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Floki actually is Loki
The show has a bit of magical realism going on, with Ragnar witnessing visions of Odin. Assuming he isn't just seeing things, that makes Loki's involvement possible. Floki is a mischievous person, and he is directly responsible for the battle between the vikings and englishmen in episode 3. He did that on purpose! Look at that face he makes after the Saxon are massacred! Floki also has a notable fascination with fire, and Loki is often identified as being the fire god in Norse Mythology.
  • When Rollo converts to Christianity, all the other vikings are either amused, confused, or unsure about it. Floki, however, is openly disdainful of the whole matter, spitting on the ritual and refusing to kneel when everyone else does. Possibly, as a norse god, he is offended by this new, encroaching religion.
  • Helga says Floki is always hungry, to which Floki says of "course". Remember the tale of Thor's Journey to Útgarða-Loki? The tale where Loki almost out-eats fire?
  • Gustaf Skarsgard did mention in an interview that, much in the way Ragnar believes himself to be a son of Odin, Floki believes himself to a descendant of Loki. This would make him half-brothers with a giant snake and a giant wolf.
    • On added note Loki is the son of Farbauti who is the son of Bergelmir who is brother to Baelthorn who is father to Bestla who is mother to Odin. If there is any truth to Ragnar and Floki being descended from those two then it would mean they are also distant cousins.

Floki actually is Odin
If his smirk after Rollo slaughters the Christians to affirm his allegiance is any indication, he may have counted on that happening. It could be his way of using him to strike out against this new faith. Odin is also the sender of rage in battle, after all. The only problem is that Floki has both eyes. Whenever Odin visits Midgard, he takes the guise of a one-eyed wanderer. Maybe his medical knowledge extended to replacing it?

Gyda will convert to Christianity
Bjorn will obviously follow in his father's footsteps. Depending on the show's timescale, this may result in Bjorn accompanying his parents on raids. Aethelstan, meanwhile, will stay with Gyda, and manage to convert her, assuming he doesn't lose his own faith.
  • Jossed, Gyda dies of the plague.

Athelstan will lose his faith
Possibly becoming an atheist, possibly becoming a pagan. Bonus points if Ragnar goes Christian at the same time. note 
  • Certainly by Trial, he expresses anger at God for the first time in his life, questions his circumstances, and expresses that he feels lonely (spiritually). If nothing else by that point, he's having a severe crisis of faith.
  • In Sacrifice, he takes part in the pagan festivities at Uppsala, and claims that he is no longer a Christian. However, he quickly has second thoughts about this when he learns that the only reason he was brought there was to be sacrificed. At this point, it looks like he could potentially go either way.
  • In the second season, he finds himself greatly conflicted spiritually, and eventually comes to the conclusion that both Christianity and elements of Paganism resonate with him.

If the show lasts for more than a few seasons, Ragnar and friends will discover America
This sounds like something that could happen when he's exhausted other areas to explore.
  • Now that a second season has been confirmed, Clive Standen (Rollo) has said that we may see many well-known figures from that time period, including Leif Ericson. If that turns out to be the case, then a journey to North America may not be out of the picture.

Rollo will become an Olfhednar
He already displays berserker-like tendencies and is devoted to Odin as a war-god. He's supposed to end up ruler of Normandy and convert to Christianity, but this series already takes liberties with history so this could happen.
  • So far he has become christian, though he himself claims he wasn't serious about it.
  • In season 3 he finds and eats some unidentified mushrooms after a battle, stands up and promptly cuts the leg off of a sleeping captive for no reason at all, baffling the other vikings. Historically, the berserkers ate mushrooms to call forth their rages...

Lagertha didn't miscarry
Rather, the baby was born, but due to complications, his legs will be crippled or otherwise deformed. The child will grow up to be the show's version of Ivar the Boneless.
  • Jossed. Sacrifice shows that it was indeed a miscarriage, but it does seem likely that Aslaug will bear those children.

Ragnar will take Aslaug as his next wife, and all sons he has from hence will be from her.
She's confirmed to be in the next episode and will be a recurring character in season 2. I think it's obvious. She was one of his wives in the sagas.
  • She's already pregnant with their first child.

The series finale will show Ragnar's death
The final scene will have an adult Bjorn leading the Great Heathen Army against England. Anyone whose read the saga (and it has been around for maybe 7 or 8 centuries) already knows that it ends with Ragnar's death and his sons avenging him. Thus, it's an easy assumption that a show centeed on Ragnar will end this way.

That wanderer who gave Ragnar the sunboard and icelandic spear was actually Odin
He knows (he knows everything, he's Odin) that Ragnar is in for a life of blood and battle and this pleased him. So he decided to jolt things along and give Ragnar all he needed to start his legend.

Floki and Athelstan will become close friends because of their shared spiritual natures
They'll still come into debates about their differing religions, but they'll respect each others beliefs and ways. Certainly both seem like the type to respect devotion.
  • Jossed. As of season 2, it's been four years and Floki still doesn't like Athelstan

In Season 2, Ragnar will be going up against Alfred The Great
Jossed. The Vikings will once again invade England, but this time they'll be opposed by King Egbert of Wessex.

Magnus Samuelsson will have a role
Why not? They already got Jauko Ahola.

Earl Haraldson's name is Harald

His father was already called Earl Harald, so they called him Earl Haraldson when he succeeded to differentiate between the two.

