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Growling Gut: Western Animation
  • 101 Dalmatians: The Series
    • Rolly's stomach growled quite a few times, which makes sense considering he's a Big Eater. It happens to him in the episodes, "Home Is Where the Bark Is", "Purred It Through the Grapevine", "K is for Kibble", "Cruella World", twice in "Gnaw or Never", four times in "Chow About That?" and even on his character title card in the show's intro.
    • Spot’s stomach growls in the episode, “Market Mayhem”.
    • In the episode, “You Say It’s Your Birthday”, while the main pups are hiding on Captain Ahab’s ship, Cadpig’s stomach growls, making train noises and car revs instead of what it supposed to sound like.
    • In the episode, “Shipwrecked”, Lucky’s stomach growls, as does Scorch’s while their stranded on the island.
  • In the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "The Robotnik Express", Scratch and Grounder try to fool Da Bearz to thinking they're Sonic and Tails. At one point, Robotnik calls Grounder on the hotline that's placed inside of him. Grounder tried to get the bear who heard it to believe it was his tummy rumbling.
    Da Bearz: That's the strangest tummy rumbling I ever heard.
    Scratch: Not really. It always sounds like that when Tails eats onion rings.
    • And at the end of the episode "Boogey-mania", a fattened up Tails' stomach rumbles as a result of eating too much.
  • The Angry Beavers
    • Dagget and Norbert are digging through a mine, but Dagget’s stomach keeps growling, which always causes problems for the two of them throughout the episode.
    • In another episode, the beavers get turned into babies. At one point in the episode, both of their stomachs growl very loudly, and Dagget thinks it’s a “tummy monster”.
  • Happened to Aardvark in The Ant and the Aardvark cartoon "Odd Ant Out".
  • Happens to some characters in the classic PBS kids 90's show Arthur. So far, DW, Binky Barnes, Francine Frensky, Buster Baxter, and Arthur Read himself.
  • Baby Looney Tunes
    • This happens to Taz during the song interlude: "Taz's Fridge".
    • It has also happens to both Bugs and Daffy once (each on different episodes) during the series as well.
  • Happens at the end of nearly every episode of The Backyardigans.
  • Care Bears
    • In one episode, Beastly’s stomach growls and wakes up Cheer Bear all because he said that what he was doing was like taking candy from a baby.
    • It also happens to Grumpy Bear in The Care Bears' Adventure in Wonderland.
  • Featured prominently in the Chilly Willy episode "Deep-Freeze Squeeze".
  • T-bone's stomach growled at the end of the Clifford the Big Red Dog episode, "The Kibble Crook".
  • This happens to Eustice in an episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog. Courage’s stomach growls three times in the same episode.
  • Cow and Chicken
    • In the episode “Cow Pie”, Chicken’s stomach growls due to Cow constantly trying to get him to try her pie all day.
    • Cow’s stomachs growl at the beginning of the episode, “Where Am I?”
    • Also, Chicken's stomach growls twice in the episode, "Happy Meat".
  • Dexter's Laboratory
    • On the episode, "Hunger Strikes", Dexter's stomach growls repeatedly.
    • It happens to Dexter again on the episode, "Now That's a Stretch".
    • It also happens to Timmy the Termite in the episode, "A Boy and His Bug".
    • In the episode, "Growing Pains", Dexter's Mom assumed this was the case when he heard a giant plant make a monstrous growl, and she thought Dad was hungry.
    • It also happens to Dexter repeatedly in the episode, "Critical Gas" after he had eaten a giant burrito. Throughout the episode, Dexter thinks he's going to die, but at the end of the episode just before he's about to reveal his secret lab to his parents, he lets out a really big fart that could be heard all over the galaxy!
  • On Dinosaur Train, this happens to Buddy and Tiny in the episode "I'm a T. Rex!", Don on "Jess Hesperornis", and Tiny again on "Tank's Sleep Over".
  • It happened to Goofy in the Disney cartoon, Tomorrow, We Diet.
  • In the PBS kids show Dragon Tales:
    • This happens mostly to Ord due to having a huge appetite. Ord's tummy growls in about 10 episodes. The most memorable belly rumble Ord experienced was occurred in the episodes "Cassie Catches Up" and "Very Berry".
    • It happens to the other main dragons as well; Zak and Wheezie in the episode "Try It, You'll Like It", and Cassie in the episode "Knuck Knuck, Who's There?".
    • In another episode, Max complains that his stomach is making noises, but they're never actually heard.
