurd Ass Pull that you can't help but laugh.
  • In the episode American Dream Factory, Stan says Francine has a fear of needles yet in Helping Handis she is seen with a needle sewing socks. Is it an goof?
    • Hypodermic needles and sewing needles are different. A fear of needles usually refers to hypodermics, and many (if not most) people who have a phobia of them don't mind sewing needles.
    • It's generally easier to say "fear of needles" than "fear of syringes"
    • But Francine's fear of needles are brought up as the reason she doesn't help him with his holiday bears which means he was talking about sewing needles.
    • Maybe she got over it.
  • Another question. In "A Smith In The Hand", why does Hayley need a fake ID yet in "Stan Knows Best" she said she was eighteen?
    • Legal drinking age is 21 in the US.
  • In Con Heir, Stan is excited to see his father but how come in some episodes he bemoans on how he left him at a young age, and in Jack's Back does not trust him (initially)?
    • Because there's a little thing called Continuity :O. Stan's dad abandoned him as a child. He has daddy issues. He's eagerly wanted to please him all his life. Then it turns out he's kind of an evil jewel thief. After that he no longer trusts him.
  • In Stanny Boy and Frantastic, Stan is unable to free-run. However he can do James Bonds moves. So why is he unable to free-run? Also how can his shinbone come out of his leg?
    • Rule of Funny and a compound fracture?
    • Also, it's implied that they were not only hanging out with their new friends and doing crazy stuff with them constantly, but they were also drinking a lot as well. There's only so much Stan can handle over a short period of time.
  • In the Episode "Stan Time" one of Stan's Co-Workers mentions that Christopher Lloyd could have played Col. Mustard in place of Martin Mull. I'm wondering 2 things, who would then play Professor Plum, or is he suggesting a Dual Role?
  • In "Flirting With Disaster" Stan is seen flirting with Lorraine. So does that mean Stan has gotten over his hatred of fat people? Part of me seems to think he has, but I can't trust it completely.
    • It's probably because he knows Lorraine well. He actually did start to like Debbie, Steve's girlfriend, when he spoke to her some and found they had some common interests.
  • Ok this still confuses me but in Rapture's Delight... why was Hayley raptured? I mean she is a atheist, why was she raptured? It doesn't make any sense! Is there a DVD Commentary or a Deleted Scene that explains this? I also wonder what would her vision of heaven be since we saw Steve's.
    • Well, first, the episode was non-canon, so that might explain it. But second, we don't really know how god in the American Dad! universe works. As you can tell by people in real life, everyone interprets God in different ways. Maybe the god in the American Dad! universe doesn't punish someone for not believing in him.
    • In "Tears of a Clooney", she mentioned that she "promised God" that if she beat her cancer, she would report Roger for exploiting foster children. Maybe she found religion while she was ill?
  • Speaking of Rapture's Delight, Wordof God touched on in the DVD commentary of the notion that every episode after it is Stan's personal heaven. Then there's the episode For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls, which came after Rapture's Delight. In other words, why would the Smith Family be fighting Santa and his elves in Heaven?
    • Well if this is Stan's "personal heaven" then how can he be killed by the hot tub in that one episode, it's impossible to die in heaven... well that and Nemo the Anti-Christ exists in this "Personal Heaven"... kinda shows there is something wrong with Stan.
      • In the next episode, Stan is tricked by Roger into- ahem- some fairly intimate dealings with a horse. A few episodes later, Steve has Stan's childhood bully beat the crap out of him. After that, Stan is seen defecating into a swimming pool by dozens of party-goers. I think at this point it's safe to say that the post Rapture's Delight episodes are not Stan's "personal heaven", and that Word of God was just messing with us. That, and Klaus is alive in subsequent episodes.
      • The recent episodes also damper the theory of it being Stan's personal heaven. For example, he meets Cleveland and Peter Griffin in the Hurricane episode, so that would then imply the characters from those two shows are also just part of Stan's personal heaven. And in the hot tub episode where he dies, the producer said that if the show was not going to be renewed, then it would have been Stan's actual death. It is possible Word of God has since abandoned the idea of it being Stan's personal heaven.
