Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Toys

  • The second generation of My Little Pony was a huge bomb in most countries and is widely considered the Dork Age by fans. It lasted only one year in all countries except several European ones, where it lasted six years. Naturally most of the generations fans come from Europe.
  • IKEA's "Lufsig" wolf plushies experienced a huge surge of popularity in Hong Kong and China after a protester threw one at Hong Kong's leader CY Leung, who had been called "the wolf" by critics who think he is cunning, and as a pun off his name in Chinese). That and the rather unfortunate name Ikea's Chinese website gave the toy; which could be used to refer to a part of a Mother's anatomy, and even worse, a phrase essentially meaning "Throw Lufsig" that could be read as "fuck your mother".
  • Monster High is quite popular in Japan, to the point of producing animesque flash shorts of it only available there.