Radar: Tiny Toon Adventures

Compared with Animaniacs, the radar-dodging antics of this show are not as legendary or notorious. Whether it's because Steven Spielberg was just getting his feet wet in animated television shows or he wanted the show to be kid-friendly in the face of a lot of animated shows that were pushing boundaries back then (remember: this show came out when The Simpsons and Beavis And Butthead were courting controversy for subversive, often offensive content) is not known. This, however, doesn't mean it wasn't chock full of radar-dodging goodness...

  • Fowlmouth's entire character; he's a chicken who swears so much every sentence is full of bleeps.
  • In "The Looney Beginning" Babs does a Dolly Parton impression, makes her chest grow bigger, then says "I'm a bustin' out all over".
  • Margo Mallard, particularly in "The Acme Bowl". Did you see the hot tub scene? It's pretty clear what Rodrick means when he reminds Plucky about the "friendly classmates."
  • Hamton goes skinny dipping in "The Acme Acres Zone," and when Montana Max steals his overalls he has to get home while naked. Also, Plucky is shown hooting and hollering at Hamton like he's an exotic danger, shouting at him to "take it all off!"
  • The (literally) spiked punch (as in, "When Plucky drank it, he had to spit it out because he nearly swallowed an actual railroad spike") in the "Prom-ise Her Anything".
    • Before that, he suggested to Shirley that they ditch the prom because "my dad's car is right outside". Shirley responded with: "Right. So's your dad. He drove us, remember?"
  • The page image for the main Western Animation branch of Getting Crap Past The Radar is taken from the episode "Animaniacs!". In case you somehow missed it, it's a shot of Daffy Duck reading "Playduck" magazine (and it has an ad for cigarettes on the back). Bugs snatches it from him with an indignant glare... before reading it himself.
  • "Citizen Max" has tiny headlines in the spinning papers that read "Judge sells pregnant convict" and "Nuclear Doom—Something to Laugh About."
  • Plucky's gonna be an only child.
  • The Donner party joke from "Who Bopped Bugs Bunny?". For those who don't know (or fell asleep during history class), the Donner Party was a California Trail wagon train of 81 American pioneers who in 1846 found themselves trapped by snow in the Sierra Nevada. Thirty-six members of the party perished as a result of starvation, exposure to the harsh weather, disease, and trauma, and some of the survivors resorted to cannibalism (it's the reason why there's a trope called No Party Like a Donner Party).
  • In the Very Special Episode "Why Dizzy Can't Read", one of the TV shows Dizzy watches is an episode of Tiny Toon Adventures where Plucky Duck ends up in a Turkish prison. If you've ever seen the movie Midnight Express, you know that a place like that isn't appropriate to talk about on a kids' show.
  • When Buster decides to disguise himself as a female Tasmanian Devil (much like Bugs) in order to trick Dizzy:
    Buster: Kids, Don't Try This at Home—your parents might wonder about you.
  • At the end of the show's rendition of "The Name Game," the line "Name inadvertently left out of The Name Game: Plucky Duck" appears. For reference, on Buster's name, one line goes, "Banana-fana fo Fuster."
  • In one episode, it's stated that Montana Max is the president of the "Saddam Hussein Fan Club"