    • Stan's desire at the moment he stepped into his personal heaven was that things would go back to how they were before the Rapture, so that's the form his personal heaven took. Now either Stan is unable to change the terms of his personal heaven, or part of going back to normal involves Stan losing his memory of being in heaven, so he doesn't change reality to suit him because he doesn't know he can.
    • Doesn't explain why Klaus is a mantelpiece at the end of the episode.
  • Some hair-splitting just for fun... the heroin snow-globe in Con Heir. How is this possible, heroin being famously soluble and all?
    • Because you touch yourself at night.
  • How can Stan have sperm stored away since the Reagan-era if he never masturbated until recently?
    • Masturbation isn't the only way to get a sperm sample, it's just one of the more pleasant. It's perfectly possible to get a sample via a hypodermic needle inserted into the scrotum. Stan must have been very committed to his non-masturbation vow...
    • That noise you just heard? The knees of all the males reading this slamming together.
  • In The Vacation Goo, why didn't the ship's staff take their stuff back?
    • Who said they didn't?
  • After tonight's episode I finally decided to wonder, with all of the messed up horrible things Roger does to the Smiths (especially what he put Steve through in tonight's episode) Why haven't the family decided to just reveal Roger's true identity to the CIA and the public? Oh sure they will get their memories erased but it's bound to be less worse than having to put up with that annoying alien's crap!
    • Because no matter how jerkish/sociopathic he is, the family still loves him.
      • So the family are masochists and they enjoy the suffering he gives them?
      • I'm not saying they enjoy his mistreatments, I'm just saying they love him with all his faults.
    • Part of it is that the CIA would do horrible things to Roger, They Would Cut You Up and all. Also, it's been mentioned multiple times that since Roger saved Stan's life once, he feels he owes him so he's willing to put up with Roger's crap.
    • That and the the fact that if Roger isn't a complete bastard it will literally kill him so I guess they can put up with it if he needs to be like that to live.
    • It's also been stated that whoever is harboring the alien will be punished rather harshly. They may not want to risk the CIA doing 'butt stuff' to them.
  • It just came to me, in A Smith In The Hand, if sex ed is required for graduation why isn't it made compulsory?
    • A lot of schools will give alternatives to the class, like doing book work, if a student's parents have objections to the class.
  • Roger is fond of cocaine. There are several scenes of him indulging (slightly off-camera). But umm, how does one snort coke through a rolled-up check if one has no nose?
    • Very carefully.
    • Even though he has no nose, he can still smell like in Threat Levels when he says Stan's thermos smelt like crap.
  • In The Cleveland Show's part of the "Night of the Hurricane" crossover, the hurricane is said to hit Stoolbend, then pass through Quahog, and then finally end up in American Dad Land. The episodes were aired that order, but from a geographical point of view... the hurricane went from Virginia, to Rhode Island, and then back to Virginia. It went 450 miles to Rhode Island, AND THEN BACK AGAIN! ...why?
    • Rule of Funny, in order to correspond with the shows' time slots.
      • Then again, I guess it could have been an initially strong hurricane with 256 mph winds and it had circled back instantly because of its speedy direction.
    • In-universe? Maybe God was just like "Fuck Virginia in particular!"
  • Why wasn't Toshi's mom concerned about the fact that there was a sex doll in her closet? All she asked her husband was if it was clean or not. Wouldn't she have wondered why it was even there or why he had it in the first place?
    • I think the joke was that they both use it in their sex play.
    • She probably already knew about it. The joke was that she didn't have a problem with it.
  • In "Haylias", why didn't Dill just tell Stan that he was gay, instead of constantly dropping not-so-subtle hints about his homosexuality?
    • He probably didn't want his dad to know.
  • That note in Roger's ship explaining that he was a crash test dummy, how could Stan read it? Is the alien language also English?
    • The aliens left that note for whoever found the wreckage, so presumably it was in English.
  • Whatever happened to the golden turd?
  • In the episode "Dope and Faith", apparently the CIA has a device that can change a person's sexual orientation as Stan used it to change Brett Morris' wife into a lesbian, so if Stan hates gays so damn much, why doesn't he used this device to change Greg and Terry straight?
    • Maybe the device was not invented around the time Stan discovered they were gay. Also Stan has learnt to tolerate gays.
