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Funny: Vikings
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    Season 1 
1 - Rite of Passage
  • Bjorn drinks an entire tankard of ale in the pilot to show how manly he is. An 11 year old boy downed a whole tankard of alcohol.
    Rollo: Heh. You're looking a little pale there, Bjorn.
  • "So where do you think the Earl's going to send us this time? Those bastards to the East are as poor as we are."
  • Floki's like a walking generator of these.
    • Floki jumping out of the bushes and shrieking at Bjorn with a mask on. And then, Floki's incredibly understated reaction. The juxtaposition of the two creates a great deal of humour. The historical in-joke citing how Ragnar Lodbrok became fearful that sons' combined fame would eclipse even his own is also great.
    Floki: *shrieks, takes mask off* Hello. How are you?
    Bjorn: ... Well. Thank you, sir.
    Floki: Let me have a closer look at you... Oh, you have your father's eyes... Unfortunately...
    Ragnar: Why unfortunately?
    Floki: It means he will grow up to be like you! And so he will want to do better than you. And you will hate him for that!
    Ragnar: *gets angry and tries to hit him*
  • Rollo talking to Gyda:
    Rollo: Your mother was a famous shieldmaiden.
    Latherga: Was?
    Rollo: [hurriedly] Is!

2 - Wrath of the Northmen
  • Floki's reaction to the storm lashing the Viking's longship is both this and in the CMOA page.
    • Ragnar's reaction is funny too;
    "Floki! Get down from there! Don't you remember?! You can't swim!"
    • When the Vikings are facing the monastery for the first time, they begin to march towards it. Floki has to turn around because he was facing the wrong way.

3 - Dispossessed
  • Floki's whooping yell of excitement when they catch sight of Kattegat after returning from Lindisfarne. Gustav Skarsgard just has so much fun doing this character.
  • Floki lying on the floor and examining the banquet table of Aella's hall in old Norse;
    Floki: This table is very well made...
    Torstein: So are the women!
  • Haraldsson's tone and expression when he tells Ragnar that he shouldn't expect to keep the plunder he earned. Bonus points for using Ragnar's words against him.
    You want me to pay you? Even though you've already told me you took these spoils as easily as from... babies?

4 - Trial
  • Floki's antics at the church at Haxem. First he takes a sip of the blood of Christ, and promptly spits it out on account of it not being to his taste. Much to the Saxons horror, the funniest part is that Floki doesn't know why they're upset keeps drinking. While all the while, the Saxons are gasping in shock at his sacrilege.
  • This exchange at Ragnar's trial;
    Earl Haradson: You are the wife of Ragnar Lodbrok...?
    Lagertha: I am, lord.
    Earl Haraldson: How extraordinary you managed to be there at the same time.
    • And another,
    Svein: A murder is committed and the only witnesses are a husband and his wife.
    Earl Haraldson: Well, it's unfortunate we can't find out who committed it because they both take credit for it.

5 - Raid
  • This exchange between Ragnar and his son.
    Bjorn: You must be patient, father.
    Ragnar: (imitating) "You must be patient, father", shut up.

7 - A King's Ransom
  • The look of utter horror on the Saxons' face when Ragnar gives them his price. And then, the reactions.
    Ragnar: Two thousand pounds, gold and silver.
    Abbot: What did he say?!
    Noble: How much?!
    Ragnar: (to noble, speaking slowly) Two thousand pounds.
    Aella: I do not think I heard you properly, Ragnar Lodbrok.
    Ragnar: Hmm. (gets up on his chair and shouts) TWO THOUSAND POUNDS! In weight.
  • The Vikings behavior at the feast, they tear into the food before the Saxons say grace - much to the latter's horror, and repulse them with their table manners. Then they stare blankly when the Saxons go about the ritual, and later express their displeasure with the hymns. All in Old Norse.
    Torstein: ... What terrible noise.
    Leif: These people are so strange.
  • Floki tries to eat a plate. He then shatters it. And then Arn shatters one with a headbutt. And then they all start breaking things. Ragnar's reaction is pretty funny too;
    Ragnar: Stop it, stop making me laugh. I'm trying to be serious.
  • The Vikings reaction when Aella insist that one of them becomes Christian.
    Aella: I must ask that either you or one of your companions agrees to be baptized into our faith. That way, I can make peace with a friend and fellow Christian, and not an enemy.
    Ragnar: You want one of us to become Christian?
    Aella: Yes.
    Ragnar: (to his men, in Old Norse) He wants one of us to become Christian!
    Vikings: (All laugh uproariously)
  • Rollo's baptism in A King's Ransom. It's actually a clever scheme to fleece the Saxons out of money, but it's very clear by the way he behaves even during it that he thinks the entire ritual is stupid. The way he looks at the priest even suggests that he thinks he's a madman.
    "It was a joke. I didn't believe it. I didn't even know what the old fool was saying."
    • Rollo's look of trepidation right before the bishop dunks his head under the water in order to baptize him. Only made more amusing by Clive Standen's eyes going back and forth like a frightened animal, showing that Rollo really doesn't know what the fuck is going on.
    • And then Rollo's reaction after coming out, his body language clearly indicating; "you crazy bastard Christians! What kind of religion does this to people?!"
  • When the Vikings take their seats in the hall and start drinking as they wait for the feast, Aella brings his wife Ealswith and his son Egbert to meet them. Leif tries to make the boy feel at home, but forgets the... differences in how Norsemen and Saxons raise their children.
    Aella: Ragnar Lodbrok, may I present my wife Ealswith, and my son, Egbert.
    Leif: (to Egbert, offering a mug of beer) Skoal! Drink?
    • Floki manages to defeat the leader of the Saxon army... by tearing out the pegs holding his tent up and dropping it on his head before he can even get out and fight.
  • During the night raid on the saxon camp, Rollo kicks one of the sleeping Saxons in the head and then throws a torch into his tent, setting him on fire. Just how causal Rollo is about the whole thing is hilarious in a Black Comedy sort of way.