The Seer is a troll
He trolls all the characters into making decitions that leads to bloodbaths. Floki is in on it.

Athelstan will have a My God, What Have I Done? moment
While Athelstan has forged strong friendships with many of the Norsemen and assimilated into their culture, it doesn't change the fact that they are launching raids against the Saxons, and part of him will always be Saxon. While he seems to be an eager raider and wholehearted devotee of Odin, promotional materials for Season 2 portray him as much more conflicted. Wessex may not matter to him, but if the Vikings direct more raids against Northumbria, the devastation caused in his old homeland may bring Athelstan to a breaking point.
  • Confirmed.

Floki will turn traitor to kill both Athelstan and Rollo
Someone as devoted to his religion as him clearly wouldn't like Rollo's baptism even if it was a joke and he seems to take great delight Athelstan for being a Christian priest to the point of bullying him even if Athelstan says otherwise. Considering who Floki claims descent from, it is not that far off. He might get as far as Athelstan, provided his crucifixion isn't a dream, Floki will probably be killed by Rollo, since we know he'll live to become the first Duke of Normandy.

Ragnar will kill Borg
Hey, he's already killed one Jarl, he can easily kill another. One of the later episodes this season is called 'Blood Eagle', so he may even carve out his lungs as well.
  • Confirmed. And it was awesome.

Ragnar is the distant ancestor of Jax Teller
Ragnar and Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy share a lot of attributes:
  • They're big, burly, blonde guys who are great at fighting
  • They lead a small band of rough and crude brawlers
  • They are surprisingly devious schemers who are often underestimated and always stay one step ahead of their enemies
  • They distinguish themselves by thinking outside the confines of their culture towards a greater purpose. Vikings were basically the biker gangs/death metal bands of their time.

Jarl Borg became an eagle
Turns out the Seer is such a goddamn Troll he was being both literal and metaphorical at the same time: Jarl Borg would both become an eagle in that he'd suffer a blood eagle and that he'd merge his soul with an eagle. In his execution, an eagle perches in a nearby area just before Jarl Borg dies, and he briefly stares and smiles as he sees it. Even Ragnar briefly halts the execution to look at the animal. So turns out Jarl Borg now fused with that eagle.

Also, Jarl Borg is probably a warg. The eagle functions simultaneously a sign from Odin praising Borg for his bravery, and also symbolizes his soul going to Valhalla. Ragnar stops to look at it because he's mindful of these kinds of occurrences. He saw a Raven after he defeated Haraldson and interpreted that as meaning Odin was watching their battle.

Ivar will NOT be cripple
Rather, he will be exceptionally tall and mighty for his age. 'Boneless' will simply be an Ironic Nickname.
  • Jossed, he has malformed legs.

Borg's first wife really did speak to him through her skull
. She told him to go to Kattegat because she knew the fate that awaited him, and she knew that he'd be strong enough to endure it and ascend to Valhalla. The show seems fond of Magical Realism, so hey.

Ragnar and his warriors live on Samsø

Athelstan will become King of East Anglia
Not a great deal is known about the historical Æthelstan of East Anglia (a contemporary of Egbert) and given how fast and loose the showrunners are playing with the history, anyway, he'd slot into that role pretty easily.

Björn will meet Garðar Svavarsson
Björn will meet Garðar Svavarsson and they will sail togheter and discover Iceland. Gardar will assist Björn in becoming king of Svealand (Sweden).

Rollo will either sleep with and/or marry the Queen of Mercia.
This will be the final nail in the coffin as far as Rollo/Siggy is concerned and Siggy, for her own safety, will side with King Horik right before the tensions between him and Ragnar come to a head. He becomes a Duke of Normandy after raiding in Frankia in 911.

Horik has been scheming way longer than everyone believes
In fact, he is singlehanded responsible for everything which ever went bad for the Vikings. He ordered the sons of Jarl Haraldson to be killed. He wanted to seize control over Kattegat through the marriage of his cousin with Thyri. When Ragnar unknowingly ruined his plans, he pitted him again Jarl Borg in the hope that they would destroy each other. He never intended for Athelstan to survive the raid in Wessex and getting captured actually saved Athelstan's live.

It's not Ragnar or Bjorn Floki is supposed to kill in the second season finale. It's Rollo and/or Athelstan
Because those two are the only ones which Floki feels enough hatred towards. Thankfully Siggy will reveal the plan in time.
  • Horik intends Floki to murder Bjorn, but both Floki and Siggy had actually been double agents for Ragnar the whole time.

Horik is NOT dead
All he got was a stabbing, a few head-butts and his skull being smashed into a fine paste with an axe.

Jarl Borg lives in Skara
It's a landlocked viking age town located in the historical and present Götaland and it would take days to travel there from the sea.

Ivar and Angrboda will be a team and possibly lovers
They will both be outcasts, Angrboda because of her parents and Ivar because of his apperance. Angrboda will be the Floki of the next generation of vikings.

The sons of Ragnar will apply to sons of Odin
Ragnar was quite explicitly compared to Odin in the promotional material of season 2. His sons will reflect this in upcoming seasons.
  • Björn=Baldr
  • Ubbe=Thor
  • Hvitserk=Bragi
  • Sigurd=Hödr
  • Ivar=Vidar