Tear Jerker / Devil Survivor 2

Septentrione Arc

  • Any of the deaths, if the player does not manage to save them in time.
    • Jungo's death turns out worse for Daichi. He's already traumatized enough from having been kidnapped if Jungo is saved. But if the player fails, Daichi was forced to watch Jungo being beaten to death and didn't fight back because he didn't want to endanger Daichi. No wonder Daichi slipped back into a cowardly state after!
    • Otome doesn't simply get burned to death by Bifrons. He insists on stomping on her stomach first, before reducing her to a scorch mark on the pavement. An extra hit when the player realizes that Koharu is now alone again.
    • Joe's death comes from his phone running out of power and leaving him completely defenseless in the demon-infested world. Then a Pyro Jack incinerates Joe to ashes. Which stay for a few moments, before getting blown away by the wind.
    • Makoto's death is a point-blank shot into the chest by Ronaldo. It's already bad enough, but the worst part comes that the player can cause it to happen. And not just by being late. If the player decides to side with Ronaldo, Ronaldo will shoot Makoto. Yes! The player has just doomed someone to their death.
    • Io's death from the ritual is the worst. While the ritual is a success and she channeled Lugh's power to unlock the Dragon Stream and incapacitate Mizar, Io is on the ground and starts convulsing, with strange, green fire and blood bursting out of her chest. She ends up lying in a pool of her blood, before fading.
    • Even the Anguished One's death in any route, other than his own, is treated just as big as any of the others. While he is proud of the party for having the strength and will to defeat him and take on Polaris, they are still sad that they had to fight.
  • Io's Fate level 5 event has her talking to a little boy that wants to commit suicide. And she admits that she wanted to kill herself, too, after her parents died. While she has changed her views, it's terrible to hear that this sweet little girl was so distraught and still smiled.
  • Joe's Fate level 5 event reveals that his girlfriend's illness was much worse than she let on and she died while Joe wasn't there. He curses himself for being flaky and not there for her when she really needed him.
  • Jungo's Fate level 5 event has him decide to set his adopted cat free in a safe place with a lot of other cats. That alone is bad enough, but when Jungo runs off the cat frantically looks around for him and cries... that sound tears hearts apart.
  • Keita is dead-set on never having friends. Why? His father wanted to help his friends and said 'friends' disappeared into the night, betraying and leaving him stuck with their debts.
    • If Jungo ends up having died, Keita's Fate events reveal more about his father. He learns that his father died in the earthquake by protecting a coworker. Keita does not take the news well.
  • The Anguished One himself. Period. He is absolutely on humanity's side and wants them to succeed. And he has to die in every route but his own. Worse, if the player has managed to get him to Fate level 4 and called him their friend. And then picked a different route.
  • The Kingmaker ending, which is the Anguished One's route. Talk about bittersweet! Polaris is killed and Al Saiduq takes his place on the Heavenly Throne, with a new world to be created for humanity. But Al Saiduq says that he will become the new world itself, meaning he will lose his form and his ability to speak to the party. At least he'll be watching over humans he loves so much.
    • There's also the fact that the world in that ending is an entirely new, aka primeval, world. Everything is before humanity's influence and it's not modern, so humanity has been set back centuries for the sake of true freedom.
  • In the Egalitarian route, Yamato Hotsuin's sacrifice to keep the party safe. Especially if the player has gotten his Fate level to 5 and Yamato tells the protagonist that he's the only one he would consider an equal and friend.
  • Whether the Black Frost fought is the same one as in Devil Survivor or a different one, the thought of having to kill one of the few kind demons out there is devastating.
  • The credit song for some endings, Beyond the Firmament, can bring tears to one's eyes. Especially in the Kingmaker ending, where Al Saiduq's wish has been granted.
  • Dera-Deka and his scenes. He eventually tries to summon a demon to help you save the world, but ends up summoning Jikoku and is mortally wounded. The protagonist gets rid of the demons as Dera-Deka bleeds out. He mutters about how he's been watching his daughter, even though he's been hiding for years. His daughter? Airi. He begs the protagonist to keep his 'second death' a secret to her.
    Dera-Deka: I always had a line... in case I was ever killed on the job... But I can't re... mem...

