Nightmare Fuel / Theme Parks

Now who doesn't love theme parks? They're some of the best places to go to for escapism, excitement, and fun.

...except when there's something in the park that will scare your pants off. And it's made worse because of the fact that here, you're not watching something scary on a TV screen as usual. Here, you're right in the middle of it.

Whether it be some ride about ghosts or the undead, Halloween park events, stuff that wasn't meant to be creepy but ended up being anyway, or even entire parks that have been left abandoned and are now rotting away, you will find all sorts of examples here. Solo-attractions that aren't at any theme parks, especially including haunted house attractions, will also be covered here.


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    Fort Edmonton Park's Halloween Spooktacular 
Fort Edmonton Park. Ah, that little old folksy historic museum park in Edmonton, Canada. It's always a fun and happy go lucky place, right? Except for Halloween season, when for two nights near the end of the month of October, a collective of ghouls ranging from student-age to adults decide to turn the place into a spooky good times then it's downright terrifying. The show has always been aimed at people aged 16 and over, though in recent times they have made it a bit more kid-friendly (the 2014 season, however, will be making it a bit Darker and Edgier).

  • 2010 was focused entirely on zombies, with the whole park being turned into a battlegrounds against the dead. Tons of gore and grotesque makeup was to be seen, and a Crazy Awesome zombie fighter with a battling gun.
  • 2011's season was undoubtedly the scariest yet. The theme was the Carnival of Lost Souls. Two houses in particular stand out:
    • The Clown Asylum, where the asylum was overrun with crazy clowns, and then you got to the very end... A Joker-esque clown with an ex trembly grotesque smile and a chainsaw appears and chases you out while laughing hysterically.
    • The puppet house was extremely grotesque and morbid, with the concept of people being turned into puppets and involving tons of brutal torture- the female actress' screams were realistic and scary enough to cause people to walk out of the house.
  • And then there was 2013... which featured:
    • "The Haunt", which was a Paranormal Activity style tour that relied heavily on Nothing Is Scarier in all three examples and actually worked. The entire 1885 Street area was used for it, and drifting from one building to another was nothing short of uncomfortable when it was that dark out. The story concerned a woman who had been abused by the whole town and committed suicide, and the hosts brought you to where she frequented. At one point you were brought to a bridge where the ghost of said woman appeared behind you and screamed at you... and as a nice Surprise Ending, you were brought back to Egge's, where you were trapped in a house full of screaming children and strobe lights.
    • The Dollhouse on 1905 also relied on Nothing Is Scarier and achieved it to a chilling effect. An old woman lives in a house full of dolls, some of which are actually living humans. Before you enter, you are asked if you've seen two girls and are shown a photo of them. The woman's daughter makes her entrance by shouting, "MOMMEEEEE!!! I DON'T LIKE THIS DOLLY ANYMORE, HE IS UGLY! I WANT A TALL ONE!". You are then brought to the kitchen, where said two girls are sitting at the table, and one utters, at one point, "help me...". The little girl soon grabs a syringe, and goes for you... before the lights turn out and you hear a scream. There's also a surprise ending here too; a SWAT team bursts in to seize the premises, which happens so quickly it caused some people to doubt it actually happened.
    • The rovers on 1905 street were worth a mention too; one being an adolescent boy who was a zombie and would literally charge after some people down the whole street, and a burn victim who spoke in a Walter White voice and threatening tone, while limping in a menacing manner.

     Other Theme Parks 
  • The infamous Action Park that operated from 1978 to 1996 in Vernon Township, New Jersey, known for being a real life Amusement Park of Doom. One of the nation's first water parks, it was known for having inattentive, underage employees and poorly designed, unsafe rides, including a looping water slide. By the time it was closed, six people were documented to have died directly or indirectly from rides in the park, in such brutal ways as ride cars coming off the tracks and colliding with rocks, drowning, a heart attack caused by too-cold water, and electrocution.
  • Many attractions in Alton Towers theme park fall under this, including Nemesis, Hex, Thir13en, the long-forgotten Black Hole, Oblivion, the Haunted House, and of course, the Towers' newest addition... THE SMILER.
    • It's not just the attractions, Alton Towers has whole "lands" with themes like "post-apocalypse" and "sinister government conspiracy".
      • Dont forget the accident that occured on The Smiler. Where there was the collision, Theres still a BLOODSTAIN.
  • Adventureland in Long Island, New York once had a haunted house ride called 1313 Cemetery Way. Sitting over its exit was the iconic animatronic Haunted Tree with an owl on top. After the owl said, "I wouldn't go in there if I were you!", the tree would taunt guests by waving its limbs and replying, "Why not? What's wrong with a little fun in the dark at Adventureland?" Later on in the ride's life, a chainsaw-wielding mannequin was placed in one of the windows and the tree would say, "Chainsaw? I don't like chainsaws, I once had a close shave with one and by the way if I get my limbs on you!" Sweet dreams.

     Abandoned Theme Parks 

    Haunted House Attractions 
  • Two words: McKamey Manor, located in San Diego. It's not your traditional haunted house, as going through it has been described as "living a horror movie". To go through it, you have to be 21 years of age and have to sign a very long waiver that ensures that you are of sound physical and mental condition. From there, the "tour" of the manor has its guests being sent through all kinds of torment that includes being bound and gagged, getting dunked into toilet bowls, being forced to eat rotten food and live worms, getting covered in fake blood, and much, much more. The experience is completely interactive and is basically as close to actual torture you can get without breaking any laws. It's literally designed to make you feel like you're going to die. Did we mention that the entire experience is four to six hours long? And you can only bring one other person with you. On top of all that, once you're in the manor, there's no getting out until the "tour" is over. No matter how much you cry, beg or scream, you'll be forced to endure the entire experience until the very end. And if you try to escape? They'll stop you. The experience will only be stopped if the person completely gives out mentally and/or physically. It's worth noting that one ex-Marine that did the experience mentioned that it's worse than boot camp. Just the promo videos for it alone are maximum nightmare fuel. Viewer discretion is heavily advised.
  • The London Dungeons, located near the London Bridge in the UK. A haunted house with the theme of London's horrific history.

    Other Non-Theme Park Attractions 
  • The Drive-In Wheel. It's a ferries wheel that has platforms you park your cars on and ride while in your car. Not recommended for anyone with a fear of heights.
  • Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas has a live shark exhibit not too unlike what you would find at SeaWorld or a big aquarium. The final room, containing the large tank the adult sharks hang out in, resembles the innards of a sunken ship. There's a plexiglass floor in the middle of the room for those who enjoy tempting fate, with a fake skeleton swimming with the sharks down there. But, perhaps you're too chicken to stand on that acrylic panel and head for the exit? Well, guess what the short path to the exit is made out of?