Funny / The Slipper and the Rose

  • "Good Lord, who let him in?" said whenever Edward's cousin is onstage. Any time.
  • At the end of "Find A Mate (What Has Love Got To Do With Getting Married)":
    The King and Queen: What has love got to do with getting married?
    The Dowager Queen: We are not prepared to say!
  • "What a Comforting Thing to Know" is funny in a Black Comedy sort of way.
  • Early in the film, Edward refuses to marry the girl his father wants him to marry for political reasons because it turns out she's bald and has no teeth. This becomes a Running Gag later.
    The King: [while organising the ball] Whatever you do, make sure they have teeth! He's an obsession about them having teeth!
    The King: [at the ball, referring to a princess] Excellent teeth.
  • The stepmother and stepsisters' reactions to hearing that Prince Edward wants to marry Cinderella.
  • The Fairy Godmother's first effort at making Cinderella's dress. It... doesn't go well; she makes a suit of armour.
    The Fairy Godmother: Most unsuitable for a ball!
  • "See what you might condemn us to if you don't get married?"
  • The Fairy Godmother sees Cinderella while on her way to what she thinks is Cinderella and Edward's wedding, which leads to this exchange.
    Cinderella: Who's [Edward] marrying?
    Fairy Godmother: Well, since you're here, the wrong girl, obviously.
  • The Dowager Queen has many funny moments.
    • Her reaction to the Duke of Montague's arrival.
    Dowager Queen: Is he still alive? I thought we buried him!
    • Later, her comment when Cinderella arrives during Edward's wedding.
    Dowager Queen: Is the ceremony over? What a relief!
    • "He can write what he likes, as long as he clears this room! There are too many people in it!"