Headscratchers / Martha Speaks

  • The plot of one episode involves Martha thinking she has uncovered a plot to rob a bank. The group manage to leave a tape recorder in the criminals' hideout to record their plans. They recover it and head off to the police to present their evidence. When they get to the police station and start playing the tape, in the middle of the criminals' discussion (right as they start to explain their plans) the tape is interrupted by Martha practicing her singing skills. If they grabbed the tape recorder and headed straight to the police when the heck did Martha have the opportunity to record over the tape?
    • Perhaps the tape recorder malfunctioned and simply didn't record the entire conversation, and Martha's singing was what was on the tape before they used it to get the bad guys. (Haven't seen the episode, so that's total speculation based on the information provided above.)
  • It just bugs me that in "Martha Ain't Nothin' But a Pound Dog," they actually did a good job of portraying an animal shelter, but then got it completely wrong in "Martha's Life of Crime." Anyone can just adopt a dog in a few seconds with no paperwork and without having to pay a thing? And Kazuo simply lets Martha be adopted by a nefarious criminal? No, no, no.
    • Simple, it was being told from Martha's memory and she was a puppy at the time. So ether she just didn't remember that part or didn't see it. The only reason she knew Helen's part was because Helen told her about it.
    • Because it's an Unusually Uninteresting Sight.
    • The two recurring villains do. They want to kidnap Martha to become famious.
    • Because most people already know she can talk in the first two episodes.
  • If all it takes to get a dog talking in Martha's world is alphabet soup, why is she the only one?
    • It's not just the alphabet soup. They've said before that Martha is a special case and it doesn't work on other dogs.
    • She's mutant
    • Somethings special with her. The letters end up in her brain somehow (this world has weird physics) but it only works with her for some reason. The theme explains that this was something bizare.
    • In the pilot, the narrator-scientist guy says something along the lines of "...But don't try giving alphabet soup to your dog. It won't work. This is a cartoon, after all."
  • Am I the only one that's bothered by the fact that Carolina seems to be a little racist against dogs?
    • It probably doesn't stick. Today's episode (second segment) featured Carolina waking up one morning to find that she'd turned into a dog overnight (don't ask—the other characters were just as mystified). She will probably be much more understanding toward dogs in the near future.
  • Is it just me or does it seem like the "Habits" episode is rather negative against videogames? When Helen starts to play a videogame it's treated as though as if she got hooked on drugs (Everyone tries to stop her, she loses sleep, and her life generally starts to fall apart.). Now I know she was playing it constantly and that's not healthy, but instead of Helen learning to control herself and balance playing videogames with everything else in her life it ends with her quitting all together. And it doesn't help that the person who introduced her to gaming is the resident bully who is the villain in almost every episode he appears in.