    • Not to mention that said device is still likely to make the target's head explode (or something), so Stan only used it on Brett's wife because he was really desperate
  • Is Hayley really only supposed to be 19-20 years old? The episode "The Kidney Stays in the Picture" gives her conception year as 1992. Am I the only one who thought she was older? The characters in this show don't really seem to age much, so I always just assumed she started out in her early-to-mid twenties (definitely at least 21). It doesn't really make sense to me for her to be so young.
    • No you're not the only one who thinks she is older. For a long time I thought she was eighteen. I think the writers made a goof.
    • Hayley is in community college, and it's kind of implied that she's in her earlier years of the school, but for the most part, her exact age has been left up to interpretation.
      • It's been mentioned that she's 18.
    • No, she was conceived in 1996. I was born that year, and I'm 17.
  • In the episode where Stan ends up crapping in the neighbors' pool, the ultra-conservative-to-the-point-of-parody Stan is shown falling over himself to practically fellate a man who stands for everything conservatives stand against. I realize he's—several steps up the ladder—Stan's employer, but isn't the writers' left-wing bias a bit jarring here?
    • The entire point of Stan sucking up to Obama was to trick HIM into crapping in the pool, in order to get everyone to forget about Stan's accident.
  • While overall the episode Bully for Steve is good and Stelio Kontos along with his music is awesome; why does Stan, A CIA agent who has previously been seen to assassinate people and handle himself pretty effectively in fights against his boss and other highly trained agents, get so totally beaten up by a guy who works at Klinkos?
    • Maybe Stelio is just that powerful.
      • In Francine's Flashback Francine beats up Stan for forgetting their anniversary. My guess is that Stan's strength depends on the writer.
    • Alternately, he was overwhelmed with traumatic memories at the sight of his childhood bully and was too shocked to fight back.
      • This is further evidenced by the fact Stan didn't even put up a token resistance
  • In The Wrestler, Steve gets Roger to beat up Barry in order to prevent him from beating Stan's high school wrestling record. However, Roger mistakes Snot for Barry and beats him up. Um, what? Wasn't there like a whole episode last season with extended interaction between Snot and Roger, Jenny Fromdabloc? How could he make that mistake?
    • Maybe he did not listen well.
  • In the episode where they go back in time to see who Hayley's real father is why don't they just go back a few hours to stop Hayley from going to the bar and killing her kidneys in the first place.
    • Maybe they were so worried about Hayley that they weren't thinking straight (plus, it wouldn't be much of an episode if they resolved it that easily).
    • She may not have listened. Francine warned her beforehand that the drinks were pretty intense.
  • Just what kind of mental illness/disorder/disability does Stan Smith have? His way of thinking is abnormal, he's hurt his own wife either by accident or on purpose on several occasions, he let a lion attack a model, he ate a baby's umbilical cord thinking it's beef jerky, he thinks fire island is actually a island on fire, it took him a long time to realize Greg and Terry are gay. WHAT IS WRONG WITH STAN? Geez when Peter acts like a idiot it's funny but when Stan does it's just sad.
    • One of Stan's major traits is that he's oblivious and ignorant, that explains some of those things. Also, Rule of Funny.
      • How can it be Rule of Funny if Stan's way of thinking is just plain sad, at least Peter's stupidity is officially explained that he is a "little person" (Peter thinks that's a nicer term for retard) yet Stan never outright explained his own stupidity or confirmed he is a "little person" unless he is one and we just don't know it yet.
    • In Shallow Vows, Stan says Alzheimer runs in his family. Also most of his actions can be traced to his terrible childhood, his father leaving him, having to shoot his dog and having to skip his childhood due to his father leaving. These things had negative effects on him. Plus most of his actions are well intentioned.
  • So... Is Toshi's mom dead now? It seemed like his dad wanted her dead right out of left field.
    • Stan and Roger didn't kill her so no.
  • This troper and his best friend are having a debate about Stan's actions in "Big Trouble in Little Langley". I think Stan hates Francine's adoptive parents because they are Chinese and liked her real parents because they are white. She thinks Stan hates Francine's adoptive parents because they are annoying and liked her real parents because they are rich and everything Stan could wish for until he finds out how shallow they are and oh my god the first one opens a can of Unfortunate Implications so who is right here, Stan being racist or Stan annoyed by the adoptive parents?