8 - Sacrifice
  • Horik going into the temple at Uppsala in the garb of a peasant and rousing the priests awake by throwing a chicken at them. His roaring laughter when they awaken and try to get him out of the temple is only made funnier by his aides' reaction.
    Horik: PRIESTS! *throws a rooster at them* STIR YOURSELVES!! *Hilarity Ensues*.

9 - All Change
  • There are a few from episode 9:
    • While being sent to fish, Torstein and Leif happen upon a naked, bathing Aslaug and stare at her. Then the shield-maidens come out and start showing their indignation - their reactions;
    Arn: *covers his good eye* I'm blind, see? I can't look at anything!
    • And then explaining this to Ragnar;
    Ragnar: I never knew that fish could also be stored in salt.
    Arne: Ragnar, we came across her bathing in the river. What were we supposed to do?
    Ragnar: Fish.
    Arne: You didn't see her!
    Ragnar: Oh, I see. The two of you end up with your faces cut and leave me without fresh fish. And yet I must apologize because you had to look at a naked body.
    • And when Ragnar is told that Aslaug expects an apology, he's initially agreeable when he thinks it's supposed to be from Arne and Torstein. Then they make it clear that Aslaug expects Ragnar to apologize, and he's not so accommodating.
    Ragnar: Who is she to put such a high price upon her nakedness?

    Season 2 
1 - Brother's War
  • Ragnar cuddling the baby goat. Just... Where did that come from?

6 - Unforgiven
  • Siggy attempts to open up to Floki.
    Siggy: Can you keep a secret?
    Floki: Scoffs No!
  • One of the battle scenes, an enemy charges at Rollo. Rollo proceeds to angle his shield just the right way to flip the guy straight over it.

8 - Boneless
  • A strong dose of Black Comedy when King Ecbert and the Princess are discussing her recently deceased brother.
    Princess Kwenthirth: The Pope already made him a saint! Apparently, he lived an examplar life.
    King Ecbert: ...Do you mean to say he was not all-together virtuous?
    Kwenthirth (incredibly non-chalantly): Well, he raped me when I was twelve, so make up your own mind.
    (King Ecbert in Stunned Silence and the resident Bishop chokes on his food simultaneously)
  • The subsequent sex scene between Kwenthirth and Ecbert also qualifies. Poor Ecbert can't catch up with the gal.

9 - The Choice
  • Kwenthrith, er, examining her new Norse mercenaries.
    • Honestly, her reactions throughout the whole episode could count as a Moment of Funny. Kwenthrith visibly perks up as soon as Ragnar walks into the negotiation hall, and she continues to openly eyeball him (and possibly Bjorn) for the remainder of the scene. She looks downright gleeful from then on out.
  • Ecbert looking less than pleased by Aelle belly flopping into his bath and kissing him on the forehead.
  • When Bjorn speaks with his father before the battle, Ragnar's wrapped up in a blanket with only his face showing from inside of it. For any viewers who have seen Star Wars, their first reaction will probably be, "Ragnar's a Jedi!"
  • Even though the situation is very dire, the expression of Ragnar and his family during the battle. They are all clearly fed up with Horik's behaviour.

10 - The Lord's Prayer
  • After finishing the episode for the first time, Floki's creeper-like behavior becomes rather hilarious during repeat views.
  • In the European version of the episode, there is a scene which shows Ragnar in his bed, a very satisfied smirk on his face...the camera then moves to the left revealing first Aslaug sleeping beside him — and then Lagertha.
  • Athelstan forcing Ragnar back on his knees to finish the prayer properly.
  • The morning after the arrival and victory party, both Ragnar and Athelstan can be seen sitting at the table, heads in their hands, and quite obviously nursing some killer hangovers from the previous night of drinking and partying. Even their posture and facial expressions are similar, which would explain why Bjorn and Lagertha did most of the talking for them.


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