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Headscratchers: Devil Survivor 2
  • This game already got one anime, so why are they planning to make another one?
    • Because the old one was panned? But seriously, where does it say they are planning to make another one?
    • My bad, I just misunderstood what the main page said about this game getting an Updated Rerelease. I took it as "this game will be remade, as will its anime".
  • Why wasn't this game banned in America? After all, it does give you the option to turn the world communist. Not saying it'd be right that it be banned, but it does sound like a reason to ban it from America.
    • Because it's a spin-off of a series that is known for allowing you to summon/control demons and kill God. If that didn't get the series banned, communism wouldn't either.
  • Why exactly does the Anguished One consider the main character to be so important? In Devil Survivor 1 it makes sense, you're Abel in the middle of a war only people and demons with the name 'Bel' can win. Here we don't have anything.
    • He was one of the humans who defeated Dubhe; a Septentrione- which allows him the opportunity to meet Polaris, like the others who defeat a Septentrione. Not to mention the Death Clip rescues- defying what was written in the archives; as well as proving to be quite adept at learning how to use the Summoning Program. Perhaps the Anguished One seems to recognize the MC's ability to defy the odds and survive.
    • Hes the one who can unite the group and help them change. If you get the Special Ending you'll understand just how important that is.
  • The plan to knock Alioth out of the sky. When you summon Shiva, he promises to give you a boon in return for watching Hinako's dancing. So why do you need to trick him into throwing his spear at Kama just to hit Alioth? Why not just ask him "Can you please knock that huge weird-looking thing out of the sky with your spear?" It feels like Kama's just included so we can have some cheap laughs at his expense. Not that it isn't hilarious, but still.
    • Most likely so Shiva can have an excuse to return if you decide to go against Tokyo (battle against Hinako and Jungo).
      • Actually, I don't think it was an actual spear that was thrown. They wanted to use the power of Shiva's third eye, and the only other time he used his third eye was when Kama shot an arrow at him. They had to recreate that same scenario if they wanted Shiva's eye to open.
      • The anime did exactly what you suggested. Whether or not it was a Compressed Adaptation or it really wasn't necessary to do all of the work. I mean, in the anime, Yamato already planned to capture Kama immediately and Shiva just needed to see Kama to throw the spear (and Alioth was in space too so...)
  • Why is Yamato's Route considered Chaos? His sight for the new world is a place where the Might Makes Right... Which is not only similar, but the same with Yosuga/Chiaki's Reason back in Nocturne, the Reason that was supported by angels of all people.
    • Chaos and Law have been a bit different from the old standard in Atlus games of late. Yamato is an authority figure arguing for a world where the strong thrive and aren't held back by rules and the weak and where even his control can be threatened by someone more powerful challenging him, which is largely but not totally the same as the Chaos path in the old games. Similarly Ronaldo is a rebel arguing for a society where everyone supports each other, follows the rules and lives quietly, which again is similar but not quite the same as the old Law path. As for Yosuga, the angels there seem to support it for two reasons. The first is that this way there is a sort of hierarchy which is what angels want while the other Reasons would remove the hierarchy. The second is that the system is designed by YHWH, and so following any of the Reasons is indirectly following YHWH's orders. In any case Yamato's goal is Chaos-aligned, but it's a different kind of Chaos.
      • A bit of a flaw with this argument is that the Angels are perfectly willing to wipe out a majority of mankind to make their world of law, and only those who survive are treated as 'equal', which also fits with why they would support Yosuga as everyone unworthy is eliminated by default. Yamato world actually allows for those who are intellectuals and people who are skilled to rise up in rank, some of which like the nurse in his ending hate violence and shows detest for it in his ending, but they aren't afraid to fight if it comes down to it. Likewise a group of weak humans are lead by a child as well, who puts himself and another girl in danger so the weaker ones can go get help. What would put his ending as Chaos is the fact that demons are still around, causing trouble for everyone.
      • In the long run, Yamato's merit-driven world is inclined towards Chaos: As said above, the fact that anyone with strength could potentially change society at the drop of a hat, so long as they could enforce it , means that despite its apparent structure, it's more Chaotic than Ronaldo's world, where enforced equality would create and promote a status quo. The meritocracy appears to have no laws against murder, a view that presumably extends to the extremes of dog-eat-dog, which is inherently chaotic; contrast that with a world of total equality, created by a man with extremely black-and-white views of Right and Wrong, and where the lack of motivation to get ahead would result in a lack of the shake-ups a meritocracy would find endemic. In contrast to Yamato's ending, which has a theme of constant struggle, Ronaldo's ending implies a future of eventual stasis.
  • Speaking of Yamato, one of the very first things you hear him saying on Day 1 (in reference to why he wants to keep the protagonists under arrest) to Makoto is how "When man grows accustomed to power, they tend to abuse it." This wisdom, in of itself, should destroy all merit behind his Meritocracy. Yet, this thought gets tossed right out the window at all other times you speak with him, replaced with speeches on how powerful he is, so he should rule by his own bizarre logic. Later in the week he looks more than a little drunk on power already, but if he was wise enough to see his own potential for problems through power, why would he push to be unrestrained in power?
