Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Theme Parks

  • Disney in general is very popular in Japan. Even Tokyo Disneyland, the first park to open overseas, was done in the style of the American park, compared to the massive changes made to Disneyland Paris a decade later. Disneyland in Southern California still receives a massive amount of Japanese tourists, who treat the park as a sort of "Mecca".
    • Similarly, Brazilians tend to love Walt Disney World in Florida.
    • There's also a surprising amount of Australians and New Zealanders visiting Tokyo Disneyland.
    • Disney World's second-largest tourist demographic (after the United States) are guests from the United Kingdom. The resort's unofficial "twin city" is actually the town of Swindon, England.
    • When Dave Barry went to Tokyo Disneyland, he was amazed at this. Why would the Japanese feel nostalgic about The Gay Nineties version of small town America?
    • Speaking of Disney, Original Character Duffy the Disney Bear started out as "The Disney Bear" stateside, but didn't turn out to be the hit that Disney had hoped for. Then Japan remade him as Duffy the Disney Bear, and he became popular enough to have queues as long as the lines for actual rides for his Meet and Greet. Then, Disney had the bright idea to bring him over to the stateside parks again, and had him pretty much take over Epcot. Unfortunately, Americans hate Duffy and view him as a Creator's Pet.
    • In a similar vein, the Japanese fandom for the Orange Bird, a Walt Disney World exclusive character that was created to promote Florida Citrus in The '70s, managed to find a new life in Japanese Disney fandom in conjunction with the country's Orange Day, and managed to help spur interest again back in the States to receive nostalgic merch as well as a cameo in an Inside Out children's book; this eventually culminated in the bird's return to the Magic Kingdom's Sunshine Tree Terrace he once called home.
    • French people generally have quite a thing for Westerns, which is why Frontierland in Disneyland Paris is larger than the others and has more backstory.
  • There's alot of Europeans (both western and eastern Europe) that fly across the Atlantic to visit Cedar Point in US state Ohio.