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Fridge: American Dad!
Fridge Brilliance
  • Roger's sociopathic Jerk Ass behavior makes sense when you realize his personality is pretty much the standard Kill All Humans alien attitude, but with a comedic twist.
  • In "The Greatest Christmas Story Never Told" Roger uses a tape from the future to invent disco. Upon looking at the tape the dancing shadow on the cover looks like Roger with an afro. Why would it look like that? Roger's company ran the disco empire, so when the tape was made they would have put him on it. He assured the tape's existence.
  • Hayley's hypocrisy of being against feminism when she secretly dresses as a Fifties housewife and bakes pies, entering them in contests under the name "Carlotta Monterrey", can be argued when you remember that Stan had her brainwashed when she was a child, so it's entirely plausible that her alter-ego is the result of what Stan did to get Hayley to conform to his own Fifties-esque values.
  • Roger's childish behavior makes sense when you realize that he recently started puberty, meaning he has been an actual child all his life!
  • "Jenny Fromdabloc" reveals that Roger can move incredibly fast and do things that are almost impossible with it. It may seem like an Ass Pull, but maybe that explains how he changes disguises almost immediately and quickly changed the inside of the house in under 2 minutes in "Spring Break-Up".
    • It would also explain how he's able to juggle multiple lives simultaneously.
  • In Deacon Stan, Jesus Man, Francine refuses to use Sweatshop workers. Now think about that for a second, the sweatshop workers are Chinese. Francine was raised by Chinese parents so the reason she refused to have the sweatshop workers working for her was because she didn't want to exploit the very kind that raised her.
  • After seeing Roger's people in the episode "Lost in Space" it appears his species are hermaphrodites and androgynous, hence why he's pansexual.
  • Well since Stevearino is cat killing psycopath I guess we now know why Animals Hate Steve or maybe its the other way around.
  • After seeing "Lost in Space", we now know why Roger wants to stay on Earth so badly (to the point of shoving Jeff into the tractor beam) He cheated on the Emperor and wanted to avoid seeing him again at all costs.
  • Also, in one episode, we learn that Roger's people sent him to Earth as a crash test dummy. At first, this may seem like his people are even bigger Jerkasses than even Roger himself, but after seeing "Lost In Space", it makes perfect sense. The Emperor deliberately made Roger crash into Earth as revenge for Roger cheating on him.
  • The inside of Principal Lewis's house kind of resembles Cleveland's house on the inside in its layout. Both shows take place in Virginia so it makes sense they'd use a similar floorplan.
  • In "With Friends Like Steve's" near the end Steve challenges evil!Barry to choose which of two glasses of water contains Barry's "vitamins" that reduce his intelligence and his evil personality. Barry tries to logic his way through it by analyzing everything he knows about Steve. Steve gets Barry to stop thinking about it and instantly choose by telling him "You're stalling." When did Steve say this exactly? Right when Barry mentioned that Steve had seen The Princess Bride. Steve deliberately got Barry to stop mulling it over so that Barry would never suspect that Steve was using the exact same trick!
  • A couple episodes show that the cast are Animated Actors, and American Dad! is a sitcom being filmed. Deputy Director Bullock (Voiced by Patrick Stewart) looks just like Stewart when he's been on Family Guy. This being said, In-Universe Patrick Stewart is the actor portraying Bullock.

Fridge Horror
  • Roger's body produces many items that people use for their own ends (the Golden Turds, the body fluid thing in "Deacon Stan, Jesus Man"). He also can't live without being a bastard to everyone. In theory, he may actually be filled to the brim with doucheyness that causes everyone to be murderers or douches themselves. And the fact he killed his good persona means he may not have much good in him anymore.
    • Add to that it's In the Blood for him to let out his "bitchiness" (before it takes the form of a poisonous bile that kills his species), in other words his entire race is essentially as big a Comedic Sociopath as himself, willing or not (this is hinted at when his backstory is revealed, he was duped into being a crash test dummy for an aircraft traveling to Earth with the claims he was chosen to evaluate the human race, even placing an apathetic note to ignore the supposed crater and corpse the test would leave). Now imagine it, an entire planet's worth of Rogers! Even worse, imagine more of them venturing onto Earth!
    • And they've had a long time to do so. It took 1600 years just for Roger to mature-meaning that Roger's civilization has existed for, at the very least, millions of years. Roger's people could very easily be a race with near god-like technology, and a good chunk of the entire universe is at their mercy. Humanity will never know what hit them.
    • Unnervingly, Roger's people may be worse than him. Roger was clearly shocked that they'd use him as a test dummy, and there's nothing hinting that either Roger was the problem or he's actually a nice guy by the standards of his people. And if Roger is nice, then how bad is the average member of his species. And do we even want to know about those they'd consider "evil"?
      • As we will find out in the new episode "Lost in Space", Roger's people ARE worse than him! His planet is even ruled by a evil emperor... sweet dreams tropers!
      • Of course, the emperor only went crazy due to Roger cheating on him, and most of his subjects were disgusted by him when Jeff revealed his underhandedness.
      • If you think about this episode in retrospect to Roger's actions you start to wonder if maybe Roger is considered evil by his species standards and then possibly he's on earth because of that.
  • American Dad is more or less Family Guy with continuity. This brings a lot of the side jokes into fridge horror territory, as usually in Family Guy these jokes are intended to be one-off and have no inherent consequences. On this show, they do.
  • Stevearino was a clone of Steve which Stan raised exclusively. He become a cat-murdering psychopath. The troubling part is, Stan was raising Stevearino to be exactly like him, meaning...
    • Not necessarily, people can respond differently to the same acts. Adding to that, Stevarino may also have Steve's memories, and is breaking over such a shift in his lifestyle.
      • Animals know when you dislike them. It's quite possible that Steve (by this point) grew to really dislike animals, but was more scared of them, and being raised by Stan made his clone feel strong enough to stand up to them when they attacked him. It's quite possible that he fought back against animals who attacked him. On the other hand, he might have done it out of frustration with Stan.
    • What if Stan had won the race and he got to raise Steve?
  • In one episode when Steve is locked in Hayley's closet, Steve threatens to rip up all of Hayley's clothes but then Hayley mentions she only wears that one outfit she always wears. If that is true then those clothes have got to smell really really really really unbearable. This was put under fridgehorror because the smell might be horrifying.
  • Am I the only one who thinks "personal heaven" is more like personal hell? You'd basically be spending all eternity alone in a simulation.
    • Considering that the CIA has a holodeck, Stan's probably used to it.
  • In the episode 'Virtual In-Stanity' Bullock enters his avatar of a baby to experience being breast fed by the baby's very large breasted mother. Fridge horror - what happened to the real baby?!
    • Maybe there was no real baby, and she just adopted an avatar. Still disturbing that someone tricked her for a fetish though.
  • Hayley's frequent destructive rampages; could that have been a side-effect of Project Daycare?
  • As seen in "Hurricane", Despite Stan's constant job of protecting his family, his mindset and personality is filled with Aesop Amnesia, Insane Troll Logic, and Too Dumb to Live, he will ALWAYS be a danger to his family and the worst part of it is he may not realize this.

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