    • Yamato's own ego. He believes that through his training and natural talent he's wise enough to use those powers properly while the vast majority of the population would just waste them. While the game shows that he has a point he also really loses it if someone he considers an equal chooses a different route.
    • Plus a good deal of envy, in that he's pissed off because Japan's leaders (who are, of course, corrupt and incompetent) are the ones everyone looks to, even though they don't deserve their positions (in his eyes). It's touched on when he talks about how his family served in secret and it was a thankless duty. Yamato's merit-based system is as much based on wanting people to recognize him as it is Yamato believing he's best-suited to run things, though in the Best End it seems to have been tempered by the MC.
  • Why does Yamato need you to escort him during the first encounter with Alioth? He's clearly stronger than you and can take himself especially since he set himself up as the healer. Escort missions are meant to be annoying but Yamato clearly didn't need the escort or the protection that he claimed to need while examining the entire area.
    • Escort missions are not designed to be annoying. They are designed to make you help someone else. And even if Yamato is better than you, you are indeed helping him. I'd personally be thankful not to have a pathetic, useless teammate I have to escort.
      • Point taken. We do not want a repeat of the first Devil Survivor escort missions...which was like every battle in the game (Haru).
  • Why is Airi under the law alignment? For the entire game and her FATE route, Airi has shown disdain toward people that want to befriend her because of her talent. She is shown to dislike Rolando from his introduction especially with him having Rioters steal food from the Nagoya branch and Rolando is also can indirectly responsible for Jungo's death, and Airi doesn't have an issue with Yamato until the last day where she just seems to jump on Rolando's band wagon because Yamato pissed her off. In other words, I feel like Airi was always chaos aligned and she was only law because the game needed to divide the people up evenly.
    • Perhaps worse is that there is a reason for Airi to side with Ronaldo, but the game doesn't use it: Her father. Ronaldo is deep down motivated by revenge over Airi's Disappeared Dad and finding out about that side of the situation would surely be enough to get her to switch sides. Instead, she just gets fed up with Yamato and Fumi's superior attitude and Lack of Empathy... which actually is perfectly understandable.
      • I can see her dad being the reason why she would side with Rolando but given everything about her dad is an easy to miss side quest that isn't worth it when it comes to maxing out the FATE route. The problem was that Rolando himself hasn't done anything that would make Airi be on his good side. Yes Yamato is a Jerkass but Rolando hasn't done anything that would make her want to switch to his side though. Again, he could be indirectly responsible for killing Jungo but Airi and Makoto develop a good friendship in their FATE system given they have similar backstories in terms of what to do with careers and she is pissed at Rolando for attempting to murder Makoto and then Rolando barges in after failing to kill Makoto and claiming to want equality despite killing Makoto proves how much of a hypocrite he is about his world of equality. I can see Airi going to another side in a fit of rage but if I had to choose someone to side with, I would go with the Jerkass where his world would benefit you at the very least instead of the guy that attempted to murder your friends that you have grown close to.
    • Airi's hangup is that she had to stop because her father couldn't afford it; in Ronaldo's world, wealth or lack thereof would be a non-factor, so Airi could have continued the piano. Airi's also shown to resent people who excel because she thinks they make her 'look bad,' from berating Otome about being "too nice" to clashing with Hinako about pursuing her own dream (dance), and even half-heartedly accusing the MC of making her look like the bad guy, should he apologize after beating her; someone who resents others who excel (because she feels she doesn't have anything like that herself) wouldn't be a good fit for a meritocracy, though she does get better.
  • What exactly is Hinako and Keita's relationship and why Hinako is so dedicated to him? In the anime, they explained that Keita saved her from a demon and Hinako is returning the favor but in the game, I don't think it gave her a good reason to cling to Keita or get a death clip of him. The death clip is only received by people who you are friends with (or with Hibiki, he's the main character so he gets all the death clips). From what the game implied, she just met Keita and got his death clip immediately unless they knew each other before then but the game doesn't seem to say that at all which doesn't make sense given how in every continuity she cries over his death and in the anime, she even took up his demon Berserker as a tragic keepsake.
    • Death clips aren't only sent to people who are already friends - they're sent to people who are destined to become friends or otherwise linked by fate. If Keita dies, this becomes Hinako's greatest failure (or so it seems at the time) and apparently that's enough of a link to count.
  • What does Rolando have against Alcor? His actions when you choose Alcor's route makes no sense. Yamato has every reason to oppose Alcor given how they have a backstory together with Alcor leaving Yamato after he learned what Yamato wanted to do with the world. Rolando has almost no knowledge of Alcor given he doesn't even participate in defeating the Septerions and if pretty much left out in the dark except in stuff he investigates to make things worse for Yamato and is too busy assembling a resistance against Yamato that he wouldn't have time to know about Alcor. So him attacking Alcor even though at the beginning of the battle he say's "No hard feelings" feels out of character for him as much of a hypocrite he is given he HAS no reason to kill Alcor.
    • I always thought that Ronaldo was committing Suicide by Cop, not actually trying to kill Alcor, and that the "No hard feelings" was either in regards to attacking Alcor or for not being able to abandon his ideals and join the MC. As to why he jumped at Alcor specifically, it was probably because he knew that the others were unlikely to actually kill him.
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