Awesome: Devil Survivor 2

  • Daichi runs a truck off an overpass and hits Dubhe with it, which not only severely cripples it, but strips it of its Nigh-Invulnerability, allowing the rest of the team to Curb-Stomp Battle what's left.
    • After spending a huge portion of the game being a male Yuzu expy, the end of his Fate link has him saving Hinako from ten enemy squads One-Man Army style and casting aside his Cowardly Lion persona in the process.
  • Jungo's introduction consists of him kicking ass and taking names.
    • Jungo once again shows what he's made of when he realizes that a cat he's taking care of is in danger of being killed by demons. The only way to describe what happens is "Curb-Stomp Battle."
  • The Dragon Stream gets one taking out Mizar. After a very long, agonizing Why Won't You Die? fight in which it does everything to avoid dying, the dragon starting eating the remains. Unfortunately, Mizar starts reproducing like a rabbit to avoid dying, but the dragon pulls the same trick with it's own head to keep swallowing the clones, and eventually manages to outrace Mizar and completely devour it.
  • Fumi smacks down Trumpeter—using a bunch of laptops—when it refuses to cooperate.
  • The True Ending is just awesome. As the universe goes back to 8 days ago, each one of the characters express their goodbyes to the Protagonist. The endint credits of this ending actually does show how each one of them continued their lives.
  • Whether or not you think Ronaldo is a crazy Knight Templar or not, you have to admit the man is a total badass. He's able to turn a small band of rioters into a force capable of taking on JP's, can easily wreck your team the first time you fight him, and can take down the third Septentrione by himself. However, as the game goes on, Ronaldo becomes more and more obsessed with defeating Yamato that he ends up being more ruthless than his foe. Until you reach the end of his Fate route and find a group of JP's about to be killed by demons. He's almost about to leave to their fate when you ask him if this is justice. Ronaldo realizes what he's done, turns around, and kicks the demons' collective asses. Later on, you find just after he's beaten a member of JP's. The soldier expects to be killed, but Ronaldo just lets him go, knowing the guy's just doing his job. Heck, he's even willing to extend the hand of friendship to Yamato, who earlier Ronaldo wanted to kill. This turnaround from Knight Templar to true hero is Ronaldo's true moment of awesome, and even Yamato recognizes him as worthy at the end.

The Animation:

  • In the anime, Hibiki can summon Byakko right away.
  • The fact alone it is now possible to see the sheer power of both demon and Septentrion alone is cause for cheer. Crosses into outright Nightmare Fuel, yes, but it's Worth It.
  • Airi's fury earns her Lorelei, who manages to impale the otherwise Nigh Invulnerable Megrez with Bufudyne and expose its core to allow the others to outright destroy it for good.
  • An understated, but potentially more satisfying one, is Hibiki confronting Yamato at the end of episode 9. After eight episodes of being rather a rather generic Pinball Protagonist, he finally shows some real, admirable fortitude. He's done his homework and put the pieces together, gotten over some of his angst, and more or less takes Yamato's argument apart. When Yamato pulls the asshole maneuver and brushes him off, Hibiki chases him into the elevator, continues the argument, and stares him down, and Yamato actually backs off. At this point, it's finally clear that Hibiki is not to be taken lightly.
  • After being used as the show's Butt Monkey and The Chew Toy because of the laughable power of his demons, Daichi finally gets enough of Benetnasch's crap in Episode 11 when it looks like it's going to kill both Hibiki and Yamato. He finally goes berserk and proceeds to summon Black Frost, a demon explicitly mentioned to be stronger than Baal, Pallas Athena and Byakko (meaning, the strongest demon seen so far in the anime) to pound the shit out of the Last Septentrion.
    • While this serves as a Tearjerker as well Fumi went out in style after summoning Trumpeter to disable the cancel summoning of the Septentrion. She knew her death was coming but instead of dying in vain or looking in horror before her death, Fumi accepts death with the same emotionless expression from the beginning to the end.
  • In Episode 10, after being told by literally everybody that it's impossible to save Io, Hibiki pulls a literal miracle out of the fire and manages to channel the Ryumyaku, using its power to both defeat Lugh and save Io.
  • Also in Episode 11, Alcor crushing Botis when he brings out his weapon against him.
  • And in Episode 12, the battle between Yamato and Alcor, with both combatants pulling out all the stops. Then, after Daichi and Io perform a Heroic Sacrifice to save him, Hibiki follows Yamato and directly confronts him for their final battle.
  • In Episode 13, Hibiki first, gets all of his friends' demons, then proceeds to mass fuse them into Helel/Lucifer.