Funny / Tiny Toon Adventures

  • Furrball's babysitter disguise in "Li'l Sneezer".
  • In "Hare-Raising Night," Buster tricks everyone into going on a dangerous mission by saying they're going to the Emmys.
    • Plucky failing to see through the ruse when they arrive at the destination, instead spending the entire episode believing he's at the Emmys.
  • The entire "Mango Juice" segment of the "Kon Ducki" episode.
    • Heck pretty much all of "Kon Ducki", especially the "making of" part with the Running Gag of Plucky's name being misspelled on his chair ("Pluggy Doug" and later "Ploogy Doog"), showing how they did the "whirlpool scene" ("Go baby go!"), and the revelation that Sweetie is actually Richard Nixon.
  • Perfecto Prep's "cheers" during the "Acme Bowl" episode.
    Perfecto Prep cheerleaders: Perfecto. Rah.
    • Sylvester literally flooding the booth with his spit, eventually causing the glass to break.
  • "Water go down the hoooooooooole."
    • "Elelator go up... elelator stop!"
  • Episode 31 has this.
    Plucky: Look! No hands!
    Gogo: Look! No bike!
  • In a scene from the episode "Animaniacs", we are given Gogo's... "unique" cartoon. It is so bizarre and unlike anything else in the series, that the audience (when shown watching the cartoon) have these hilarious facial expressions that just scream, Oh my God, what am I WATCHING???
    • There's also his explanation for it: "It was realism!" (For those who haven't seen it — it's actually an excerpt from a live-action, black-and-white Warner Bros. comedy short from 1953.)
    • Shirley the Loon's ending to her excruciatingly long cartoon. "Like, THE END ... fer sure."
    • Dizzy's cartoon, "Dizzy Eat World". It has to be seen to be believed.
  • In Starting From Scratch, when Buster tries to fight the bedbug with a homage to Bugs's Mexican hat dance. The animation combined with the music just sells it on a truly hilarious level.
    • Same episode, when Babs, Buster, and Plucky are inside Furball's head messing with his pleasure center and releasing his worst fears.
  • The Mynah Bird's cameos in Buster and the Wolverine. Especially when the characters land in a snowdrift after being spit out of the Wolverine's stomach and Plucky watches it walk off, saying "So that's what was jabbing me in the back!"
  • Also from Starting From Scratch, the heroes are shrunk on top of Furball, and Babs starts swinging around on one of Furball's hairs doing a Tarzan yell for no apparent reason. When she lands, Plucky just glares at her and says "That was pointless."
  • The bit from Fields of Honey.
    Babs: What do you know about Honey?
    Hamton: Uh, it's sweet... Winnie-the-Pooh has a 'problem' with it...
  • Fifi La Fume in the episode "Aroma Amore" has a few great lines, but the best has to be after she gives herself a makeover. She says to the camera "If looks could kill, you would not be feeling so well, eh?" Also her calling the fleeing Furball a flirt.
  • From thirteensomething, the two network executives Edward and Fran, who keeps telling him that he's "so lost". When Buster emerges on the show as Babs's "long lost twin" we get this:
    Edward: This is great!
    Fran: You are so lost.
    Edward: No dear. YOU are lost!
    (Fran gets hearts in her eyes)
    Fran: Oh Edward! Kiss me! (She lunges at him)
    • In the same episode: "Duh Brooklyn Bridge".
  • Plucky: (To Babs after she hits one too many berserk buttons) I'm naming my first ulcer after you.
  • While it could double as a bit of Nightmare Fuel, Shirley getting angry in the "Amazing Three" segment of "Love Disconnection" drew some chuckles, in some part due to the short build-up by Babs.
    Babs: Remember the movie Carrie?
  • From Buster And Babs Go Hawaiian:
    • The look of sheer terror frozen on Buster and Babs' faces when they realize Elmyra is their car rental agent.
      Elmyra: Wait! Come back! I have so much love to give and SO MANY CARS TO RENT!
    • Shirley frequently referring to the two bunnies as "You murderers."
    • Hamton going prima donna after his epic swashbuckling story gets shot down for another Buster and Babs plot.
    Hamton: It's PIG DISCRIMINATION, I tell you!
    • The reveal that the script was actually written by middle school students (And it was, too.).
      Buster: What is with this story it's like thirteen year-olds wrote it!
      Babs: Thirteen year-olds did write it.
      Buster: Oh yeah, that explains it.
    • Buster on the airplane:
    Plucky: (playing a flight attendant) And what'll it be? Gray lumps in brown sauce, or brown lumps in gray sauce? (Buster looks sick)
    Buster: Uh, you wouldn't have any tasy, nutritious carrots, perchance, would you?
    Plucky: Closest we come are these freeze-dried, reconstituted carrot chips.
    Buster: Hmm. How bad can they be? (tries one and instantly gets sick, melts, and bolts for the bathroom, which is occupied. He goes in anyway and afterwards...) Lemme guess: You guys had the carrot chips too?
  • A little exchange in the 'time travel' episode was probably stolen from classic vaudeville:
    Buster: Take away your props and costumes and what would you be?
    Babs: Naked.
  • Montana Max's lip-synching of Barrett Strong's "Money (That's What I Want)", especially when it ends with most of his money being taken by the IRS and he is forced to donate his last cent to charity.
  • "ACME Cable TV": The The Cosby Show parody "Gogosby", but especially this line:
    Gogosby: Hello, central casting? Send over a new cute daughter for my show. Thanks, Bye-bye. Gotta keep this TV show, goin', don't you know, cause my movie career's in the dumpster.
  • "Cinemaniacs": During "Pasadena Jones":
    Montana Max: You see, there is nothing you possess that I cannot take away. (runs off-screen) Hahahahaha!... (his head snaps back into camera) hahaha.

  • From the Spring Break Special:
    • The fact that the Dead End Kid from the Easter Yeggs Looney Tunes episode is turned into a literal Running Gag because all he does is run through scenes repeating the following:
      Dead End Kid: I wanna Easter egg I wanna Easter egg I wanna Easter egg!
      • When he finally does get an Easter egg, it hatches and Elmyra pops out. Boy did he look pissed when she did.
    • Elmyra bribes Tommy Lee Jones into helping her kidnap Buster (whom she thinks is the Easter Bunny and he is) by telling him she's got Harrison Ford in a cage at her house.
    • "I'll Be Chasing You."
  • "K-ACME TV": The random commercial of Ralph lying on a couch in nothing but boxer shorts saying, "Don't hate me 'cuz I-I-I'm beautiful."Note 
  • "Weekday Afternoon Live": The Cheesy Sneezer's commercial, which ends with Sneezer sneezing the piping hot pizza onto Plucky's face, who screams.
    Chorus: (singing) Cheesy Sneezer's, where the pizza's scalding hot!