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Headscratchers: Sonic Generations
  • Where exactly did Silver come from? I thought '06 was his main appearance and the one that he's portraying here, but that set of events was wiped from the timeline, making it so that version of Silver never existed. If the Time Eater ripped out chunks of the current timeline (presumably Blaze, who may or may not be from an alternate dimension, qualifies as being in the current timeline due to hopping in and out it independent of '06 and her home dimension; the same can't be said of Silver. I think?) then the only future the Time Eater has access too should be lacking Iblis' rampage and Silver as we know him.
    • The same reasoning also applies to Crisis City, which should be Iblis-free.
      • Maybe Silver will always exist, no matter what?
  • If Sonic is interacting with his past self, does this mean that he has two sets of memories of the events? Or that he knows what's about to happen already, because he's already lived through it?
    • Following on from this is a lengthy WMG discussing the fates of Classic Sonic, '06 and Sonic Schoolhouse.
      • Considering that the game's story was written by the same people who did Sonic Colors, I don't think we should think too hard on serious levels.
  • Modern Eggman says "There is no time here!" when he and his Classic self are trapped in a white void at the end of the game. How was he even able to say that, let alone bicker with "himself"? A place without time would lead to an And I Must Scream moment, since without time, nothing can progress!
    • Let's just say he was in a void similar to the one Sonic and his friends were flung to in the beginning.
  • My brain farted at this incident. While I love the game, I can't understand that after rescuing Blaze, she comments on how it's strange she was back at Crisis City (one of the levels of the future in Sonic '06). Now from the very intro you see Blaze with Sonic's other friends celebrating his birthday party, so unless Blaze somehow not only managed to survive the encounter with Iblis but could also warp space and time herself, it's easier to assume it's the same Blaze from the Sonic Rush series, a series which is clearly not set in the same dimension as Sonic 06 (which, by the way, had its plot completely erased by the end of the game). Despite my best efforts, I can only assume that the Future Blaze became one with the Iblis flames and sealed herself away in an alternate dimension (being Sol Blaze's) where she inadvertently merged with Sol Blaze, cursing her with the power of the flames that she mentioned in her debut. Afterwards, she gained what must've either been memories or strange senses of deja vu when thinking about places Future Blaze went to, in dreams or otherwise. This is the only theory I feel holds and I'm sticking to it unless someone has a better answer. Please, because I can't handle the paradoxes!
    • Well, first off, there's the fact that Sonic 06's events never happened if you bother to take a look at the ending; also, if the DS version of Colors is canon or matters at all, she did say the Sol Emeralds started glowing strangely and she wound up in Eggman's theme park in the Sweet Mountain planet area, not to mention she did appear alongside Silver there. My guess is that whatever the Sol Emeralds did to send her there didn't send her back, or she decided to stay for one reason or another.
    • What if the Sol Emeralds are trying to force Blaze to get out and have fun? Or go on dates with Silver.
      • Also, the Time Eater could tear time and space, so it could bring back levels from other timelines...look, just go with it.
      • Maybe there are two Blazes? One from the future, and one from an alternate dimension?
  • Unless there wasn't enough room on the game card, why are there less levels in the 3DS version than the console version? Also, why is there only one level based on the handheld games (Water Palace from Sonic Rush)?
    • So each level could have a Special Stage, one with each Chaos Emerald to collect. Also, Tropical Resort IS from the DS version of Sonic Colors, so it's possible that instead of the Modern Era, we have the DS Era.
  • Why would Eggman bring back City Escape, Radical Highway, or Crisis City? He said he was using the Time Eater to undo his defeats, but he had nothing to do with those levels. The enemies aren't even his bots either.
    • It's likely he would lure Sonic into those levels since they have a high amount of danger (City Escape with the GUN truck, Radical Highway with the GUN robots since Shadow inadvertently framed Sonic, and Crisis City... I think it's pretty obvious).
  • So you know how Eggman controlled the Time Eater? And how he had the idea to go back in time and plot with his past self? Well, that's all fine and dandy, but what happened to Modern Eggman? You know, the one who was piloting the Egg Dragoon? I guess that was supposed to explain how both Eggmen got there, but wouldn't Eggman have been there already to capture Classic Eggman? Did they just capture the other Modern Eggman for the lulz?
    • No, that's the "current" Modern Eggman; Classic Eggman was piloting the Time Eater at the time.
      • Except that it was Modern Eggman who found the Time Eater and went back in time to capture Classic Eggman. Theen for some reason they decided to go and get the other Modern Eggman and this is never heard from again.