  • In an episode of DuckTales, the gang is on a boat in the ocean on a search for a sea monster. Launchpad tries to convince everyone that the sea monster isn’t real. They soon hear the monster’s roars, and Launchpad tries to convince everyone that was his stomach growling, but no one believed him.
  • Happens frequently on Ed, Edd n Eddy, mostly with Ed.
    Ed: Eddy! It sounds like the howl of a werewolf from the belly of Hades!
    Eddy: Get off me, Ed. That was your belly.
  • Happens once to Eek! The Cat.
  • Family Guy
    • This happens to Peter Griffin while driving in the episode "The Son Also Draws".
    Lois: Peter, the car is making funny noises.
    Peter: You're wrong again, Lois. That wasn't the car. Although you were right about that prune smoothie.
    • In the episode, "Killer Queen", a fat camp councelor does a roll call for the fat kids in the cabin who indicate their presence by having their stomachs growl.
    • This happens to Peter again in the episode, "Mom's the Word", after he ate a whole tube of raw cookie dough. This resulted in him having an accident completely destroying his pants.
    • In the episode, "Meg Stinks!", Brian's stomach gurgles due to hunger while he's being forced to live in the back yard.
  • In Father of the Pride This happens to Larry three times in the episode "One man's meat is another man's girlfriend."
  • Happened several times to Bear on Franklin.
  • This happened during a U.S. Acres segment on an episode of Garfield and Friends. Roy’s stomach growls in an episode that parodies Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, The Raven.
    • Happens to Garfield as well in the episode "Cabin Fever".
  • In the Goof Troop Christmas Special, Goofy hears a bear growl from behind him, and he thinks it was Pete's stomach, but he quickly realizes the bear was the real deal.
  • Happens to a couple Dinosaur characters in "Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs", usually to Trike.
  • In an episode of Hey Arnold!, this happens to Arnold's grandpa as an indication that he needed to run to the bathroom.
  • Mentioned briefly in Hoober Bloob Highway while the boy is taking the survey.
  • Happens three times to the wolf from the MGM cartoon The Hungry Wolf.
  • On Jane and the Dragon, this happens to Dragon on the episode, "Dragonphobia".
    • It happens to Dragon a few more times in the episode "Knight light" as a result of eating too much.
  • On Jimmy Two-Shoes, when Jimmy's stomach growls, it actually grows teeth.
  • Johnny Test
    • In the episode, "Johnny BC", Susan and Mary do everything they can to make sure Dad doesn't find out Johnny's been turned into a caveman. At one point, Dad hears Johnny's grunt, and Susan tells him that what he heard was her stomach growling.
    • Eugene's stomach growls in the episode that accompanies "Johnny's Winter Jacket".
    • Dukey's stomach growls briefly (as a sound effect) in the episode "iJohnny"
  • A lesser-known short cartoon by John Mac Intyre called "Kitchen Casanova" features a first time cook attempting to make a nice dinner for his date. While she's waiting, at one point, her stomach growls, and his dog growls back at it.
  • In an episode of Lilo & Stitch: The Series, Stitch’s stomach growls due to something bad that he ate.
  • Happens several times on Little Bear.
    • Happens to Little Bear twice in "Little Bear's New Friend", once in "Little Bear's Egg", Twice in "Flu", and several times (though they were subtle) in "Little Bear's Sweet Tooth".
    • Also happens to Cat once in "Party at Owl's House".
  • Littlest Pet Shop (2012)
    • In the episode, "Door Jammed", Russell's stomach growls due to eating some bad kibble, yet this somehow gets Sunil and Vinnie to believe he's a werewolf. Later on in this episode, Zoe's stomach growls for the same reason, and she gets the same reaction from the other pets (except Russell).
    • It also happens to Blythe due to hunger from isolating herself because of an "illness" in "The Hedgehog In The Drastic Bubble"
    • Russell's stomach growls again in the episode, "The Nest Hat's Craze".
    • Vinnie's stomach rumbles at the beginning of the episode, "Some Assistance Required".
    Pepper: Blythe! Vinnie's rumbling tummy is keeping me awake!
  • Happens to Sylvester once in a Looney Tunes cartoon.
  • Happens to both Eddy and Marvin in the Marvin The Tap Dancing Horse episode "Gone Fishin'".
  • At the beginning of a recent Mickey Mouse short called "New York Weenie", Minnie's stomach growls so loud that it could be heard all over New York City.
