Funny / The Raccoons

  • "Oh, Rip, your eyes are like the southern nights!"
  • In 'Stop the Clock', Bert is trying to have a game of baseball with Bentley. He throws a ball towards him, and what does Bentley do? He sits down at his computer, calculates the precise point the ball's going to land at, and simply places his hand at that point. His calculations are a bit off, however, and the ball hits him on the head instead...before landing in his father's mitt.
  • In "The Evergreen Grand Prix", the plot centers around a car race between Bert and one of Cyril's bears. Desperate to win, Cyril orders the pigs and several other bears to employ various tactics in order to stall Bert.
    • First, Bert gets pulled over by a police officer (actually two of the pigs in a Totem Pole Trench) on a motorcycle. The "officer" intimidates Bert at first, until the pigs both topple over, blowing their cover.
    Bert: Hey! You guys aren't cops! You're pigs! (drives off)
    • Next, the pigs set up a fake railroad crossing. There's no train track, just a boom barrier with a bell in the middle of the road. The pigs "drive" a cardboard cut-out locomotive onto the road, with one of them going so far as to smoke a cigar in order to simulate a working smokestack, coughing in the process. Their plan seems to be working, until a bee startles one of the pigs, leading to the cut-out train falling over. Cyril, who'd been watching the event through binoculars, proceeds to insult the pigs' intelligence, even though they aren't around to hear him.
    Cyril: You porkers couldn't pour water out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel!
    • After the train incident, some of the bears walk onto the track, wearing duck costumes, flapping their arms and making "quack" noises. The costumes don't even cover their heads, save for the duck bills that are strapped around their mouths. Confused, Bert stops, wondering why the ducks aren't heading north, since it's currently April. Seriously, Bert doesn't seem at all surprised by the fact that bear-sized ducks are running around. A bill falls off one of the bears' faces, and he proceeds to give Bert a guilty grin, quack some more, then blush before Bert drives off.
    • Afterwards, we see that the bear who had been driving Cyril's car has pulled over and is in the middle of having a picnic by himself at the side of the road, which ultimately costs him the lap.