Heartwarming / Martha Speaks

  • Martha returning home at the end of "Martha Runs Away".
  • Milo and Skits reunited at the end of "Skits and Mr Scruffles", and the others making friends with Milo and Skits, despite them previously thinking they didn't exist.
  • In "Martha's Life in Crime, part 1", little Helen runs around the house screaming "yay!" because her parents give in to let her have Martha.
    • Martha and Helen together for the first time in "part 2".
  • In "Martha's Thanksgiving", Martha and her siblings reunite with their mother.
  • Skits realising that he's unique in "Martha and Skits".
  • When Martha finally makes friends with Kitten.
    • And her speech in that episode
    Martha: "You don't know anything about him! You're just being prejudiced! Yeah, prejudiced! Like when you decide you don't like someone before you even know them! You prejudge them! I used to be prejudiced, too, but Skits, there are good cats. And there are not-so-good cats. Like there are good dogs and not-so-good dogs. Just give him a chance!" Doubles as Awesome.
  • When Skits gets forgiven in "Martha and the Thief of Hearts". And then everybody else gets forgiven.