    • He is annoyed by them because everytime they show up, they take over the house with their stuff and boss him around in his own home.
  • In "May the best Stan win" why did Francine stay with Cyborg Stan when he said that he went back in time to make sure she and present Stan broke up I mean she was right there and he said he lied about everything So they would break up.
    • Ideally, they would break up, but Cyborg Stan proved to Francine that he cares more about her than the original Stan, so that's why she stayed with him. (for a while anyway).
    • Original poster: How did Cyborg Stan prove he was better than Present Stan? All he did is say Present Stan doesn't care about Francine because he was training to fight robots in the future which was because of Cyborg Stan's lies that he was the chosen one.
  • Despite all the times Barry, Toshi, and Snot betray Steve, why does he still hang out with those three? I mean we all know what Barry was like without his "vitamins", Toshi has mentioned wanting to kill Steve numerous times and actually attacked him, and Snot has turned on him several times, and then there's the incident they caused in "Escape from Pearl Bailey" and yet Steve still hangs out with them? WTF! Perhaps just like Stan, Steve doesn't learn lessons...
    • Because for all the times all 4 of them have betrayed each other, they still care about each other. At their age the world is a big, scary place. They're all each other has got.
  • In "The Kidney Stays In The Picture", Stan and and Francine say that they have to get the man from the bar to have sex with past-Francine because he might be Hayley's father. They say this because Stan stopped them from having sex, meaning that potentially, Hayley might not exist in the present day. Why don't they return to the present and see if Hayley is still alive? If she is, then Stan is her father, and there's no problem. If she isn't, then the man from the bar is her father, so all they need to do is go back in time again and prevent Stan from stopping the sex. Still no problem.
    • It depends on how time travel works in the series, but... If the man in the bar was Hayley's father and Stan and Francine stopped the sex and went back to the present, Hayley would exist. That might mean that after returning to the present, Stan and Francine would never even know Hayley existed. It's also possible that time travel can't be done constantly. We saw what happened to Agent Duper when he returned one minute late.
  • One of the major plot points of American Dad is that Roger cannot be discovered as an alien, lest unpleasant, possibly butt-related, fates befall the Smiths courtesy of the CIA. At the same time, Klaus the fish and Reginald the koala can interact with the public without raising an eyebrow. It's been established in Seth Mc Farlanverses that anthropomorphic animals exist [Rule of Funny because]. But unlike Brian and the family of bears in The Cleveland Show, we know that Klaus and Reginald take on their human characteristics because of CIA tinkering. If the CIA is desperate to cover up an alien that can disguise himself so well that he can walk into CIA headquarters and get a management job there, why would they turn a blind eye to Klaus being a talking fish in public and flat-out allowing Reginald to take Hayley to the Shaggy (SHAGGY!) concert as a fully-outed agent in a koala's body?
    • The CIA believes that aliens are more threatening than talking animals which they created.
  • Why doesn't Klaus ask to be upgraded into a more capable animal(like an eagle, for example)? Yeah, he'd rather be in a human body, but the CIA is all out of them. No-one would mind if he got put in said eagle.
    • According to Wordof God, they wanted to change Klaus to something at least more mobile and even keep changing what he was every so often to keep him interesting, but Executive Meddling made it impossible. (What would FOX would do with all the merchandise that has Klaus as a fish on it? Though considering this plan was supposed be acted out in "Finances with the Wolves" way back in season one, I think changing him at that point should have been fine.)
  • Whose funeral happened in "The American Dad After-School Special"? I originally thought it was just a family that had hair like Stan, Francine (only shorter, possibly - the hair, that is), and Hayley, in addition to a couple of other people, but in a later rewatching it's clear that it's Francine's voice actress who later screams "Why did he have to die!?"
    • Likely just some random person who has never appeared alive on the show. Plus it was just a trick before revealing that Steve survived for dramatic effect.
  • If I'm not mistaken but, in the episode when Snot started to date Hayley and then got bored, didn't he tell her he was gay? Because in "Steve and Snot's Test-Tubular Adventure", they were talking about how they were gonna make sex clones of girls and she acted like it was normal unless this wasn't canon?
    • The reason Hayley even considered dating Snot was because she was still a mess after losing Jeff. By the time "Steve and Snot's Test-Tubular Adventure" came around, she was probably over Snot and had moved on to more swarthy, chiseled "benefits".
