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Funny: You Can't Do That on Television
  • This memorable exchange, from the episode "Television".
    Christine: As you all know, Vanessa is new to the show and Vanessa, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me.
    Vanessa: There is something I wanted to ask you.
    Christine: Sure?
    Vanessa: How do they make that slime they're always dumping on you?
    Christine: First they take some wa- (catches herself) some liquid, and then they add some jello powder, and some flour, sometimes some soap, and they dump it all over me.
    Vanessa: (looks toward the ceiling) Where do they dump it from?
    Christine: Actually Vanessa, I've always wondered that too, but I just don't know.
    (green slime falls on Christine's head)
    Vanessa: Interesting. Is it always green like this?
    Christine: Well, yeah it usually is, but I guess it could be red.
    (red slime drops on Christine's head)
    Christine: Or... it could be blue.
    (blue slime drops on Christine's head)
    Christine: (getting annoyed) Or yellow.
    (yellow slime drops on Christine's head)
    Christine: Yep... Okay, you guys think you're so smart? Let's see stripes.
    (red, yellow, and blue slime falls on Christine's head)note 
    Vanessa: (who has been in the "splash zone" of the last few slimes) Boy, must be tough being a TV star. By the way, how do you get this stuff out?
    Christine: Well, it usually washes out with water.
    (water falls on Christine's head)
    Christine: Usually.
  • The infamous sketch on "Adoption" where Senator Prevert calls the orphanage to return Adam after using him to do chores, only to learn that "adoption" is forever (even though the orphanage would have had to take Adam back because of how poorly Senator Prevert is treating him).

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