  • Happened a few times to Mr. Bogus:
  • This happens to pretty much all of the Muppet Babies on an episode of said show. In the episode, Nanny gave Gonzo some cookies to share with everyone else because lunch would be late, but instead, he keeps the cookies for himself.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
    • In the episode, "The Ticketmaster", Twilight Sparkle's stomach growls 7 times.
    • Pinkie Pie's stomach growls in the episode, "Feeling Pinkie Keen", although she treats it as if it's one of her twitchy side-effects.
    • Apple Bloom's stomach growls briefly in "Family Appreciation Day" due to sickness.
    • We also see this happen to Berry Punch in "Hearts and Hooves Day, though it was just a vision that Apple Bloom had.
    • Spike's stomach growls three times in the episode, "Just for Sidekicks" due to hunger and twice at the end of "It's About Time" due to a stomachache from ice cream.
    • Rainbow Dash's stomach growls in "Testing 1, 2, 3". Most likely because she skipped breakfast.
    • And to Stellar Eclipse on in "Trade Ya!".
  • Happens to Chip and Biff on an episode of The Oblongs.
    Biff: Shut your stomach up!
    Chip: That wasn't my stomach, that was YOUR stomach!
  • Happens in a few episodes of Pink Panther and Pals
    • Happens three times to the Aardvark at the beginning of the episode "I Didn't See That Coming."
    • Happens to the Pink Panther two times at the beginning of the episode "Pinkaroni Pizza"
    • Happens to the Pink Panther four times during the episode "Pink Party of One."
    • Happens to the Pink Panther eight times throughout the episode "Shop-Pink Spree."
  • Happens to Aldo the gator in the CG children's series Sitting Ducks
    • Happens twice during the first episode "Running Duck"
    • Happens at the beginning of the episode "Peeking Duck"
    • Happens three times during the episode "Holding Pen 13"
    • When Aldo tries sampling duck food in the episode "Midnight Snack," his stomach starts growling continuously from indigestion while visiting Bill in his apartment, causing an explosion as seen from the outside.
  • This happens to the rabbit at the beginning of the Pixar short, Presto.
  • In the Cartoon Pocket Dragon Adventures this happens to Binky in "Attack of the 50 foot binky" and Filbert in "Another Fine Hex".
  • Pound Puppies (2010)
    • In the episode, "Lord of the Fleas", when the dogs feel the earthquake from the about-to-erupt volcano, Lucky tried to relieve the other dogs by saying it was his tummy rumbling. Everyone believed him except Cookie. It happens again later in the episode, but this time Lucky asked Cookie if that was her tummy rumbling, but she said that wouldn't be possible since she had butterflies in her stomach at the moment.
    • Niblet is actually prone to this trope, even though we never really hear it, Niblet and the other dogs do bring it up a lot.
  • In The Powerpuff Girls episode, "Reeking Havoc", this happens to everyone in Townsville overnight after they ate Professor Utonium's award-winning chili, for their stomachs puff up when they do this. The only characters we see this happen to are Professor Utonium, Bubbles, the Mayor, Miss Bellum, and Miss Keane.
    Bubbles: Professor’s chili sure is rumbling my tumbly.''
  • On Regular Show, Mordecai's in "Every Meat's Burritos" Rigby's on the episodes "Free Cake", "A Bunch of Baby Ducks", "Weekend at Benson's", and "Every Meat's Burritos, Benson's in "Weekend at Benson's", and Muscle Man's in
  • This happens to Stimpy in an episode of The Ren & Stimpy Show while he and Ren are sleeping over at a haunted house.
    • The pilot episode, "Big House Blues", begins with a close-up of Ren and Stimpy's growling stomachs.
  • Rocko's Modern Life
    • Rocko and Heffer are at a movie theater; Rocko hears a loud rumbling, and Heffer assumes it might be his stomach since he was out of popcorn.
    • Rocko's own stomach growls as does Spunky's at the beginning of the episode "Rocko's Happy Sack".
  • Happened at least once on Samurai Jack.
  • It occurs quite frequently to Scooby-Doo and his best buddy Shaggy Rogers, for they have stomachs with bottomless pits! So start cookin' in the kitchen!
  • In the Shaun the Sheep short, "Take-Away", this happened to a few of the sheep.
  • Used on The Simpsons when Homer and Jay Sherman's stomachs have a growling contest.
    • One episode features a flashback to the Simpsons as French peasants. Lisa and Bart complain that their stomachs are growling from hunger, but Marge points out that it's just two men outside speaking French.
    • Homer's stomach growled in other episodes as well.
    • Lisa's stomach growled three times in "Make Room for Lisa".
