Tear Jerker: Devil Survivor 2

The original Game:

  • Fail to save someone from their predicted death? Their send-offs can be downright tragic. Some of the worst ones are Makoto, Jungo, Joe, Otome and Io.
    Io: "No... This can't be happening... Makoto... Makoto's dead..."
  • Many of the 5th FATE Rank events as well:
    • Io finds a little boy contemplating suicide after losing his whole family. She talks him down, revealing she seriously considered killing herself as well, but found comfort in her friends. It works.
    • Joe discovers that his girlfriend was hiding just how bad her condition was when she abruptly passes away. He resolves to NEVER be late again.
    • Jungo decides to set his cat free in a safe place with other cats so that it won't be in danger. That alone is sad enough, but Jungo running off after while his kitty frantically looks and cries for his friend... The noises it makes are fairly accurate, too.
  • Why is Keita so dead-set on not having friends? Because in the past, his father tried to help his friends, only to get betrayed and stuck with their debts.
    • If you weren't able to prevent Jungo's death, Keita's Fate Events reveal more about this. Eventually, he learns that his father died in the earthquake protecting a coworker, and doesn't take the news well.
  • The. Anguished. One. Full stop. Christ, he is 161% on humanity's side and he gets killed by you on every route but his own. Raise his FATE rank to level 4 and you tell him you're his friend. Then choose to follow a different path. You Bastard.
  • The Anguished One/Alcor/Al Saiduq ending. Holy shit, talk about a Bittersweet Ending. Alcor becomes God after killing Polaris and recreates the world anew. The Bittersweet part comes from the fact that Alcor BECOMES the world, losing his physical form and his ability to speak with Hiro and his other friends, but he can watch over the humans he loves so much. SOB.
  • Yamato's Heroic Sacrifice in Ronnie's ending specially if you got his FATE to 5 he tells Hiro that hes the only person he would consider a friend and equal.
  • No matter what path you take,SOMEONE is gonna die. Going for Yamato's merit systemending? Well, look forward to witnessing Ronaldo's Last Stand and poor Alcor's death. What? You want a world where everyone's equal? Get ready for a REAL big Tear Jerker... Yamato of all people Taking the Bullet for you. Alcor dies too, but is mourned by Ronaldo and the others. Going for The Alcor/Good ending? BOTH Yamato and Ronnie die. In Daichi's endings, everyone but Alcor lives. Though one of these endings Fucks things up. BADLY.
    • Its actually implied that Alcor may have been revived as well in the true ending. YAY!!
  • Whether or not the Black Frost you fight is the same one from Devil Survivor, the thought of having to kill one of the few kind (outside the overlord evil path) demons is devastating.
  • The credits song on certain endings, Beyond the firmament. Especially because we see that Alcor got his wish granted.
  • The scenes are VERY easy to miss but if you follow along the Dera Deka sidequest He tries to summon a demon to help you and your friends save the world...But summons Jikoku of all this and is mortally wounded. You have to defeat the demons as Dera Deka bleeds out muttering how hes been watching over his daughter even though hes in hiding. The daughter in question is Airi and he begs you to keep his second death a secret.
    • "I always had a line...In case I was killed on the job...But I can't re...mem...
    • ...You leave the garage in a respectful silence...

The Animation:

  • Episode 3. The look on Keita and Hibiki's faces right before Keita is fatally electrocuted and knocked down the stairs.
  • Oh good lord, Episode 8. Otome, Joe, and Ronaldo are killed by Megrez Buds right after it appears they won, with only Airi and Jungo escaping. Cue shots of everyone breaking down after again failing to save their friends from the Death Clip. Even worse is that Otome's step-daughter is orphaned again if she's even still alive.
    • Special mention for Airi's screams.
  • In Episode 9, Hibiki vowing to kill Yamato if necessary and Yamato goading him to that point can be this to the gamers who remember how close their relationship can get even at its worst. In fact, their relationship (or lack of one) in general.
  • The massacre Benetnasch inflicts on the remaining survivors in Episode 11. Daichi's awesome soon after is dampened by the fact he most likely managed to achieve such power by enduring the horror of surviving while others could not. Incidentally, the end credits are quite horrible, with just the initial Power Trio at the beginning, and the longest shot of nothingness where so many figures once stood...
    • Made worse on how the entire series Jungo is always saving Airi at the cost of getting injured. Even during their final moments, he tried to get Airi out of danger but failed to do that. You can see the look of horror in Jungo's eyes when they're cornered and just before the explosion. To make matters worse, there was no time for them to have any final words to each other given the two were isolated from the group during the explosion.
    • The fact that Hinako, Jungo, Airi, Daichi, and Io just introduced themselves to each other makes it worse, especially since when they did that, it's the first time we hear the opening theme in a while.
    • Just as bad is that besides Jungo, everyone else was guaranteed to be safe in the game.
  • Io and Daichi go against Nebiros and Zaoh Gongen to allow Hibiki to follow Yamato into the Akasha Stratum, knowing the Void will soon erase them. And to ensure that extra edge, they lose their memories as they are erased by the Void. Daichi even manages to struggle a bit, remembering Hibiki. In the end they both forget, Daichi even whimpering in fear.
    • And even before that Makoto's Heroic Sacrifice for Yamato's sake and Alcor's attempt at Taking You with Me with Yamato with his final words apologizing to Yamato for guiding him into what Alcor sees as outright madness.
  • Episode 12's end credits. Everyone is gone in them but Hibiki and Yamato.