  • Speaking of "Steve and Snot's Test-Tubular Adventure" and it's canon but the cloning machine that created Glitter and Honey... is it the same exact one that created Stevearino? So now I'm wondering why Stan wanted to "Unclone" Glitter and Honey yet he's perfectly ok with using that device to create a clone of Steve that turned out to be a cat murdering psychopath?
    • Well first off Stan probably wanted to unclone them since presumably he had clearance for Stevearino and probably didn't want the CIA to know two 14 year-olds one being his son snuck in to a government facility and the cloning machine is probably not the same one since the clones were supposed to die once they reach the age of the person they're cloned from and Stevearino was around at least a few months.
  • Ever notice how in Seth Mac Farlane cartoons, the kid who's the butt of more social outcast jokes (Meg, Steve) always has more friends than the other kid? What's up with that?
    • It's possibly because nerdy people tend to only talk to a small group of friends, whereas popular people are by default friends with everyone.
      • ...Except Chris Griffin explicitly said he doesn't have any friends, and the only people her own age we see Hayley with are people she sleeps with. ...Okay, that was poorly-worded, but does she have any friend friends?
      • Nope, Hayley only ever interacts with her family, Jeff, random guys she meets before marrying Jeff or recurring characters who are connected to Stan or Francine.
  • In Vacation Goo, Stan mentions that the goo makes women sterile and warns the woman removing it that it will rot out her womb. Despite being exposed to the goo for years, Francine becomes the surrogate mother for Greg and Terry's baby with no ill effects.
    • To be a surrogate, you use a donor egg and sperm, so unless Francine's uterus is completely useless and unable to have someone else's fertilized egg implanted on it's walls, she should be fine. That or Negative Continuity.
  • Why hasn't Hayley beaten the snot out of Roger for shoving Jeff in a UFO? Or flaying him?!
    • Probably for the same reason they haven't surrendered him to the CIA for the even more horrible crap he did like sending Steve to Jail with his "Ricky Spanish" persona. There are times he does these things and I just wish the victim would just lift off his wig in public and say "he's a alien!"
    • Best guess is that its because they care about Roger. Sure, Roger is a Jerkass with some psychotic episodes and can be generally horrible to them, but is nice enough to be a family member in the first place. Imagine you have a murderer for a sibling/loved one-you'd be hesitant to simply send them to jail. Basically Roger hasn't been sold out because of a Draco in Leather Pants effect in-universe.
      • Better yet, why hasn't Hayley beaten up Stan for being in on the plan to send Jeff to space, she knows that he hates Jeff and would've saw it coming that he would favor Roger over Jeff.
  • If Stan hates gay people so much (at first) why doesn't he seem to mind Roger being interested in men and women?
    • Roger is an alien, so gender might be different for his species.
    • Plus Stan doesn't seem to care what Roger does as long as he won't be found out as an alien and it doesn't harm the Smith family.
  • So, in "The Kidney Stays In The Picture" Stan tells his past self that they had gone back in time before being told that Back to the Future had already come out by this point; thus, Stan could have just explained it as "like Back to the Future" instead of a long ramble about the mechanics of time travel. Yet, in the episode with the Delorean, Stan says, more than once, that he has never seen Back to the Future, does not get its jokes, and has in fact never heard of it. So...?
    • My theory is is Stan knows the premise of Back to the Future but never saw it since in "Delorean Story-en" he knows it's a time based comedy but never watched it and Past!Stan may know about from TV commercials.
  • In season one it's established that Roger isn't supposed to leave the house at all for fear of being exposed but he constantly keeps leaving the house in disguise, just why did Stan change his mind about Roger leaving the house as the show progresses? At least the people are too dumb to realize that's a alien in those paperthindisguise.
  • How would Stan react to Roger murdering Millionare Matt Davis? The one guy he wants Hayley to marry and provide a good future that Jeff sacrificed his trip back to Earth for, and Roger ruined it! I bet this would be enough for Stan to surrender Roger back to the CIA.
  • Why does Steve continue to trust Roger whenever they do their schemes that involve either money or getting Steve a girlfriend when 99% of the time Roger would just betray Steve anyway? I hope "Not learning lessons" isn't hereditary!
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