Triangulum Arc

  • The nightmares.
    • There's a pan across a ruined battlefield, showing the unmoving bodies of most of the party and Daichi crawling on the ground, desperately looking for a survivor. Yamato is there as the only other survivor... except Daichi rolls onto his back and revals a bleeding stomach. He wonders if things had gone differently, had the protagonist been there and leaves his faith in Yamato to keep going with his last breath. Only Yamato doesn't think he'll make it either and seems to depart with Al Saiduq's help. Daichi wakes up screaming.
    • Outside of the protagonist, the others have the nightmare, too, and talking with them gives a little timeline on what goes down in the dream. Hinako was the first to die, by shielding Airi from an attack. Note that one of Hinako's fans is next to Airi, while Hinako herself is all the way on the other side of the battlefield. Meanwhile, Airi was too distraught over Hinako's sacrifice and was killed next. Jungo reveals that he was trying to get to Airi in time to save her, but failed and died next. It hits Airi especially hard because she admits that she feels that she wasn't worth the sacrifice Hinako pulled for her and feels guilty.
    • The revelation that it's not a nightmare. Those are memories. Of what really happened. During the initial regression of the world, where the protagonist was not around and everyone was killed by Arcturus.
  • The Human Adminstrator ending. The protagonist decides to become a human Adminstrator. With a human on the Heavenly Throne not bound by the Adminstrator rules, he can stay on the Throne indefinite, even when the next-in-line appears. But this means he'll remain in the Akasha Stratum forever and separated from his friends and the rest of the human world. The protagonist regresses the world and erases the party's memories of him, but they will likely still experience odd feelings, as Daichi mentions 'something important' missing when he and Io are graduating. On the bright side, the protagonist has Al Saiduq as his sword by his side.
    • The scenes just before the ending plays is terrible. After defeating Canopus, the party is unconscious from the effort, but Daichi wakes up and sees that Yamato, Al Saiduq and the protagonist are missing. Knowing what they're planning, he rushes to the Adminstrator machine and begs the protagonist to not go through with it.
    • The final Nicaea message drives the point home.
    The world goes on
  • During the regression, Koharu's parents have not died in the accident that killed them originally and Otome did not adopt her. But Koharu was a 'limiter' for Otome during the Septentrione arc, with her not exhausting herself too much for the girl's sake. And without the girl around, Otome works herself to the bone and begins to suffer from stress-induces anemia. She even admits to feeling terribly lonely without 'her daughter' around.

The Animation:

  • Episode 3. The look on Keita and Hibiki's faces right before Keita is fatally electrocuted and knocked down the stairs.
  • Oh good lord, Episode 8. Otome, Joe, and Ronaldo are killed by Megrez Buds right after it appears they won, with only Airi and Jungo escaping. Cue shots of everyone breaking down after again failing to save their friends from the Death Clip. Even worse is that Otome's step-daughter is orphaned again if she's even still alive.
    • Special mention for Airi's screams.
  • In Episode 9, Hibiki vowing to kill Yamato if necessary and Yamato goading him to that point can be this to the gamers who remember how close their relationship can get even at its worst. In fact, their relationship (or lack of one) in general.
  • The massacre Benetnasch inflicts on the remaining survivors in Episode 11. Daichi's awesome soon after is dampened by the fact he most likely managed to achieve such power by enduring the horror of surviving while others could not. Incidentally, the end credits are quite horrible, with just the initial Power Trio at the beginning, and the longest shot of nothingness where so many figures once stood...
    • Made worse on how the entire series Jungo is always saving Airi at the cost of getting injured. Even during their final moments, he tried to get Airi out of danger but failed to do that. You can see the look of horror in Jungo's eyes when they're cornered and just before the explosion. To make matters worse, there was no time for them to have any final words to each other given the two were isolated from the group during the explosion.
    • The fact that Hinako, Jungo, Airi, Daichi, and Io just introduced themselves to each other makes it worse, especially since when they did that, it's the first time we hear the opening theme in a while.
    • Just as bad is that besides Jungo, everyone else was guaranteed to be safe in the game.
  • Io and Daichi go against Nebiros and Zaoh Gongen to allow Hibiki to follow Yamato into the Akasha Stratum, knowing the Void will soon erase them. And to ensure that extra edge, they lose their memories as they are erased by the Void. Daichi even manages to struggle a bit, remembering Hibiki. In the end they both forget, Daichi even whimpering in fear.
    • And even before that Makoto's Heroic Sacrifice for Yamato's sake and Alcor's attempt at Taking You with Me with Yamato with his final words apologizing to Yamato for guiding him into what Alcor sees as outright madness.
  • Episode 12's end credits. Everyone is gone in them but Hibiki and Yamato.