Heartwarming / Martha Speaks

  • Martha returning home at the end of "Martha Runs Away".
  • Milo and Skits reunited at the end of "Skits and Mr Scruffles", and the others making friends with Milo and Skits, despite them previously thinking they didn't exist.
  • In "Martha's Life in Crime, part 1", little Helen runs around the house screaming "yay!" because her parents give in to let her have Martha.
    • Martha and Helen together for the first time in "part 2".
  • In "Martha's Thanksgiving", Martha and her siblings reunite with their mother.
  • Skits realising that he's unique in "Martha and Skits".
  • When Martha finally makes friends with Kitten.
    • And her speech in that episode which also doubles as Awesome and leads to Skits shedding his own cat prejudice.
    Martha: "You don't know anything about him! You're just being prejudiced! Yeah, prejudiced! Like when you decide you don't like someone before you even know them! You prejudge them! I used to be prejudiced, too, but Skits, there are good cats. And there are not-so-good cats. Like there are good dogs and not-so-good dogs. Just give him a chance!"
  • When Skits gets forgiven in "Martha and the Thief of Hearts". And then everybody else gets forgiven.
  • In "Martha Treads the Boards", when Daniel and Mariella have to play two characters: a meat-eater named Hector and a vegetarian named Maria respectively, in a play where they are in love and want to get married, Helen is rightly shocked at the idea of them never getting married, and at the end, Martha as her character the bull does a speech that the other characters agree with, thus rewriting the play, about how tradition should not stand in the way of love. Being Martha, some funny moments happen in this speech too.
  • All the dogs (Butterscotch, Estelle, Mandarin, Miranda, Pops, Streak and Wally) getting owners in "Ain't Nothing But a Pound Dog".