  • Greedy in The Smurfs gets this when he goes hungry. In "Haunted Smurfs", Brainy gets spooked by the sound of loud growling in a dark mysterious castle, only to see Greedy passing by him clutching his stomach, implying that it was merely the hallway echoing it.
  • In the Sonic Sat AM episode, “Sonic Past Cool”, Tails’ stomach growls while he’s hanging out with Baby T. While we don’t hear it, he does act as if it happened.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    • Happened to Spongebob at the beginning of the episode "Suds".
    • Happens to Patrick in the episode "Duncouns And Dragons".
    • Happens to Squidward in "Squidtastic Voyage" and "Pineapple Fever".
    • Happens to Gary in the episodes "Have You Seen This Snail?" and " Fungus Amoung Us."
    • It happens to Patrick again in the episodes "Hocus Pocus", "Pat No Pay".
    • Happens to Spongebob again on the special "Who Bob What Pants or What Ever Happened to Spongebob?" where he's stranded across the street.
  • In the Looney Tunes spin off The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries, this happens to Sylvester 8 times in the span of roughly 5 minutes in the episode "The Stilted Perch".
  • In an episode of Timon & Pumbaa, Pumbaa’s stomach growls as Timon teases him with a bug dog.
  • Tiny Toon Adventures
    • Buster’s stomach growls while he and his friends are waiting in line for a restaurant.
    • It also happened once to Hampton on an episode where a chocolate cake was trying to get Hampton to eat it.
    • There's also an episode where Furball's stomach growls. Sweetie's stomach growls at the end the same episode.
    • There exists an episode entitled "Sawdust And Toonsil" in which in the beginning, Buster, Babs, Plucky, and Gogo ride bikes and slide down a rainbow, and when they stopped, they heard a train whistle, and Gogo thought it was his stomach growling over something he ate, which was actually coming from the train itself.
  • This happens on three different Tom and Jerry shorts, all of which were coincidentally from the Chuck Jones era. This happens once to Tom in "Filet Meow", Jerry in "Pent-House Mouse", and Tom again in "Advance and Be Mechanized".
    • Also happens to Tom in "Tom and Jerry go to Mars"
  • Happens a lot on Total Drama Island, usually to Owen since he is a big eater and has a bit of a problem controlling his bowelves.
    • Bridgette's stomach growls in one episode just before she goes up to do her hand stand for the talent show. Of course, the sounds of her stomach were due to nausea caused by her nerves. As a result, while she was doing her hand stand, she vomited all over the stage.
    • Owen's stomach growls as does Leshawna's in an episode where Chef Hackett takes over.
    • Harold's stomach growls on the episode where Chris revisits all the campers who got voted off.
    • Gwen's stomach growls twice on the episode, "Camp Castaways".
  • On an episode of Totally Spies!, Sam goes on a hunger strike. Her stomach growls periodically through the episode, which annoys Clover and Alex.
    • It also happens to Alex in the episode "Morphing is Sooo 1987".
  • Felix's stomach does this in The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat two times (with teeth) in "Mars Needs Felix", Once in "Surreal Estate", and Once in "Attack of the Tacky". It also happens to a millionaire when he was broke and hungry in another episode.
  • Believe it or not, in VeggieTales, this happens to Jerry Gourd in the episode "Veggies In Space: The Fennel Frontier", after having apparently eaten an alien egg that was actually intended for research.
    Jerry Gourd: [Stomach growls] Anybody got a Tums?
  • Sometimes heard in Wakfu. At the start of season 2 episode 5, Yugo, Ruel and Sadlygrove's bellies are growling loudly and lengthily (even interrupting the background music), to the point Amalia complains.
  • Wander over Yonder:
    • Happens to a rabbit that Wander and Sylvia pass by at the beginning of the episode, "The Good Deed".
    • In the episode, "The Little Guy", Wesley's stomach growls twice.
    • Wander's own stomach growls in the episode, "The Night".
    • Sylvia's stomach growls in the episode, "The Toddler".
  • Happens quite regularly to Winnie the Pooh, hence his catchphrases: "I'm rumbly in my tumbly" and "Do you have any honey?". In the 2011 film, it even appears to have a mind of its own.
  • There's an episode of Wobbly Land where Num-Num's tummy rumbles called "Wobbly Tummy". At first, he couldn't figure out what the noise was until he was told it was his tummy and why it was doing that. After he finally ate something, everyone else's tummies started rumbling.
  • It happened a few times to Woody Woodpecker.

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