Heartwarming / The Raccoons

  • In the episode "Trouble Shooter!", Bentley has fled from home and spends a few days with Bert and the others. By the end of the episode, due to a misunderstanding, he tries to run away from them, but Cyril Sneer catches him and tells him some of the best lines he has ever spoken to anyone and encourages him to go back home and face his mistakes.
    Cyril: (to Bentley) The point is, the only thing you're running away from is yourself. And that doesn't work, because no matter where you go, there you are. I want to tell you a story about a kid I knew. He ran away once. He thought he could make it on his own without friends. Without parents. Without a home. You know what?
    Bentley: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've heard it all before! He ended up poor and homeless, right?
    Cyril: Wrong! He's a millionaire. But there were a lot of lost and lonely years before he made it. And nice as money is, it can't buy back those years. Am I getting through?
    Bentley: I... I guess so.
    Cyril: You might think you're tough and brave running away, but believe me, it takes more courage to face up to your mistakes. Turn back while there's still time. Don't be like the kid in the story Bentley.
    Bentley: Was that kid you Mr Sneer?
    (Cyril remains silent while facing away from him. A phone rings, Cyril answers and hands it to Bentley, who finds that the callers are his parents; he starts crying while telling them that he's sorry and loves them. Cyril moves away a few steps and starts crying too.)
  • In "The Family Secret!", we find out that Cyril Sneer is actually adopted, and by the end of the episode, Cedric asks him why he didn't tell him, Cyril says that he wanted to, but the passing of time just made it more dificult, and he was afraid of what Cedric would think of him not being a real Sneer. But Cedric simply anwers that it's ok, that for him, he is the best Sneer he's ever known. Cyril thanks him with tears in his eyes.
  • In "Join The Club!", Cyril Sneer, having just learned he must destroy his own son's clubhouse to join an exclusive country club, refuses to do so and then finds Lisa breaking cigarettes while crying that a friend rejected her for refusing to smoke. The sequence when Cyril strengthens Lisa with a heartfelt pep talk about embracing individuality using his own experience as a lesson is so beautiful with him and Lisa striking a true friendship that puts the twits who rejected them to shame.
  • Lisa Raccoon gets her own moment in "Easy Money!" after rescuing Bentley from a flooding cave by scuba diving through a underwater entrance. Wet, tired, but profoundly relieved that her young brother is safe in her arms on the boat home she says:
    Lisa: Honestly Bentley, I don't know anyone else with a brother like you. Things I have to put up with...
    Bentley: Yeah, I know. Good thing I got a sister like you.
  • The scene of Bert and Bentley bonding in 'Stop the Clock!".
  • Lisa joining George on stage in "Moving In", and apologizing for being obnoxious since the family moved.
    • Also, Cyril giving the pigs their stuffed rabbits, and giving them their old jobs back.