Funny / You Bet Your Life

It's a show starring Groucho Marx, of course there was some humor.
  • In general, any moment where George Fenneman is roped by Groucho into helping out with a stunt or demonstration.
  • 1950-60: The "Stag Reels", shown at the sponsors' conventions and released in the Shout Factory DVD sets. There's a reason those bits didn't air.
  • 1950s: Groucho asks a woman about her husband.
    Woman: Oh boy, have you ever been made love to by a Frenchman?
    Groucho (flustered): Not...not that I can recall!
  • 1956-57: The Secret Word Duck once landed directly on George Fenneman's head, a moment that went into several of the aforementioned Stag Reels.
  • According to some retellings of the "cigar incident" urban legend, the uproarious laughter in response to Groucho's infamous line was recorded and used by NBC for years whenever they needed an appropriate reaction to any "very hilarious" joke.
  • From the Cosby era, a woman confuses Bill from North, South Carolina and back.