      • There's no other Modern Eggman; the Eggmen were trying to destroy the Sonics and Tailses with the Egg Dragoon, retreating in the Time Eater when the mech got destroyed.
      • My guess is that '06 Eggman was working behind the scenes on all this!
      • I need proof of THAT.
      • I believe the reason that Modern Eggman had to recruit Classic Eggman, so Classic Eggman could go into the future with the Time Eater to save Modern Eggman.
  • Don't get me wrong. He's adorable, and I like him that way, but... why is Classic Sonic mute?
    • It's possible he's not, since Tails mentions someone saying Eggman was kidnapped and he was the only one around for that. Of course, he's looking at Modern Sonic when he says that.
    • From what I've heard, they wanted to get Jaleel White to do the voice, but when they couldn't, they just made him mute instead.
      • From what I've heard they never even asked Jaleel.
      • The real reason is that they just wanted to play safe, we all know how the most vocal are with this kind of thing.
  • One thing that's always bothered me was inclusion of Radical Highway and Biolizard in the 3DS version. Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against either one... hell, Biolizard is, in my opinion, easily one of the best boss battles in the entire series. However, the thing that bugs me is that it was actually Shadow who experienced them in Sonic Adventure 2. Seeing as how the game is basically one big trip down memory lane for Sonic, both seem a bit out of place, since he never went through Radical Highway, nor did he battle the Biolizard. In Radical Highway's case, it's especially annoying when you consider that they easily could've included a fan-favorite, like Metal Harbor or Green Forest.
    • For what it's worth, Sonic was at least present for the Biolizard fight, and it's very possible Sonic went through a Radical Highway-esque area after splitting up with Tails before the latter's Mission Street stage. Of course, it's doubtful the devs thought of this (they were just choosing iconic levels/battles), but still, it might justify it in a story-context.
      • Who says that the levels have to be from Sonic's memories? The Time Eater did all the work bringing the levels into the White Space.
  • If Sega does another game like Sonic Generations in the future, what will be used to represent Sonic Generations?
    • ...I got it! We'll go through a level that takes set elements from all of the levels used in the game and throw them in some kind of time vortex like the one in the final boss fight.
    • So it would be The End of the World, but with the levels from Generations?
    • Another one: Blank White Void Zone, which will at the end take place in a giant set of gears or something.
    • It'll only be a boss fight against the Time Eater.
      • Isn't it a bit early to discuss another milestone game?
  • Was the Blaze in Sonic Generations the one from the future, or the one from an alternate dimension? She mentions Crisis City, but alternate-dimension Blaze was the one that more recently appeared.
    • Well, Sonic '06 didn't actually happen, so I'm guessing it's the Rush incarnation in Generations.
  • What's with Shadow? In games after Shadow the Hedgehog, he underwent Character Development and became The Lancer. But in this game, he's gone back to being a Jerk Ass, wanting to defeat Sonic. There's even an implication that this isn't the Shadow with his mind stuck in "defeat Sonic to be the best" mode (as Silver later on challenges Sonic because he wasn't sure if Sonic was an impostor or not, and was actually happy that he was defeated by the blue blur afterwards, rather than stuck in "kill Sonic to POSSIBLY save my future" mode from '06). Did the writers Flanderize him?
    • To clarify, when you first talk to Silver in the White Space, he says "Sonic? Is that really you? Or are you some kind of fake, sent for the Chaos Emeralds?!"
    • My theory is that when the Shadow was absorbed by the Time Eater (don't ask where) he got to a different timeline for Final Rush, this one without Sonic, and giving possesion of that (ehem) DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald. He took his chance, but decided to get out from this new version of Final Chase/Rush, heavily altered by consequence of the Time Eater (that's why it's more or less a different setting from the SA 2 one). Ending up in the white void, he keeps the Emerald, and finds out Sonic is around. While willing to help, he would not miss this chance to challenge Sonic, I mean, why not? That (sorry) DAMN fourth Emerald sure must have raised his ego a bit more. He fails to defeat Sonic, so he just proceeds helping. He will always be in for another rematch.
  • When did Classic Sonic get captured? Most evidence points out that Sonic came from between Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (he knows Tails) and Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island (he didn't have a speaking role), except for the fact that he learns the homing attack in the ending. That means he was captured between Sonic 3 And Knuckles and Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island, because he can homing attack in the latter. Then why is he limited to the Golden Shield's power to homing attack, when he could do it at will in the ending?
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